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1-2 EDWARD VII., A. 1902 1836. January 15, Glenelg to Head (No. 13). Colonel Cameron to be informed that the same

considerations which prevented a departure from the regulations respecting Street. the granting of land still preclude an exception being made in his favour.

Page 23 January 20, The same to the same (No. 14). Has received Colborne's dispatch with Downing memorial from St. Andrew's Church, Toronto, for pecuniary assistance to Street.

complete the building. The only fund from which assistance could be given is the casual and territorial revenue, but under present circumstances be

would not feel at liberty to direct any fresh appropriation to be made. 25 February 2,

The same to the same (No. 15). The Lords of the Treasury have assented • Downing to the provision in the army estimates for the pay of the aide-de-camp, but Street.

the arrangement is only provisional. February 3, The same to the same (No. 16). To obtain from Gordon the return of the Downing distribution of prize money which had been in his hands. Street. February 4,

Same to the same (No. 17). In accordance with their petitions the Lords Downing of the Treasury have consented to relinquish the claim for advances to the Street,

Lanark settlers. February 6,

Same to the same (No. 18). Has received petition from Ferguson, late Downing

corporal in the Royal Artillery for arrears of pension. The claim has Street.

already been rejected by the Ordnance. He cannot interfere. February 7,

The same to the same (No. 19). Has received letter from Leach, Minister Downing of St. Andrew's Church, Toronto, for pecuninary assistance to complete the Street.

building. A letter giving reasons for being prevented from acceding to

this request was sent to Colborne. February 10. The same to the same (No. 20). Has received Colborne's dispatch Downing respecting McAuliffe, convicted of murder. The sentence of death is not Street.

to be executed as it will be commuted to some other punishment. The history of the case.

31 February 15, The same to the same (No. 22). Has received Colborne's dispatch of Downing 15th January, with his speech at the opening of the provincial Legislature Street. on the 14th.

33 February 25, The same to the same (No. 23). Sends copies of correspondence with

Jones who proceeded to London to obtain the assent of the King to the bill Street.

for the establishment of the Upper Canada Life Insurance and Trust Company. Had told him that pending the reference to the provincial Legislature he could not advise. The King to give an immediate decision, Confusion as to how the bill could be assented to by the Lieut. Governor, having been reserved. He is to consult the law officers on the point. If they decide that he can sanction the bill he is to give his assent at once. If not, this is to be communicated at once that the King may be notified at the earliest moment.

34 February 26,

26. Same to the same (No. 24). The law officers report that there is no Downing sufficient reason in point of law why the sentence of death against

McAuliffe should not be carried out. He has been already informed that the capital punishment was to be remitted. McAuliffe is to be sent to

Great Britain to be directed to the place fixed on. February 29, The same to the same (No. 27). Sends letter from the Lords of the Downing Admiralty desiring to know if the provincial Legislature would erect the Street.

observatory or provide a portion of its annual maintenance. February 29, The same to the same (No. 28). Introduces Hackett who has served Downing faithfully in British Guiana. Has been precluded from sanctioning a grant Street.

of land to him but he may properly be selected as a candidate for any office

to be filled up. March 3, The same to the same (No. 35). Has received Colborne's dispatch with Downing copy of message transmitting his (Glenelg’s) dispatches to the Assembly of Street.

28th October, 1835.




1836. March 14, Glenelg to Head (No. 37). Sends Galt's proposal to drain the great Downing swamp in the Huron tract for consideration and report.

Page 42 Street. March 19,

The same to the same (No. 39). Calls attention to a clause of Act for Downing establishing the Erie and Ontario Railway Company, the effect of which is Street.

to prevent the company from entering any Crown lands without the King's consent signified by the Lieut. Governor. The Board of Ordnance is anxious that this should be enforced so that no one could enter on lands within 1,000 yards of any fortification.

43 March 22. Same to the same (No. 40). Has received dispatches. How the corresDowning

pondence should be conducted so as to enable him to decide properly. Will Street.

send for solution doubts that may suggest themselves. The intercourse should be characterized by entire frankness and by mutual confidence. Remarks on his inaugural address in the Council Chamber whilst the session was still in progress. Trusts that the Legislature being summoned to the Governor's presence whilst it was in session may not be considered as a breach of privilege. Remarks on his speech and on his communicating the full text of his instructions instead of the substance. Other remarks on his course as Lieut. Governor.

