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A Second Western Wonder

65 News from Colchester; or, a proper new Ballad

67 A Song

70 On Mr. John Fletcher's Works To Sir Richard Fanshaw, upon his Translation of Pastor Fido

72 A Dialogue between Sir John Pooley and Mr. Thomas Killigrew

74 An occasional Imitation of a modern Author upon the Game of Chess

77 The Passion of Dido for Æneas

78 Of Prudence

87 Of Justice

97 The Progress of Learning Cato Major of Old Age. A Poem


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SIR, SEEI EEING you are pleased to think fit that these

papers should come into the public, which were at first designed to live only in a desk, or some private friend's hands ; I humbly take the boldness to commit them to the security which your name and protection will give them with the most knowing part of the world. There are two things especially in which they stand in need of your defence : one is, that they fall fo infinitely below the full and lofty genius of that excellent poet, who made this way of writing free of our nation : the other, that they are so little proportioned and equal to the renown of that prince, on whom they were written.

actions and lives deserving rather to be the subjects of the noblest pens and divine fancies, than of such small beginners and weak essayers in poetry as myself. Against these dangerous prejudices, there remains no other shield, than the universal esteem and authority which your judgment and approbation carries with it. The right you have to them, Sir, is not only on the account of the relation you had to this great person, nor of the general favour which all arts receive from you; but more particuL2


Such great

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