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" Ah little think the gay licentious proud, Whom pleasure, power, and affluence surround; They, who their thoughtless hours in giddy mirth, And wanton, often cruel, riot waste; Ah little think they, while they dance along, How many feel, this very moment,... "
Our Plague Spot: In Connection with Our Polity and Usages : as Regards Our ... - Halaman 180
1859 - 604 halaman
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Thoughts on Man, His Nature, Productions and Discoveries

William Godwin - 2006 - 644 halaman
...which are given up to all the furious passions, or are for ever the prey of repining and depression. Ah, little think the gay, licentious proud, Whom pleasure, power and affluence surround, How many pine in want! How many shrink Into the sordid hut, how many drink The cup of grief, and eat...
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