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" ; who although he must yield to the " Flying Post " in knowledge of the world, and skill in politics, and to Mr. Dunton in keenness of satire, and variety of reading, hath yet other qualities enough to denominate him a writer of a superior class to either,... "
The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, D.D., Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin - Halaman 263
oleh Jonathan Swift - 1801
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The Age of Pope (1700-1744)

John Dennis - 1908 - 260 halaman
...the Whigs, in which it is suggested that Steele might be superior to other writers on the Whig side ' provided he would a little regard the propriety and...information in the subject he intends to handle.' The reader is chiefly concerned with Steele as an essayist, and it is unnecessary to follow his career...
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The Literature of Satire

Charles A. Knight - 2004
...Swift's attention to Steele's solecisms lead him to assert that the author's text would not be a bad one, "provided he would a little regard the Propriety and...some Information in the Subject he intends to handle" (Prose Works, vol. vn1, 32). Swift's treatment runs through a seriatim analysis or mock-analysis of...
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