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colleges and societies of Chicago, and of the Illinois State Medical Society. Yet, notwithstanding the fact that these gentlemen performed the work with the greatest amount of care, vigilance and honesty of purpose, many errors found their way into the list-some names appearing there which should have been omitted, and others omitted which should have appeared.

In order that the present and succeeding volumes of the Register may be as free from errors of this character as possible, the publication of the work has been placed under the supervision of the Chicago Medico-Historical Society, before which has been brought the name of every known practitioner of medicine in Chicago and its vicinity. When there has been sufficient evidence before the Society to warrant the conclusion that the person represented is a reputable physician, in good standing according to the Code of Ethics of the American Medical Association, the name has been placed in the list. All others have been excluded. If, through inadvertence, any name has been improperly omitted, the error will be rectified in subsequent volumes of the book, provided proper representation of the fact be made to the Society.

The Editor begs to offer his thanks to the members of the Publication Committee for prompt and efficient aid in preparing material for the book. He has been placed under special obligations by Dr. Norman Bridge and Dr. George H. Chapman, both of whom have very greatly lessened his labors.

785 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, July, 1874.

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