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"Take the fruit I give you," says the bending tree;

Nothing but a burden is it all to me. Lighten ye my branches; let them toss in air! Only leave me freedom next year's load to bear.'Do my waters cheer thee,says the gurgling spring, "With the crystal coolness 'tis their life to bring? Leave me not to stagnate, creeping o'er the plain; Drink for thy refreshment, drink and come again!Can I yield you blessings?” says the friendly heart. Fear not I am poorer though I much impart. Wherefore should

you thank me? Giving is my need: Love that wrought none comfort, sorrow were indeed!


Our Father in heaven, we pray

that we may

have the deep satisfaction of knowing by experience that the reward for bearing fruit is the increased ability and the opportunity to bear more fruit. We thank Thee that there is no joy like the joy of service. May we so know Thee and Thy goodness to us that our hearts will overflow with gratitude, and with a desire to bless Thy children, our brethren. Grant that, in this spirit of grateful service we may live this day and all our days, and may give to the world the fruits of a well-spent life. Amen.



A prayer in an hour of pain,

Begun in an undertone,
Then lowered, as it would fain

Be heard by the heart alone;
A throb, when the soul is entered

By a light that is lit above,
Where the God of Nature has centered

The beauty of Love
The world is wide, these things are small,
They may be nothing, but they are All.

R. M. MilNES.

Our Father, which art in heaven, we thank Thee for the light of the morning. May we begin the day with Thee. Thou art with us in the coming of the morning light. Thou makest us to dwell in safety. Thou hast crowned us with loving kindness and tender mercy. Prepare us for every experience of the day, whether bitter or sweet, dark or light, that in all the events of the day we may see Thy hand, and enjoy the care of the guardian angel. May we enter upon this day with a glad heart and a loving spirit. In darkness be our light; in sorrow, our comfort; in trial and temptation, our strength and refuge. May we be cheerful, hopeful, loving and lovable. Preserve us unto life eternal. Amen.


I am immortal! I know it! I feel it !

Hope floods my heart with delight!
Running on air, mad with life, dizzy, reeling,
Upward I mount, —- faith is sight, life is feeling,

Hope is the day-star of might!

[blocks in formation]

Come, let us mount on the wings of the morning,

Flying for joy of the flight,
Wild with all longing, now soaring, now staying,
Mingling like day and dawn, swinging and swaying,

Hung like a cloud in the light:
I am immortal! I feel it! I feel it !

Love bears me up, love is might !

Chance cannot touch me! Time cannot hush me!

Fear, Hope, and Longing, at strife, Sink as I rise, on, on, upward forever, Gathering strength, gaining breath, naught can



Me from the Spirit of Life!


O Thou, our loving Lord and Savior, Who hast said, “I am with you always,” suffer us not to be deceived by the appearance, or feel that we are ever alone.

Help us through each day and hour, to open the inner door of our hearts at which Thou art knocking. New every morning is Thy love. Help us to begin each day with Thee and whether or no the clouds cover our mental sky, to ever remember the sunshine above; and at each day's end to lay us down in peace and sleep, knowing that Thou wilt make us to dwell in safety. Amen.


It's all in the day's journey

Sunshine and wind and rain,
The bird's low note in the dewy dawn,

And the dash of hail on the pane -
Then ho! for the brave adventure, Dear Heart!

Take courage and start again.

The One who ordered our going,

I think will show us the way,
And give us strength for the upward climb,

And light when the skies are gray;
It's all in the day's journey, Dear Heart
And Love's at the end of the day!


Our Father, we thank Thee that Thy Son was willing to become "a Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.” We thank Thee for the eternal light of life that shines from His smitten face and from the eternal joys born of His sadness and suffering. May hard experiences refine our lives and make of us strong men and women. School us in the consciousness that we are not alone. Help us to discover clearly that painful, hard experiences are not necessarily calamities. Keep us from making them such. May our trust in Thee and our love for Thee kill our needless complaints. Dear Lord, give us triumphant faith and Thy peace which abides through the turmoil and the night. Lift us from being sons of men into the station of the sons of God, by Christ our Lord. Amen.


My days are ships that put to sea

While in the dusk I silent stand
And watch them sailing far from me

To some unknown, far-distant land.

Into the dim and starless night,

Over an ocean gray and lone,
Onward they sail, nor left nor right,

Each with a cargo of its own.

may not know till all is past

What port they make when over sea;
But this I know - that I at last

Shall find my ships awaiting me.

Then may I stand and smile at Death,

If I have sent in
A little love, a little faith,
A little deed of kindness done.


O Lord, in the morning with the rising of the sun, make glad our hearts for mercies past and others yet to come. May each hour of this new day find us cheerful, hopeful, kind and faithful in the doing of Thy will. If clouds darken the sun, if storms sweep over land and sea, may they not obscure the light within our souls. May that light, through all experiences, grow brighter and brighter, until we see and share in the glory of the Perfect Day. Hear this our prayer, O Lord; and when the night cometh that calls us hence, may our days on earth record a useful and well-spent life. Amen.


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