45 March 22. Same to the same (No. 41). Remarks on his (Head's) complaints of the Downing obstacles to his proceedings as Lieut. Governor and the inadequacy of his Street. income to meet the necessary expenses.

52 March 30.

The same to the same (No. 42). The extracts from instructions for Gosford which had been sent him were inaccurate, having been copied from an unrevised set. Now sends corrected copies. In consequence of the promulgation of portions of the instructions the whole will be laid before Parlia

61 March 30, Same to the same (No. 43). Had been informed that he had appointed Downing Dunn, Baldwin and Rolph to the Executive Council. Shall recommend Street.

that the appointments be confirmed. Is happy that Baldwin has not insist

ed on the conditions he desired before accepting the appointment. 63 March 31, The same to the same (No. 44). Has received application from Colborne Downing

for sanction to form an establishment on Manitoulin Island for the Indians on the northern shores of Lake Huron. Has also received report from Anderson on the state of the Indians at Coldwater which has given him satisfaction, but shall suspend his decision till he shall have received the report he has directed to be sent on the expenditure incurred for the Indian

department. April 5,

The same to the same (No. 45). In reference to the appointment of Downing Hepburn (Hepburne elsewhere) to the Indian department refers him to disStreet.

patch of 31st December, which stated the circumstances that rendered it impossible for him to confirm it:

66 April 7,

Same to the same (No. 46). Has laid the address of the Assembly on the Downing subject of trade before the King who has referred it to the consideration of Street. the Lords of Trade.

67 April 15, The same to the same (No. 47). Has received a communication from Downing the Wesleyan Methodist Society relative to the discontinuance of the assistStreet.

ance heretofore granted. Reviews the history of the grant and decides that it is to be continued to be charged to the casual and territorial revenue, the amount to be determined by him (Head).

68 April 16,

The same to the same (No. 48). Has received correspondence with

Strachan relative to his retirement from the Legislative Council. Sincerely Street.

regrets the pain caused to Strachan, but Ripon's advice in 1832 was couched in kindness and in courteous terms. He himself was actuated by the same goodwill, with no intention to derogate from the estimation in which the Archdeacon is held by all. Does not complain that the Archdeacon declines to take the advice as he is beyond the control of any positive authority. Cannot deny that he has urged weighty reasons for his

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April 18,

May 14,

May 16,

May 21,

May 23,

1-2 EDWARD VII., A. 1902 refusal, but hopes it will have no injurious results to his comfort or to his utility as the first in rank of the clergy of the Church of England in Canada.

Page 72 Glenelg to Head (No. 49). Has received a communication from Beikie respecting his salary and a recommendation from Colborne that it should be £600, the fees to be paid to the Receiver General for public account. Cannot decide till he has received the report on the subject of the salaries which was ordered to be made.

The same to the same (No. 54). Has sent copies of the instructions to Gasford, to the commissioners of inquiry and to himself, as printed by order of the House of Commons

The same to the same (No. 55). Has received dispatch respecting detention at the Custom House at Liverpool of communications to him (Glenelg). The detention arises, it is reported, where the dispatches are of more than ordinary bulk, and he is to compress everything to as close a space as possible.

Same to the same (No. 56). Finds that he had been betrayed into erpressions to Colborne not necessary and that the want of reports from Colborne on which he had commented had been supplied in subsequent dispatches. Had written to Colborne to retract any expression which might appear to reflect with unnecessary severity on his proceedings and sent a copy of his letter to Colborne at Montreal to be placed with the other dispatches among the Upper Canadian Archives

The same to the same (No. 58). Received from Colborne, plan of the island of Montreal and a memorial for a lock at St. Anne's rapids on the Ottawa. Having already instructed him to bring the whole subject of the improvement of the Ottawa before the Assembly, merely sends the documents.

