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rented by the Vigilance and political Address of the Government of Bombay.

- British Army assembled on the Coast of Coromandel.-Letter from Tippoo Sullaun to Lord Mornington.- Junction between the Nizam's Army anu that of Madras.-This united Army marches against Seringapatam on one Hand.-While the Malabar Army advances yozards it on the other.Engagement between the Malabar Army and that of Tippoo Sultaun. Junction betrecen the Bombay or Malahar and the main Army.-Tippoo abandoris the open Country, and takes Refuge in the Fortress of Seringapatam. ---Seringapałam taken by Storm.-Tippoo flain. -Diflinguishing Features of the House of Hyder. - Acquisions obtained by the Arts of Peace, contrafied with the Conquests obtained by Wur.- Prosperity of the British Settlement on Prince of Wales's Island. - The Magnitude, and the Prospects pre fented hy ils natural Advantages.


CH A P. V.

Determination of the Porle to repel the Incasion of Fgypt.-Letter from the

Grand Seigntor 10 Tippco Sultaun, on that Subject.-Tippoo's Anfwer.-. A new Sect of Ifaumitish Socinians. --Account, by Tippoo Sultann, of the Christian Domination in India.---Complaints against the English.-Confederacy for exterminating the Christian Infidels from India.-Reflections. —Hypocritical Conduct of the French towards the Turks.--. Resentment and spirited Conduit of the Porte.--Alliance betxeen the Porie and Russia.

-Change in the Turkish Ministry.--Memorial of the Porte to all foreign Ministers.-Turkish Munife;le, addrelied to the British Minisier at ConAantinople.Character of the Turks.-Military Preparations of the Portc. Councils and Viezes of the Rumans.-Characler and political Conduct of the Russian Emperor, Paul.--Treaty between Great Britain and Rufia.Russian Declaratiou of War against Spain.The Emperor of Rufjia electord, by the dispersed Knights, Grand Masler of Malta.His Munificence to that Order.--- Vere Establishment for its Maintenance, at St. Petersburgh.--A.combined Russian and Turkish Fleet fails through the Dardaricis into the diediterranean.--And reduces the t'enctian Islands on the Hetern Coaf Turkey in Europe.-Humane and liberal Conduct of the Conquerors of the jc to their Prisoners of Ifar.



t'iciffitudes of Colonization, Commerce, 'and Arts --Re-allion of the Expe

dition to Egypt, on the Affairs of Europe. - Internal Policy of France. -l'iolation of the freedom of Elections.-Civil Dillentions. - Finances. Suppression of Newspapers. ---Execution of the Laws against Ecclefiaftics and Emigranti.-Escape and Return of banislied Deputies, from Guiana to Europe.- Larv for confiscating the Property of Exiles, in case of their avoiding or quilling the Place of their Banishment.--- Debalis in both Councils on this Subjedl.---- Military Commissions, Trials, and Executions.

-- I aw for inquiring into all the Allacks that had been made or Persons and Property, from Motive's of Enmity to the Publie and ils Friends.


Dreadful I. pills of this La:2.Plunder, Profrijion, t'enality, and in


Covetoufness and Rupacity of the Direciors of France, diplayed in this l.

reign Transactions. —— Treały retureen the Directory and Poruzal.-!.
ratified by the Court of Libon. - Genera becomes a Department of Fras

- Conduct of the French touards different Nations.—Their contes

Menaces against England. --Calumnics. And malicious Accufati

These refuted, and retorted by the Publication of General Ilocke': ! ...

tious to Culonel Tate, for currying on all'ar, in England, of Piwas

Dejirutiim. - Reflections thercon.— Parties in France. - Policy of 1

Directory.---- Boastings, and vain-glorious Predictions.-Ober-

Colonies, and the most proper Places for their Efiablishment. 11:26

from the Directory, to the Council of Fire Hundred, relating to the Team

Expedition. Apologies for invading Egypt without a prerivus Dei

of War.- Joy and Exultation at the Landing of the French in Exupc.-

And confident Predictions of great Glory, to be from therce de rire, 13 like

French Nation. And benefits to all the World. - Intelligence texted in

France of the Naval Victory of Aboukir.Effects of this on the frezh

Vation This Victory vilijied by the French. - New Requijitions of 3

and Morry.— The Light in tohich the Directory appeared, thruagkeit
France, before the Veues from Aboukir.-Coretoufness und Rapery of
the Directory.-llanner in which they made their Fortune.-The Die
firuction of the French Flezi, at Aboukir, a new Support, and a ner force
of Porer, to the Directory. The Manner in which the Gorter ej
France received the Decluration of War by the Turks.— A French imba.

dər ferit 10 Con/lantinople. -French Anurer to the Maniji o of the

Porie. ---Rentation of this, by intercepted Letters of Buonaparte's.—S

miffioeners of the French Legijialire Councils to the Directory, and I do

ference ałout the Constitution. The jame Requisitions of Men and Me,

that were made in France, enforced in the conquered Slates.- Ingirretail

in Belgium. --Its Rapidity and Extent. - Subdued.

