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71st Congress, 3d Session

(December 1, 1930 - March 4, 1981)


VOL. 2



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Note.-The reports missing from this volumo will be found in volumes 8, 4, and 5 of House public reports
or in the bound volumes of House private reports.


2551. Navy Department and naval service appropriation bill, 1932.

2552. Increase pensions to soldiers, sailors, and nurses of War with Spain, eto.

2556. Payment to Hawaii of Federal road funds.

2560. Additional funds for foreign service buildings.

2562. Establishing passport bureau at Los Angeles, Calif.

2566. Permit Army to participate at Yorktown sesquicentennial celebration.

2567. Filling vacancies in Porto Rico Legislature.

2568. Lighthouse reservations at Mission Point and Grand Traverse Point, Mich.

2569. Reconvey to New York State part of Fort Ontario military reservation.

2570. Authorize construction on Government Island, Alameda, Calif.

2571. To increase pay of mail carriers in village delivery service.

2572. To fix more equitably responsibility of postmasters.

2573. Bridge across Missouri River at or near Culbertson, Mont.

2574. Viaduct across Mahoning River at Struthers, Ohio.

2575. Bridge Missouri River near Power-site Crossing or Wilder Perry, Mont.

2588. Construct water main to Selfridge Field, Mich.

2589. Construct quartermaster storehouse at Selfridge Field, Mich.

2590. Prohibition of importation of goods produced by convict labor.*

2591. Tribal funds to purchase lands in Fort Apache Indian Reservation.

2592. Extend restrictive period for members of Five Civilized Tribes.

2593. To amend act for construction of public buildings.

2594. Construction at Military Academy, West Point, N. Y., etc.

2596. Relief of Alabama.

2597. Construction of breakwater in Lake Michigan by Chicago, etc.

2598. Hospital and home facilities to veterans of Confederate Army and Navy.

2599. Relinquishments, etc., of lands for benefit of Navajo Indians.

2602. Bridge across San Francisco Bay.

2603. Tunnel under Delaware River at South Philadelphia, Pa.

2604. Adoption of minors by Crow Indians of Montana.

2605. Distribution of tribal funds of Puyallup Indians.

2606. Quarantine inspection service.

2607. Classification of Crow Indians.

2608. Claims of certain foreign Governments.

2609. To pay claims of Indians of Fort Berthold Reservation.

2611. Disposition of useless papers in Department of Commerce.

2612. Disposition of useless papers in Treasury Department.

2613. Disposition of useless papers in War Department.

2618. Bowl and ladle of U. S. S. Princeton for Princeton Club of Philadelphia.

2622. Silver service of U. S. S. Marietta for Campus Martius Memorial Museum.

2624. Bridge across Archers Creek, S. C.

2625. Amend law rel. to promotion of certain naval officers on retired list.

2626. Convey part of Fenwick Island lighthouse reservation for road purposes.

2627. Exchange of lands adjacent to national forests in Colorado.

2628. Amend act for acquisition, etc., of George Washington Memorial Parkway.

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2629. Cancel certain charges against lands in Gila River Reservation.

