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THE VIPER AND THE FILE. It rus as follows. A foolish old viper intruded into the establishment of a workman and made a great noise, with a view of attracting his attention. The workman, amused at the conceit and folly of the visitor, thought he would punish him, and so let a heavy file fall, with some violence, upon his back. The file bruised and out more deeply than he intended, and the viper, expecting as usual to overcome its prey, seized it in its fangs, and, covering it with venom, endeavored to destroy it. The workman, whose sympathy had been aroused by the unexpected severity of his blow, now became amused at the rage and impotence that he witnessed. Smiling at the holly of the attack, he, with pleasant humor, quietly re. marked; bite on, perhaps the longer yon bite, the less you'll like it.

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Securely packed for transportation in a metallic box, which also serves for a stand when the instrument is in use, and obviates the ne cessity for additional fixtures. Can be used with any kind of atomizers.

@ Sent by Express, on receipt of the price, to any part of the Unirea States and Canada.

PRICE, $10. Extra Face Proectors, $1 00. Every instrument will be thoroughly tested and warranted perfect in every respect. Address


873 Washington street, Boston, Mass.


Boston, June 11, 1866. WILLIAM REAN, M. D.:

Dear Sir,-The apparatus for atomizing medicated fluids for inhalation, arranged under your direction, has been used for some tine in the hospital with entire success. It is perfectly safe, compact, and easily applied. I take pleasure in saying that it is the simplest and most convenient atomizer I have ever yet seen.

Yours very truly,


Resident Physician and Superintendent, apl-ly

Massachnselts General Hospital.”


The Thirty-Second Annual Course will commence


MONDAY, NOVEMBER 15th, 1869,
And will terminate on the Second Saturday of March; 1870.

FACULTY. A. H. CENAS, M.D., Emeritus Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases

of Women and Children. JAMES JONES, M.D., Profsssor of Obstetrics, etc. WARREN STONE, M.D., Professor of Surgery. T. G. RICHARDSON, M.D.. Professor of Anatomy. SAMUEL M. BEMISS, M.D., Professor of Theory and Practice of

Medicine. STANFORD E. CHAILLÉ, M.D., Professor of Physiology and Path

ological Anatomy. FRANK HAWTHORN, M.D., Professor of Materia Medica and

JOSEPH JONES, M.D., Professor of Chemistry.
T. J. BICKHAM, M.D., Demonstrator of Anatomy.

The Rooms for Dissecting will be opened on the Second Monday of October. The Faculty are Visiting Physicians and Surgeons of the Charity Hospital,

The Students accompany the Professors in their visits and enjoy extraordinary practical advantages free of expense.

A preliminary Course of Lectures will be delivered in the Amphi. theatre of the Hospital, commencing on the 18th of October, on Clinical Medicine and Surgery, without any charge to the students.

TERMS, For the Tickets of all the Professors........ .$140 00 Far the Ticket of Practical Anatomy..

10 00 Matriculation..........

5 00 Diploma

7 30 00 Graduates of other respectable schools may attend all the Lectures upon payment of the inatriculation fee; but they will not be admitted as candidates for the Diploma of the University except upon the terms required of second course students. All fees are payable in advance.

The Administrators of the Charity Hospital elect, annually, after competitive examination, in March, twelve Resident Students, wbo are maintained by the Institution.


Dean of the Faculty.

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