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"What did he say?" Oh, nothing much.
He merely said one day,

should go away
I should be sorry,'

That was all he said.

If you

What did he do?Oh, nothing rare,
He came when I was ill,
In heartiest good-will,
To show he loved me,

That was all he did.

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What did he ask?I never knew.
He never dreamed of self,
Of privilege or pelf,
He sought to serve me,
Nothing more he asked.


Grant us, our Father, to see in each new day tokens of Thy presence and love. May our little light shine in some dark place that some poor soul may learn that Thou art near to help. Give us to know the truth and to be willing to follow it. May we find in passing through hard places, helps and signposts of clear direction and find springs of comfort in the dry places of life. May we rejoice even in the moonlight when the sunlight goes away. May Thy love show itself in our love to our companions. So may love sweeten labor and make all burdens light. Amen.


O, Mystery of Love! Love's consummation
Must be some vast, some all-inclusive good
Reaching beyond this world deluged in blood,
Scarred deep with sin and woe immeasurable,
Sacrifice such as this to justify.
Yet He who placed His children here knew well
The cost and knowing, He created man.
Fear not! Almighty Love is at the helm.


O Thou, who art light and love, we draw nigh unto Thee in the freshness and beauty of the morning, rejoicing that Thou art enthroned in the centre of the widespread universe, drawing all things unto Thyself in circles of ever increasing perfection; that Thy knowledge has dawned upon us; that Thy grace is sufficient for us; and that while we cannot trace the mysterious movements of Providence, we can trust Thee and know that all is well. Grant unto us light for our darkness, strength for our weakness, wisdom for our ignorance. Help us to know the abiding source of joy, to turn from the things that perish to the immortal, invisible and divine, and to draw upon the fountain of Thy love to-day and all days, even as the hart panteth after the cooling water brooks. Amen.


If you are sighing for a lofty work,

If great ambitions dominate your mind, Just watch yourself, and see you do not shirk

The common little ways of being kind.

If you are dreaming of a future goal
When, crowned with glory, men shall own your

Be careful that you let no struggling soul

Go by unaided in the present hour.

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If you would help to make the wrong things right,

Begin at home! there lies a lifetime's toil. Weed out your garden, fair for all men's sight, Before you strive to till nother's soil.


For this new day, we thank Thee, and as we cross its threshold we pray that we may find again that nobler self whom in visions we have seen and admired and wished we were and said we would be, that other self who would not shirk the common little ways of being kind, nor lose a present heaven while dreaming of some future goal; that better self intent upon being all that it wished others might become and so satisfied with doing the small things grandly that grand things seemed small. Give unto us to know this day the fellowship not only of redemption but of the perfecting of creation into a world of accomplished and triumphant love. Amen.


Lighter and sweeter

Let your song be;
And for sorrow

oh cheat her
With melody!


To fill a little space because God wills it; to go on cheerfully with a petty round of little duties, little avocations; to smile for the joys of others when the heart is aching; to banish all ambition, all pride, and all restlessness, in a single regard to our Saviour's work; he who does this for one hour is a greater hero than he who for one hour storms a breach, or for one day rushes forward undaunted in the flaming front of shot and shell.


To Thee we look, for Thou art our Father. Never do we turn to Thee and find ourselves disappointed. We may be small in the estimate of the world. There may be difficulties to face and battles to be

A hard day may be before us but our help cometh from Thee. Thou art our refuge in storm, our light in darkness, our help in discouragement, our hope in despair, and always our appreciative and loving Father. From Thee may we learn how to smile, and lift, and cheer, and love, and sing. May the pervasive joy of Christ so fill us that we shall help to bring the sunshine of Jesus to all the world! Amen.



If thou art not kind,
What will profit thee
Wealth of purse or mind,
If thou art not kind ?
Grief and misery
Must thy portion ,
If alas ! thy heart be blind
And, poor wight, thou art not kind.

Kindness, and the earth is bright,
Kindness, and the load is light,
Kindness, and the weary way
Laughs with love and roundelay;
King is he in all his blood
Who is first in doing good;
God pity him whose heart is blind
And, alas! who is not kind.


Our Father in Heaven, we thank Thee for that great kindness of heart that gave Thee an eternal interest in all mankind. Make us loving and kind in all our relations with our fellow men. There is much of doubt in the world, Lord, make us kind that we may lead our friends into faith. There is great trouble in the world, help us by kindness to rest and comfort sorrowing hearts. For the glory of Thy name, for the good of all about us, for the enrichment of our own lives, Lord, make us kind. Amen.


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