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The real pessimist is not the man who calls out when he thinks things are going wrong, but he who says, Going wrong? Of course, they are !" then shrugs his shoulders and does nothing.


And say,

'Tis easy to look o'er your neighbors' fence

Things should be so."
'Tis easy to look at his garden patch

And see the crooked row.
'Tis easy to criticize and say,

'Tis thus that things should be.
But, when it comes to things at home,
Then's when it's hard to see.


Our Heavenly Father, we thank Thee that we may come to Thee with all our problems. In times of adversity and sorrow, may we realize that beyond all clouds the sun is still shining and that Thy sustaining power is sufficient for all the needs of the darkest day. Dear Lord, we ask for aid to overcome the temptation to point out the errors and weaknesses of others and criticize their work. Teach us to remember that all our fellow-beings are also Thy children and should have from us the same consideration as we expect for ourselves. For this day we ask that we may have grace given us to forgive others as we hope to be forgiven ourselves, that we may be of service to some one needing aid and that we may render such service as a privilege with cheerful hearts. Amen.


It doesn't matter much about your name,

And nobody cares for your gold;
It's of very small moment the blood


Or the college degree you hold.
It's a trivial detail whence you came,

Or the places that you've declined;
It's of little importance about your fame

Or the people with whom you've dined.

And it's merely an item, the creed you cite,

clothes are of small account;
It's not so momentous, the ills you fight,

In quality or amount.
But there is one thing the world has a right

To ask and to know about you,
Not what you have done with ardent might,
But what are you going to do?


to do?

Almighty God, we humbly desire to thank Thee for ill the mercies we enjoy. We desire to live aright in Thy sight. We would not be slothful servants. Above all else, we desire to know Thy will. How wouldst Thou have us to live? What wouldst Thou have us

We would make the tabernacle according to the pattern which only Thou canst show us. And whatever the task, wherever the place, we know Thou wilt sanctify the way of life for us, and give us to know the joy of Thy presence, the gladness of working with Thee. Amen.


This day I have great peace.

With me
Shall stars abide eternally.

Fannie STEARNS Davis.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within, not without; never for us in another's mind, never to be seen through another's vision. The utmost that sage or seer can do is to lead us to ourselves; to be the clear pool wherein we shall behold our own true image, that seeing we may go on our way rejoicing, henceforth to see with our own eyes and to walk with our own feet.


Father, teach me Thyself,
That I may know Thee,
This is eternal life.

And teach me myself.
Enable me to use the powers
Thou hast given me
For Thy service, Lord.

For Thy fellowships, loving, sweet,
And Thy kingship deep within,
Making me strong this day
To do Thy will, I thank Thee.


Somebody said that it couldn't be done

But he with a chuckle replied
That maybe it couldn't,but he would be one

Who wouldn't say so till he'd tried.
So he buckled right in with the trace of grin

On his face. If he worried, he hid it.
He started to sing as he tackled the thing

That couldn't be done and he did it!

Somebody scoffed: Oh, you'll never do that

At least, no one ever has done it;'
But he took off his coat and he took off his hat,

And the first thing we knew he'd begun it.
With a list of his chin and a bit of a grin,

Without any doubting or quiddit,
He started to sing as he tackled the thing
That couldn't be done and he did it!

EDGAR A. Guest.

All-Father, whose will and wisdom is in all things, grant that the truth our minds apprehend, our souls may make their own. May we realize Thy eternal strength in our hearts and overcome the opportunity of adversity and the providence of difficulty. Let ours be the assurance that failure is alone for him who fails to do what duty demands. In cheerfulness of soul we would meet whate'er the day may bring and the night reveal, and in battling with the foe turn him into a friend, and struggling with hard duty transform the same into a blessed privilege. Amen.


Do something for somebody, somewhere

While jogging along life's road;
Help some one to carry his burden,

And lighter will grow your load.
Do something for somebody gladly,

'Twill sweeten your every care;
In sharing the sorrows of others,

Your own are less hard to bear.
Do something for somebody, striving

To help where the way seems long;
And the homeless hearts that languish

Cheer up with a little song.
Do something for somebody always,


There's nothing on earth can help you
So much as a kindly deed.


With the growing light of the new day, we beseech thee, O Lord, to renew and increase our love for our brothers and our understanding of their temptations, their burdens and their sorrows. Quicken our imaginations so that, forgetting ourselves, we may enter into their experiences and know how to minister wisely to their needs. May our own lives be quiet and strong, so conscious of Thy presence and so full of joy that we may bring to all whose lives we touch, power and confidence. May the light of the knowledge of God illumine our faces, and may our ministry to others bring to us peace and lighten our own burdens. Amen.


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