2630. Bridge across Mississippi River at or near New Boston, Ill.

2631. Bridge across Ohio River at or near Cannelton, Ind.

2632. Contracts concerning Rio Grande irrigation project.

2633. Final disposition of affairs of eastern band of Cherokee Indians.

2635. Chicago, Century of Progress Exposition, 1933.

2636. Printing and distribution of writings of George Washington.

2637. Entertainment of French Veterans of World War.

2638. Celebration of anniversary of surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown.

2639. Memorial to dead of Second Division, American Expeditionary Forces.

2640. Membership on Yorktown Sesquicentennial Commission.

2642. Additional hospital facilities, etc., for World War veterans.

2643. Relief of members of Navy, etc., discharged for misrepresentation of age.

2644. Appointment of Naval Academy graduates as ensigns.

2645. Additional facilities at branches of Bureau of National Homes.

2646. Extension of boundaries of Wind Cave National Park.

2647. Amend act transferring land from Tusayan National Forest.

2658. To establish mining experiment station at College Park, Md.

2659. Appropriation for George Washington bicentennial celebration in D. C.

2668. Quarter to commemorate 200th anniversary of Washington's birth.

2669. Advance to reclamation fund.

2670. Increase of loan basis of adjusted-service certificates.

2671. Adding lands to Idaho National Forest, Idaho.

2672. Adding lands to Washakie National Forest, Wyo.

2673. Construction at Plattsburg Barracks, Plattsburg, N. Y.

2674. Acquisition of land in Oahu, Hawaii.

2675. Construction at Fort Snelling, Minn., and Camp Devens, Mass.

2676. Acquisition of land for proper defense of Atlantic Coast.

2677. Regulate prescribing and use of waters from Hot Springs National Park.*

2680. Independent offices appropriation bill, 1932.

2685. Construction of bridge at Fort Benning, Ga., across Upatoi Creek.

2686. Amend section 3 of act for control of floods on Mississippi River, eto.

2687. Expenses of 16th session of International Geological Congress.

2688. Conference on Limitation of Manufacture of Narcotic Drugs.

2689. Claim of George J. Salem against Government of Egypt.

2691. Amend immigration act rel. to employees' of Immigration Bureau, etc.

2692. To submit claims of Pillager bands of Chippewa Indians to Ct. of Cls.

2693. Citizenship and naturalization of married women.

2694. Department of Agriculture appropriation bill, 1932.

2696. To excuse certain persons from residence on homestead lands, 1929–30.

2697. Construction of building at Corozal, Canal Zone.

2698. To amend act for creation of Colonial National Monument.

2699. Second World Conference of Workers for the Crippled.

2700. Second polar year program.

2702. Grading and classification of clerks in foreign service.

2703. Relief of sufferers from fire in Minnesota. pts. 1* and 2.

2704. To grant lands to Colorado for benefit of Colorado School of Mines,

2705. Treasury and Post Office Departments appropriation bill, 1932.

2706. Legislative appropriation bill, 1932.

2708. Mileage allowance to members of Army and Navy Nurse Corps.

2709. Conveyance of Fort Griswold tract to Connecticut.

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2710. Temporary restriction of immigration. 2 pts. in 1.*

2711. To amend bankruptcy act relative to building and loan associations.

2712. Second deficiency appropriation bill, 1931.

2713. Transportation of school children in D. C. at reduced fare.

2716. Enrollment of children of Blackfeet tribe of Indians.

2718. Expense allowance of service personnel for air travel without troops.

2719. Award of good-conduct medal to enlisted men of Army.

2721. Amend World War veterans' act relative to pensions for widows, etc.

2722. United States to be made party defendant in certain cases.

2723. Acquisition of land for West Point military reservation.

2724. Purchase of land joining West Point military reservation.

2725. Prohibit recovery of debts to United States of Army personnel, etc.

2726. Purchase of land in California for addition to Cahuilla Reservation.

2727. To extend laws relating to vocational education to Porto Rico.*

2728. Amendment to workmen's compensation act of D. C.

2729. Use old Business High School to relieve congestion in schools in D. C.

2730. Granting retired pay to 14 teachers in District of Columbia.

2731. Increasing salaries of vocational teachers in District of Columbia.

2732. Sabbatical leave for school employees in District of Columbia.

2733. Provide branch library in Georgetown, D. C.

2747. Creation of corporation to operate Muscle Shoals properties.

2748. War Department appropriation bill, 1932.

2750. Relieving commissioners of D. C. of certain ministerial duties.

2751. Amending act relating to degree-conferring institutions.

2753. Closing of upper Water street between 22d and 23d streets nw., D. C.

2754. Permit certain Government employees to prosecute claims against U. 8.

2755. Alteration and repair of Eastern Dispensary and Casualty Hospital.

2756. Additional land for Schenectady military reservation.

2757. Collection of annual statistics relating to crime, etc.

2758. Court of Claims to adjudicate claims of certain Indians of Oregon.

2759. Construction of tuberculosis sanatorium for adults of D. C.

2760. State, Justice, Commerce, and Labor Departments appropriation bill, 1932.

2761. Exclude aliens in count for apportionment of Representatives. 2 pts.

2762. Repeal of obsolete sections of Revised statutes.

2763. Claim of Houston, Tex., for damages to streets in Park Place.

2764. District of Columbia appropriation bill, 1932.

2779. Construction of sea wall at Fort Randolph, Panama Canal.

2780. Right of way for sewer pipe line at Fort Bragg military reservation.

2781. To widen Fort Thomas avenue, Fort Thomas, Ky.

2782. Additional land for Langley Field, Va.

2783. To acquire timber rights on Gigling Field Artillery Range, Calif.

2784. To acquire 75 acres of land for Fort Ringgold, Tex.

2785. Preservation and repair of historical fortifications at Fort Niagara.

2786. Erection of moving-picture theater at Fort Snelling, Minn.

2787. Amend second deficiency act, 1930, rel. to post office at New Bern, N. C.

2788. Attendance of Army Band at encampment of Grand Army of the Republic.

2796. Accepting land at Detroit, Mich., for Fort Wayne military reservation.

2797. Exclusion and expulsion of alien communists.

2798. Purchase of State laboratory at Hamilton, Mont.

2799. Deportation of certain aliens. 2 pts.

2800. To provide method for settlement of claims against United States.

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