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Annual Survey

of Manufactures:


Prepared under the Supervision of
Maxwell R. Conklin, Chief

Industry Division



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Industry Division

Maxwell R. Conklin, Chief
Louis J. Owen, Assistant Chief for Management

Owen C. Gretton, Assistant Chief for Program
Economic Planning and Analysis Section-Murray D. Dessel, Chief

Statistical Methods Section-Jack L. Ogus, Chief
Statistical Processing Section-Charles Merzel, Acting Chief

Food Products Section- Alfred I. Jacobs, Chief
Textiles and Apparel Section-Willis K. Jordan, Chief
Wood Products Section - Joseph A. Zettler, Chief

Chemicals Section- Jack J. Gottsegen, Chief
Metals and Metal Products Section-Clarence H. Olsen, Chief

Minerals Section-Vivian E. Spencer, Chief
Defense Plant Reports Section-David N. Cohen, Chief
Industry and Commodity Classification-Isidore Bogdanoff

Administrative Service Division-Everett H. Burke, Chief

Agriculture Division--Ray.Hurley, Chief

Budget Officer -Charles H. Alexander

Business Division-larvey Kailin, Acting Chief
Combined Census Operations Division-Cyril M. Wildes, Acting Chief

Field Division-Jack B. Robertson, Chief
Foreign Trade Division-J. Edward Ely, Chief
Geography Division-Clarence E. Batschelet, Chief

Governments Division-Allen D. Manvel, Chief
Machine Tabulation Division-C. F. Van Aken, Chief

Personnel Division-llelen D. Almon, Chief
Population and Housing Division-Ioward G. Brunsman, Chief
Transportation Statistics Division-Donald E. Church, Chief

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The Annual Survey of Manufactures, of which this one for 1951 is the third, had been in the planning stage since the late 1930's. The actual beginning of the survey in 1949 followed the passage of legislation changing the frequency of the Census of Manufactures from a two year to a five-year basis. Business groups, as well as officials of the Census Bureau, believed that a program of quinquennial Censuses of Manufactures supplemented by an annual survey on a sample basis afforded a more useful set of data at a lower cost to both business and Government than did the previous biennial Censuses of Manufactures.

During 1950, 1951 and 1952 the Annual Survey has constituted the major project in the statistical program of the Bureau's Industry Division. Maxwell R. Conklin, Chief of the Industry Division, was in charge of the work with the assistance of Louis J. Owen, Assistant Chief for Management, and Owen C. Gretton, Assistant Chief for Program.

Within the Division, the primary responsibility for the programming and processing phases of the Annual Survey has been centered in Murray D, Dessel, Chief, Economic Planning and Analysis Section; Jack L. Ogus, Chief, Statistical Methods Section; and Sol Dolleck, Chief, Operations Section; together with the Chiefs of the Industry and Commodity Sections mentioned on the opposite page. In addition, special recognition is also due to Samuel Schweid of the Operations Section, Arthur Rosenhoch and Irvin Strauss of the Economic Planning and Analysis Section and Richard J. Rice of Statistical Methods Section of the Industry Division and Lancelot W. Armstrong of the Machine Tabulation Division for their participation in the Annual Survey of Manufactures, Vivian E. Spencer supervised the preparation of Part II, Product Statistics.


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