[blocks in formation]

Congress of Reifiadt. Description of Germany.-Germanic Confiitution.-

The Germans, in all Ages, charallerized by a Love of Liberty.--States of
the Empire.— Three Colleges.--Viciffitudes in the Constitution.-Eletica
of the Emperor.--Geographical Division of the Empire into Cirds.-
Division of the Empire, founded on Differences of Religion.-Diet of ti?
Empire. Advices of the Dict.-Decrees of Rulification.-Conclufim.-
Influence of the Emperor on the Proccedings of the Diet.--- And of ihe King
of Prullia.--Deputations of the Empire.- Ordinary and Extraordinary -
Alembers of the Extraordinary Deputation of the Empire alembled ut
Rafadt.Their Powers and Functions.- Negociation between the Partis, ,

concerned, at Rafladt, carried on without the Intervention of foreign
Powers.-Secret Articles in the Treaties of Bafle and Campo-Formio..
l'iolation of the latter, on the Part of the French, complained of by the Ime
perial Minifier.-Bafis proposed for a Pacification, by the French Plenipon
tentiaries.--Counter Propofitions, by the Deputation of the Empire.-Conti-
nuation of Hoftilities by the French.Disputes concerning the Origin and
Commencement of the war.-The Bahis proposed by the French Plenipoten-
tiaries agreed on by the secret Articles of the Treaty of Campo-Formio.--
Secularizations proposed.The Deputation agree to the Cession of half the
Territory demanded by the French.-Who perhs in their firh Propofitions.

-Debates in the Diet of the Empire. -The Cesion of the left Bank of the

Rhine agreed to, by the Deputation, on certain Conditions.-

Private Vicus

of the individual States of the Empire.The System of Secularization agreed

to.-Farther Pretenfons of the French.--Objections to these. ----Jealoufies

and secret Views of both the negociating Parties.-Rapacity and V'enality

of the French Directory.-Interesting and infdious Intervention of the

French Plenipotentiaries, in Favour of certain Imperial Cities.-Relaxed and

enfeebled State of the Germanic Constitution.-The German States arranged

respectively around Prusia and Austria.-Fresh Pretenfons of the French re-

fifted by both these Powers.--Concessions of the French. And of the De-

putation of the Empire.- A Majority of the Deputation agrees to the

French Propofitions.- Protest in the Diet against their Vote.-Effed pro-

duced on the Negociations at Raftadt, by the Approach of the Russians to

Germany.-Conclusum of the Diet, on the Subject of the French Propofi-

tions, ratified by the Imperial Commissary.--Requisitions of the Deputation

of the Empire, for the Relief of the right Bank of the Rhine.-Declaration

of the French Plenipotentiaries agains the Admission of Russian Troops

into the Territory of the Empire.-Referred to the general Diet of the

Empire of Ratisbon.— Entrance and Progression of the Russians into Ger-

many. --Surrender of the Fortress of Ehrenbreitsein.-The French Army

crosses the Rhine.- And penetrates into Suabia.-French Proclamation.-

And Address of General Jourdan to his Army, on their Entrance into

Germany. -Taken into Confideration by the Deputation of the Empire.

Which recommends to the general Diet the Adoption of Means for a speedy

Peace. The Zeal of the Deputies for Peace, checked by the Imperial Com-

miffary.-Preludes of War.


Attack on the French, by the King of Naples.-Secret Motives afgned for

this.--Position of the Neapolitan Troops, after their Repulse from the
Roman Territories. And of the French.-The different Divifons of the
French Army draw near to Naples.- Amidst general and constant Infur-
Teclions of the Natives of the Country.- Armistice proposed by the Neapo-
litan to the French General for an Armistice.- Rejected.-Massacres of the
French.--Perilous Situation of the French Troops.Desperate Resolution
of Championet.-Uwexpectedly relieved from his Embarallinent by an
Offer, for the third Time, of an Armistice.--The Neapolitan Troops era-



cuate Capua.--Where they are succeeded by the French Garrison.-D

faction of the Directory with Championet.The Royal Family of a

Palermo.-Regency appointed, at Naples, in his Abfence.--Chase

Vindication of his Condud to the Directory.-Communication ter

Championet and the Malcontents of Naples.-Violent Fermentalica in

ples.-Corte between the Royalists and Revolutionis.- Retreat

Viceroy.-Escape of General Mack to Championet.- Tota i Diforza

of the Neapolitan Army.--Afafination and Rapine.-Naples de

the French Army.-Ohlinately defended by the Lazzaroni.-170

Cefation from mutual Slaughter. - Improved by Championet.-13

Professions of Humanity and Respect for St. Jannarius dres :

