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Convention to Amend the Constitution.


THURSDAY, March 20, 1873. may dispense with the reading of any The Convention inet at ten o'clock A. memorial, petition, &c., by a inajority M.

vote. Prayer was offered by the Rev. James


Mr. CURRY asked and obtained leave of JOURXAL.

absence for Mr. Baer, for a few days from The Journal of yesterday's proceedings to-day. was read and approved.


Mr. NEWLIN, from the Committee on The President presented a memorial Printing, presented the following report: from Elizabeth Cady Stanton, upon the To the Constitutional Convention : subject of woman suffrage, which was

The Committee on Printing submit the read and laid on the table.

following: U'SU'RY LAW.

Resolved, That it is inexpedient to print Mr. J. PRICE WETHERILL presented a

the Debates of the Convention in the daily

papers. memorial from the Philadelphia board of

(Signed,) trade, asking for the repeal of the usury

J. W. M. NEWLIN. law, which was referred, without reading,

The question being, shall the Conven. to the Committee on Agriculture, Manu- tion proceed to the second reading and factures, Mining and Commerce.

consideration of the resolution ? it was Mr. Corson presented the following

agreed to.

Mr. NEWLIN. Mr. President: I desire resolution, which was read and referred to the Committe on the Judiciary:

to make a single remark. The committee Resolved, That the practice in the received bids from the different papers, courts of this Commonwealth shall be and it was ascertained that in order to uniform throughout the State, and no

carry out the contemplated action in pubspecial mode of trial shall be established lishing the Debates in two papers-pubin any one section.

lishing them at all fully-would cost sev

eral hundred dollars a day. In addition READING MEMORIALS.

to that, it is proper for me to say in regard Mr. LILLY offered the following resolu- to the Printer, that on last Friday that oftion, which was read and laid over, under ficial had printed every line of copy which the rules, until to-morrow :

he had received from the Reporter, so that Resolved, That the rule of the ('onven- the Printer was not then in fault. Inastion be altered, so that the Convention much as that official has had a good deal of abuse, I take pleasure in making this made to the committee. An abstract of statement to the Convention. It is pro- the account is herewith submitted, marked per also to state in regard to the Reporter “A.” that, perhaps, the delay was not his fault, Also, the account of William W. Hardinasmuch as a number of the members ing for 241 reams of paper, amounting to retained the copy to correct and revise $1,807 50, furnished to the printer under their speeches.

his contract; and the account of Val. The question being upon the resolution, Hummel, amounting to $16 25 for brooms it was agreed to.

and other articles furnished for the use of COUNTIES, TOWNSHIPS AND BOROUGHS. the Convention at Harrisburg, which is Mr. LAWRENCE, from the Committee on

certified by the Chief Clerk. Counties, Townships and Boroughs, pre

These accounts are for proper expenses sented the following report, which was

of the Convention, and should, therefore, read:

be paid. The following resolution is acSECTION 1. The Legislature shall have

cordingly reported : power to erect new counties. No new

Resolved, That the accounts of William county shall have an area of less than

W. Harding and Val. Hummel, menthree hundred square miles, nor a popu- mittee on Accounts, are hereby approved;

tioned in the foregoing report of the Comlation of less than eighteen thousand, and and that a warrant be drawn in favor of no county shall be reduced to a less area than four hundred square miles. No new

William W. Harding for the amount of county shall be erected until the same

his account, and that the Chief Clerk pay shall be approved by three-fifths of the the acoount of Val. Hummel. votes cast by the electors embraced within

[A.] each of the sections of the counties taken

Abstract of expenditures mode by D. L. to form the new county.

Imbrie, Chief Clerk, up to the 21st day of SECTION 2. That section of a new county

February, 1873. taken from another county shall pay its To John Patterson, watchman, for equitable proportion of the existing in

services from January 8 until debtedness of the county from which it is

February 21, both days inclu

sive....... taken; and if in the formation of a new

$157 50 county any township be divided, the in- To Joseph Ebersole, janitor, for debtedness of such shall be equitably ap

services from November 12, 1872, portioned upon the respective divisions

until February 21, both days in-

141 00 thereof.

SECTION 3. The Legislature shall, by To James Craig, janitor, for sergeneral laws, prescribe the powers of bor

vices from 7th January until oughs and townships, and confer upon the

February 21, both days inclu-

117 00 courts the authority to erect boroughs and townships, to change their boundaries, To C. C. Mullen, janitor, ten days

at Harrisburg

30 00 and divide boroughs into wards. The PRESIDENT. This article has now

To John Switzer, fireman, for serbeen read the first time. It will be laid

vices from 12th November, 1872, on the table and printed.

until February 21, 1873, both
days inclusive..


