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Monday, January 4, 1847.

This being the day designated by the constitution of the state for the meeting of the legislature, and the members having assembled in the Hall of the House of Representatives, in the capitol, they were called to order by Hon. Justus Goodwin, of Calhoun, on whose motion, Hon. James L. Glenn of Cass, was unanimously chosen Speaker pro tempore.

On motion of Hon. G. W. Peck, of Livingston, Augustine W. Hovey, was unanimously chosen clerk pro tempore.

On motion of Hon. J. H. Kilborne, of Ingham, P. McGinnis was unanimously chosen Sergeant-at-arms pro tempore.

On motion of Hon. C. M. O’Malley, of Mackinac county, it was ordered that a committee of two be appointed, to wait on Chief Justice Ransom, and invite him to administer the oath of office to the members elect.

The Speaker appointed as such committee Mr. O'Malley of

Mackinac, and Mr. Pierce of Washtenaw, which committee, af.

ter a short absence, reported that the Chief Justice was in attendance.

The following members then appeared, were sworn in, and took *heir seats:

From the counties of

Allegan—Lintsford B. Coates. l

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