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The appendices herein are derived from the same sources as those in the preceding volumes, except in a few instances. The notes and index have been prepared under the supervision of the Commission by Charles R. Hildeburn, with the assistance of Ardemas Stewart, Esquire.

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At a General Assembly begun and holden at Philadelphia, the fifteenth day of October, A. D. 1744, and continued by adjournments until the seventh day of September, 1745, the following act was passed: t


AN ACT FOR THE SPEEDY TRIAL OF CAPITAL OFFENSES COMMITTED BY ANY INDIAN OR INDIANS IN THE REMOTE PARTS OF THE PROVINCE. To the end that all capital offenses which have been or hereafter shall be committed by any Indian or Indians within the bounds of this province in places remote from inhabitants may receive the most speedy and impartial trials: [Section 1.] Be it enacted by the Honorable George Thomas, Esquire, with the King's royal approbation Lieutenant-Governor under the Honorable John Penn, Thomas Penn and Rich. ard Penn, Esquires, true and absolute Proprietaries of the Province of Pennsylvania and of the counties of Newcastle, IKent and Sussex on Delaware, by and with the advice and conscnt of the representatives of the freemen of the said Province in General Assembly met, and by the authority of the same, That all murders, manslaughters, homicides, felonies and of.

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