The same to the same (No. 60). Has received dispatch that he pro posed to prorogue the Legislature on the 20th March. His anxiety for more news. The confidence he and his colleagues feel in Head.

82 Same to the same (No. 61). Has received dispatch enclosing memorial of Hurd, Surveyor General. Had already received a copy of Hurd's memorial. Sends copy of the answer.

The same to the same (No. 62). Dispatches received with answer of the Bishop of Regiopolis relative to his seat in the Legislative Council. His good qualities. Must respect his right in this case to follow his own judgment. Regrets the difference between the bishop and Government but is happy to learn that he has not been in the habit of taking part in political discussions.

85 Same to the same (No. 63). Petition from the Assembly of Upper Canada presented by Hume against him (Head). Grey stated that if the House ordered the petition to be printed he would move that an extract from his (Head's) dispatch which exculpated him should be presented at the same time.

Same to the same (No. 64). The deep interest felt by Government in the proceedings in Upper Canada and the conviction of Government of the decisive influence of his (Head's) measures on the affairs of British North America. The subjects of his dispatches he would not discuss till he had more time to consider them with his colleagues. Enters into an explanation of his intentions as expressed in the dispatch of 22nd March which was not written with a view to find fault with him. The explanation is detailed. Remarks on his demand to be made a baronet. With respect to unfettered discretion in the conduct of affairs in Upper Canada and his deprecation of all unnecessary interference, sends extracts from a dispatch to Gosford.

May 31,

June 10, Downing Street.

June 11, Downing Street.

June 13, Downing Street.

June 14, Downing Street.

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1836. June 20, Glenelg to Head (No. 68). Has received and laid at the foot of Downing

the Throne address from the Board of Police of Brockville. The King's Street. gratification at the terms of the address.

Page 95 July 4, Same to the same (No. 70). Has received word of his intention to send Downing report on Indian affairs recommending in the meantime that Givins retire Street.

on a pension and Hepburn succeed him. Until he shall receive the full report will not decide on the question.

96 July 5,

The same to the same (No. 71). Has received dispatch with memorial Downing

from Higgins for a grant of land. Regrets that he cannot comply with Street.

the request. July 6,

The same to the same (No. 72). Has received 16 bills reserved for the Downing signification of His Majesty's pleasure, recommending early attention to Street.

four of them. Sends Order-in-Council especially confirming these bills. 98 July 27,

The same to the same (No. 73). Contrary to the usual regulation he disD)wping cusses in one dispatch a series of dispatches from him (Head), the subjects Street.

being so intimately blended. Discusses the question of the appointment to the Surveyorship of Upper Canada his (Head's) proceedings being approved of, and to appointments and resignations from the Executive Council. Is at a loss from the proceedings of the Assembly, to determine the precise principle on which the majority of the House take their stand with respect to responsibility owing to the diversity in the resolutions and reports. Whatever their views their course seems to have made a rupture with them inevitable. Under the circumstances approves of the reservation of the money bills. Remarks on the recommendation to remove Dunn from his office of Receiver General and on other subjects.

99 July 25,

Same to the same (No. 74). Has received dispatch respecting his appointDowning

ment of Sullivan, Elmsley, Baldwin and Allan to the Executive Council. Street. Hopes by next mail to convey His Majesty's decision.

113 July 25,

The same to the same (No. 75). Has received a letter from Bidwell Downing

complaining of his (Head's) administration. It is a rule that all such letStreet.

ters should come through the Governor, and as this inculpates him the letter cannot be considered until he (Head) has an opportunity to answer it. Bidwell is to be asked to furnish a copy and a copy of the present letter to be sent to him.'

114 July 25.

Same to the same (No. 76). Has received a letter from Rolph with a Downing

statement of the circumstances which led to the resignation of the late Street.

Executive Council. The rest of the letter is substantially the same as that to Head (No. 75) of the same date.

116 July 25,

The same to the same (No. 77). Has received letter from Morrison comDowning

plaining of a misquotation made by him (Head) from the report of the Street.

Committee of 1835. The rest of the dispatch refers, as in previous letters, to the rule regarding colonial correspondence.

