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To do the tasks of life, and be not lost;

To mingle, yet dwell apart;
To be by roughest seas how rudely tossed;

Yet bate no jot of heart;

To hold thy course among the heavenly stars,

Yet dwell upon the earth;
To stand behind fate's firm-laid prison bars,
Yet win all Freedom's worth !

SYDNEY Henry Morse.

Infinite God, we thank Thee for the gift of life and the things we have. Make us always content with our lot and place in life, not fretting ourselves about what we have not and yet want, not spoiling the glory and beauty of to-day by sighing for the things of to-morrow, and not blighting the future by useless regrets over the losses and failures of the past. Make us diligent to do the work of the hour, improving our talents and opportunities, continually enriching and glorifying our present duties and tasks until, having been faithful over the few things of the now, we may be promoted to the rulership of the many things of a growing and widening eternity. Amen.


They might not need me yet they might,
I'll let my heart be just in sight.
A smile so small as mine might be
Precisely their necessity.


It is a good thing to start out a-laughing of a Monday, keep laughing Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, be careful how you spend Friday night, and then make Saturday the merriest day of the week. You will find plenty of company, for the world loves a happy man.


Our Father, with the new day we desire happiness. Help us early to realize that it is only as Thy Divine Life flows through our souls, making them holy, pure, loving and true, is happiness possible. Having received this high blessing at Thy hand, it then becomes the joy of life to impart this knowledge and its accompanying happiness to our fellow men. Help us daily to make channels for the streams of love and gladness, that earth's sorrow and sin may be washed away into the ocean of oblivion. May Thy gladness be our daily companion, Thy peace our eternal possession, Thy will our unceasing joy to do. Amen.


Fear not your doubt.

Receive it frankly as a friend.
Swing wide the door, let it go in or out;

Make no attempt to force or fend.
Fear not for truth,

Or that your doubt will shake the sure.
Truth triumphs in eternal youth.
The form may change, the fact must still endure.
In truth have faith.

Its gold no acid-doubting can corrode.
Reality can fear no wraith.

Conviction falls not with the crumbling code.
Then let doubt come and let doubt go;
Fear not the outcome,

truth must show. CHARLES W. Casson.

Another day! Another vision of Thy wondrous world! Thy hand, O God, hath opened the gates of the morning to us. Go through them with us to all the experiences which await us. Thy blessings are multiplied unto us and the assurance that Thou carest for us crowns all Thine other Gifts. But our horizons are narrow and the most of things are beyond the farthest reach of our understanding. O God, let us feel Thee near us and let Thy life flow in upon our souls till, in the abundance of life possessed, we shall be confident of the life eternal and triumphant and, until it dawns, may unfalteringly trust Thee even while we reverently question as to Thy will and ways. Amen.


It may not be my lot to win

The crowd's applause, the world's regard;
But I can turn my back to sin,

And keep my worthiness unmarred.

I may not have the gifts to gain

High favor or to win renown;
But I can manfully refrain

From ever pulling others down.

I may not win the splendid race

That calls for strength and speed and nerve;
But I can keep from being base,
However humbly I must serve.


Our Heavenly Father, help us to-day to remember the One who said "I am among you as he that serveth.” Grant unto us that grace which will make us feel the joy which comes through humble service. Remind us as the day passes that we are in the presence of the great Servant of the world, so may the consciousness of His Presence lead us to be kind toward the erring, gentle toward the weak and helpful to all men. And when the day comes to its close may we still rejoice in His Presence and the consciousness of a day well spent. Amen.


I believe in to-day. It is all I possess. There is no assurance of to-morrow. I want to make good. I must do it to-day.


Well,said the farmer, I reckon I'll have to find most of my religion in my work.And that,said Dan, is the best place I know of to look for it. If you cannot find God in your everyday work, you'll not find Him on Sunday in the church.


Let our

O Giver of the morning light and of the dews that freshen and revive the body and of the bird-song that quickens the soul, we thank Thee! lives be as the morning of this day, fresh and clean. As the morning is pregnant with its possibilities, so may our lives be. Keep us from no necessary work this day. Help us to be eager for any task and so transform us that we may feel an exhilaration in the work, and let us see that it is a blessed privilege to perform it. Give to us always the heart of youth. Let nothing seem impossible. Amen.


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