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Page A LETTER of a Valetudinarian

62 An Essay on the Ground and Reason of Punishment. An Essay on the

Ground and Reason of Punishment ; with special reference to the Pen-
alty of Death. By Taylor Lewis, Esq. And a Defence of Capital
Punishment. By Rev. George Cheever, D. D. With an Appendix,
containing a Review of Burleigh on the Death Penalty..

90 American Actors in England ..

186 A Song of the Stars. By Miss Anna Blackwell..

224 A Dream of the World. By R. S. S. Andros..

303 · A Day in the Dead Letter Office. By Francis Copcutt.

446 Brazil. Sketches of Residence and Travels in Brazil, &c. &c. By Rev. D. P. Kidder, A. M. (Concluded.)..

33 Correspondence of Mr. Ralph Izard. By Lt. Col. Henry Whiting, U. S. A.; author of Ontwa," " Washington's Orders,” &c..

40 Comparative View of the Relative Advantages of Constructing Steam-Ships

of Wood or of Iron in the United States, for Ocean Navigation. By
Junius Smith....

260 Financial and Commercial Review..

.71, 148, 230, 321, 401, 483 Gluck in Paris. Translated from the German. By Mrs. Von Hassel... 106 Gossip of the Month.....

..332, 411, 491 Howard's Special Term Reports. New-York Supreme Court Special

Term Reports. By N. Howard, Jr., Counsellor at Law, and Deputy
Clerk af the Supreme Court....

19 Haydn's Apprenticeship. Translated from the German...

..193, 298 Hochelaga. Hochelaga ; or, England in the New World. Edited by

Eliot Warburton, Esq.; author of the “ Crescent and the Cross”. 255 Human Clothing, Dyeing, and Calico-Printing. Practical Treatise on Dye

ing and Calico-Printing, &c. By an Experienced Dyer; assisted by
several scientific gentlemen.

305 Imaginary Commonwealths. By J. Sullivan Cox...

175 Legislative Embodyment of Public Opinion. Texas-Oregon-The Land

Bill—The Tariff—The Warehousing Bill-- The Independent Trea-

83 Literary Larcenies.

203, 289 Modern Arms and Armies.

15 Marginalia. By Edgar A. Poe... * Miss Fuller's Papers on Literature and Art. Papers on Literature and

Art. By S. Margaret Fuller, Author of "A Summer on the Lakes,”
“ Woman in the Nineteenth Century,” &c....

198 Minstrelsy; Ancient and Modern. Minstrelsy; Ancient and Modern. By William Motherwell....

264 Morni and Ethnea-A Tale of St. Columba..

.284, 394 * Modern English Poets....

316 Mutations of Time. By Mrs J. W. Mercur..

361 Money. 1st. A Manual of Gold and Silver Coins of all nations struck with

in the past century. By Jacob R. Eckfeldt and William E. Dubois,
Assayers of the Mint of the United States. 2d. Annual Report of the
Director of the Mint at Philadelphia, showing the operations of the
Mint and Branches for 1845..

.. 369 Notices of New Books.

.76, 151, 235, 327, 408, 489 No Remedy and Remedy. By D. P. Barbydt.

103 Origin of Idolatrous Worship...



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