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1885, June 10,

Gift of

Ool, Henry Lee,

of Boston,


The city government of Fall River, was first organized April 12, 1854.

No code of ordinances was at that time adopted, but from time to time, as occasion required, or necessity demanded, city ordinances were passed.

After the experiences and changes of more than ten years, a revision seemed called for, when, on the sixth day of February, 1865, the board of aldermen passed an order, that a committee of three be appointed from that board, with as many as the common council might add, to revise the city ordinances.

The common council concurred in the order. On the part of the board of aldermen, Hon. Nathaniel B. Borden, Philip D. Borden, and Daniel Stillwell, were appointed ; and by the common council, Abraham G. Hart, Thomas T. Potter, Daniel Conroy, John C. Milne and Joseph A. Bowen.

A vacancy occurring by the decease of Hon. N. B. Borden, Walter Paine, 3d, was elected to fill the same.

The present revision, after a lapse of some fifteen years, was provided for by the city government adopting, by concurrent vote, the following, viz:

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