To James Chambers, assistant fireMr. Hay, from the Committee on AR man, for services from 7th Janucounts and Expenditures, presented the ary until February 21, both days following report, which was read:


117 00 The Committee on Accounts and Ex- To D. Skerrett, page, for services penditures of the Convention respectfully from January 7 to February 21, reports:

both days inclusive........

58 50 That it has examined the account of the To T. M'Gilloway, page, for serChief Clerk for expenditures made by vices from January 7 to Februhim, under the authority of the Conven- ary 21, both days inclusive........ 58 50 tion, up to the 21st day of February last, To Percy Meyers, page, for sershowing the payment of the sum of $1,- vices from January 7 to Febru911 00, and a balance in his hands on that ary 21, both days inclusive........ 58 50 date of $89 00.

To J. B. Allen, page, for services And that the same is correct, according from January 7 to February 21, to the vouchers exhibited and statements both days inclusive........

58 50

To Charles Moore, page, for ser

proper officer for and on account of the vices from January 7 to Febru

State, county, township or borough, as ary 21, both days inclusive.. 58 50 may be directed by law : Provided howTo Frank Berlin, page, for ser

ever, That the annual salary of any such vices from January 7 to Febru

officer shall not exceed the aggregate ary 21, both days inclusive........ 58 50 yearly amount of fees collected by him. To W. A. Cassidy, page, for ser

SECTION 4. The salary of no county, vices from January 7 to Febru

township or borough officer shall be inary 21, both days inclusive........ 58 50 creased after his election or during the To F. M’Reynolds, page, for ser

term for which he is elected. vices from January 7 to Febru

SECTION 5. The Legislature shall proary 21, both days inclusive.. ..... 58 50 vide by law for the strict accountability of To T. Simpson, page, for services

all county, township and borough officers, from January 7 to February 21,

as well as for the fees which may be colboth days inclusive..

58 50 lected by them, as for all public or muniTo Powell De France, page, in

cipal moneys which may be paid to them. charge of cloak room, for ser

SECTION 6. Any person shall be eligible vices from January 7 to Febru

for election to any office of any county, ary 21, both days inclusive........ 76 50 township or borough, respectively, of To Josephine Thompson, for clean

which he is a qualified elector. ing Hall from January 7 to Feb

The PRESIDENT. This article has now ruary 21, both days inclusive..... 507 00 been read the first time. It will be laid To John Smith, for cleaning yard.. 25 00 on the table and printed. For postage and express charges,

LEGISLATION. check book and advertising ...... 49 00

Mr. Manx. Mr. President: I move 1,911 00 that the Convention resolve itself into

committee of the whole, on the article The question being, shall the Conven- reported by the Committee on Legisla. tion proceed to the second reading of the tion. resolution, it was agreed to. So the reso- It was agreed to. lution was again read.

IN COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE. The resolution was then agreed to.

The Convention then resolved itself into COUNTY, TOWNSHIP AND BOROUGI OF- the committee of the whole, Mr. ArinFICERS,

strong in the chair, for the further considMr. S. A. PURVIANCE, from the Com. eration of the article reported by the Committee on County, Township and Bo- mittee on Legislationa rough officers, presented the following

The CLAIRMAX. The thirty-sixth secreport, which was read :

tion of the report of the Committee on Section 1. County officers shall consist Legislation is the section now pending, of sheriffs, coroners, prothonotaries, regis- The gentleman from Allegheney (Mr. ters of wills, recorders of deeds, county Ewing) has the floor. The thirty-sixth commissioners, county treasuries, district section will be read. attorneys, and such others as may from The CLERK read: time to time be establiished by law: Pro- SECTION 36. A member of the Legislavided, That, with the exception of the ture shall be guilty of bribery, and punsheriff and coronor, any two or more ished as shall be provided by law, who county offices may be filled by one per- shall solicit, demand or receive, or consons, if so directed by law.

sent to receive, directly or indirectly, SECTION 2. County officers shall be from any corporation, company or person, elected at the general elections, and shall any money, testimonial, reward, thing of hold their offices for such terms as may be value or of personal advantage, or promprescribed by law. All vacancies shall ise thereof, for his vote or official inflube filled in such manner as the Legisla- ence, or with an understanding, expressed ture inay direct.

or implied, that his vote or oficial action SECTION 3. All county, township and in any way is to be influenced thereby, borough officers who receive compensa- and who shall, after his election and tion for their services, shall be paid by during his term of office, consent to besalary, to be prescribed by law; and all come or continue to act as the agent, atfees attached to any county, township torney or other employee of any corporaor borough office shall be received by the tion or person, knowing such corporation

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