Lazzaroni to the Side of the French.-Miracles.-Adrerti fement, et

Archbishop, to the Citizens of Naples.- Proclumation of Champs-

Edict of the Prorifionary Government of the Neapolitan Republic.-

imposing Forms and Names in the Hands of the French General -

butions. -Trophies of Vi&ory and Ambassadors fent from Naples de Pare

- The whole public and much of the prirate Property of Naples ciudades,

the Directory, for the French Nation.--Civil Commisaries fent ko

Purpose of taking Polession of this.-Ordered, by Championet, 19

Naples.The Decree of the Directory, on the subject of Neapadi. Pras
perly, annulled by a Counter-Decree issued by the General.-Indizione
the Directory.- À Decree for arresting Championet with oil. Ger
rals, and trying them for Disobedience.--Another for bringing PSI,
accused, by public Fame, of Robbery or Dilapidation, to Trial hy a 12.
Martial.- Theje Trials prevented by new Struggles and Changes al Paris,
- French Incafion of the fmall Republic of Lucca.-Factions tkeri.-R.
volution. And Contributions.

CH A P. X.

Meeting of the British Parliament.--Speech from the Throne. -Debate

thereon in both Houfus.- Army, Nary, and other Efimates.-Supplies.-
Ways and Means. - Taxes.--New Measure of Finance.

-Rubin Shady
-Debates.-Eulogy on the Russian Emperor.-India Budget.- Amended
Bills for the Redemption of the Land-Tax.-Motion by Alr. Tiermy, for
the Prevention of any Negociation that might prevent a Peace.- Superyan

of the Habeas-Corpus-Ad.Conversation relating to the Treatment of

Persons confined in the New State Prison,




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on with Ireland. - Melage from his Majesty, relative to that Subjeét. --.
Le folutions preparatory to an Union. Debates thereon, in both Houses of
Parliament. Conferrences between the Lords and Commons.-Joint Al-
Iress, from both Houses, to his Majesty. New Arrangements respecling
he Mililia Volunteer, and Provisional Cavalry.--Slave-Trade. 202




eaty of Campo Formio suddenly formed. ---Disregarded ad mifrufted By
both parties. — Military Preparations.-General Jourdun receives Orders
to begin the Campaign. Immense Scale on which li'ar is now carried

-Force and Portion of the French and the Imperial Forces.--Plans of
the French. ---Situation and Views of the Auftrians. --The French Army
oecupies Alanheim. lays the Palatinate under Contribution. And ada
vances into Suabia. --Contributions there also. ---Jourdan appointed Com-
mander-in-chief of the Armies in Germany arid Switzerland. Pujitions of
thie duftrians in the Country of the Grisons and int the Voralberg.---Mas
fena fuminons General inffenberg, and attacks him at the fame Tife.
And takes him, with the greater Part of his Troops.---The French Mafiers
of Chur, and almost all the Valley of the Rhine.--Plan of the French to com-
plete the Conquest of the Country of the Grifons: -Malena repulsed in the
Voralberg with much Lofs.-The French General, Lecourbe, seizes on the
lipper and Lower Engadine.---The Frerich General, Defolles, attacks and
gains the Poft at Bormio.The Army of the Archduke Charles passes the
Lech, and advances in Suabia.Movenients and Positions taken by the

Austrian and French Armies.— Battle between the Aurians and French.
The French defeated, and forced to repass the Rhine.-The Auftrians in
Potefion of almost all Sumbia.


[blocks in formation]

The French pass the Rhine.Poptions of the Anfrians in the Country of the

Grisons, and in the Voralberg.Conplete Conquest of the Country of the
Grisons, by the French.-The Auflrians, under the Archduke Charles,
pass the Lech, and advance into Suabia.-- Nearly the whole of which falls
into their Polesion.The French fall back to Stock-Ach and Engen.- Are
forced to repass the Rhine.Make themselve Masters of the Vallies of the
Inn.-The Inhabitants of the Tyrol take up Arms agains the French,
who, being defeated, are obliged to evacuate that Country: -Proclamation of
the Archduke Charles to the People of Switzerlarid.-Majena appointed
Commander-in-Chief of the Armies of the Rhine, the Danube, and of 05-
servation - Breaking up of the Congress at Rafiadt.-Infult offered to
Bernadotte, French Ambassador, at Pienna, ---Conferences at Seltz.-
Alufination of the French Deputies to the Congress at Rafadl.---Generat
situation of the Allies. --The French are entirely driven out of the Country
of the Grisons, and the Auflrians take Pof on the left Bank of the Rhine.
LI 2


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