118 July 27,

The same to the same (No. 79). Sends copy of letter from the clerk in Downing the office of the commissioner of Crown Lands on the subject of his removal Street. from his situation.

119 July 30, The same to the same (No. 80). Sends copy of letter from Baldwin

respecting recent proceedings in Upper Canada on which observations are Street to be returned.

120 August 10, Same to the same (No. 81). Has received dispatch with address from the Downing

Council relative to the address adopted by the Assembly. The King's Street.

gratification at the loyal expressions of the Council ; if the address of the Assembly is referred to again that of the council will be taken into consideration.

121 August 10, The same to the same (No. 82). The inconvenience of not receiving

promptly the journals of the Council and Assembly. Arrangements to be made to prevent delay.






1-2 EDWARD VII., A. 1902 1836. August 10, Glenelg to Head (No. 83). Has received dispatch with address Downing from the Assembly on the cases of three settlers who had been dispossessed of

their lands. Summary of the case. Memorial sent by Talbot. Is referring the matter to the local government.

Page 123 August 12, The same to the same (No. 85). Address from the Assembly on the Downing appointment of Van Koughnet to command the 1st regiment of Stormont Street.

militia. The King cannot entertain the address as there is no fault to be found with his (Head's) conduct in the appointment.

1.29 August 20,

Same to the same (No. 86). Sends copies of all the correspondence of Downing Baldwin and the Colonial Office since his arrival. Street.

The same to the same (No. 89). Has received memorial from Raynes for August 20, Downing

compensation for land but after full consideration he sees no cause to Street. interfere.

13.3 August 21,

The same to the same (No. 87). Sends four warrants to summon to the Downing Executive Council R. B. Sullivan, John Elmsley, Augustus Baldwin and Street. William Allan. Each is to pay £31 10s. for fees and stamps.

131 August 24,

The same to the same (No. 88). Sends return presented to the House of Downing Commons. Remarks on the Orange order and on the evils caused by disStreet. putes on religious topics.

132 August 27, The same to the same (No. 91). His doubts as to advising that assent Downing should be given to the bill for the establishment of the Upper Canada Street.

Insurance and Trust Company. He is to give the Legislature an opportunity to reconsider the bill.*

136 August 31,

The same to the same (No. 92). To send complete returns respecting Downing lands granted as endowments to the Church of England. Until the clergy Street.

reserve question is settled no further allotments of church lands should take

place. September 6,

Same to the same (No. 93). Has advised assent being given to the Downing reserved money bills. His satisfaction at being relieved from the necessity Street.

of continuing to refuse sanction to the bills. September 8, The same to the same (No. 95). Dispatches received. The King's satisDowning faction that the results of the election justified the dissolution. Approval Street.

of his conduct. Considerations for and against granting him the baronetev. Impediment to the grant owing to the accusations by Duncombe ; these should have been made when the truth could have been ascertained. The persuasion of the Government that he (Head) can repel the accusations, but their personal convictions would not justify the grant of a baronetcy at this time ; an anonymous charge could have been passed over, but this was a specific and serious accusation which must be attended to. Political considerations on various subjects.

1+1 September 12, The same to the same (No. 96). Sends copies of the correspondence Downing between Duncombe and the Colonial Office on the recent elections in Upper

Canada. When the statement reaches a copy shall be sent. September 22, Same to the same (No. 98). Sends copy of Duncombe's memorial for a Downing patent in fee simple for land in Brantford. To investigate the case. If Street.

Duncombe's statements are confirmed he is to have effect given to this. 154 September 22, The same to the same (No. 99). Transmits copy of letter from DunDowning combe detailing charges against Head respecting the election.

156 Street.

. The same to the same (confidential). The necessity of consistency in the September 30, Downing

administration of the different provinces. The instructions to New BrunsStreet. wick are to be observed in Upper Canada, so far as they are applicable,

whilst every latitude should be allowed for the exigencies of the public

service. How the meetings of the different Assemblies should be held. 157 October 1, The same to the same (No. 101). Has received dispatch requesting that Downing

such changes may be authorised in the land granting system as he mas Street.

think necessary, and also that he may dispose, if required, of such portions of the military reserves as are not needed. On the second part he must


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