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Clean out the brain's deep rubbish hole,

Soak every cranny, great an' small,
An' in the front room of the soul

Hang pootier pictures on the wall.
Scrub up the winder of the min',

Clean up an' let the spring begin;
Swing open wide the dusty blind
An' let the April sunshine in.

Sam Walter Foss.

Heavenly Father, we thank Thee for the spirit of cleanliness which comes to us with the springtime, by which we are moved to put our houses and grounds in order. We thank Thee yet more for that deeper and finer sense of cleanliness which makes us long for a clean and wholesome life; for that persistent instinct which makes us to love the beauty of holiness. Help us then, O Lord, to clean away

the rubbish of the mind and hang beautiful pictures in the front room of the soul. Amen.


Just being happy is a fine thing to do;
Looking on the bright side rather than the blue;

Sad or sunny musing

Is largely in the choosing.
And just being happy is brave work and true.

Just being happy helps other souls along;
Their burdens may be heavy and they not strong;

And your own sky will lighten,

If other skies you brighten
By just being happy with a heart full of song.


We praise Thee, O God, Thou fairest of ten thousand. Thou it is, who givest us the sunlight of Thy love, helping us to choose aright, and making us happy and brave all the day. Open our eyes to the opportunities of service that we may serve Thee this day in being quick to see another's need, strong to lift a burden, eager to wake someone full of happiness, full of song. Our loving Father, make us a helper, a blessing this day as we journey and labor, that our lives may be happier, richer when the day is done in the service of Thy beloved Son. Amen.


Strive as

A certain Chopin prelude once I heard,

I may to tell, no mortal word
Can all-express that music. Like a bird
My soul went up the blue the sweetest pain,
The deepest passion, love without a stain,
A high and holy yearning that had lain
Buried, did come in a white company,
In tremulous procession, unto me.
For an immortal moment I was free
O'the flesh, and leaped in spirit and was strong
With beauty, shaken by magic of that song.


Our Father, we thank Thee for those moments when by constraint of inspiring music, or sight of nature's beauty, or association with noble friends, or awakening of memory, we ascend to the uplands of the soul, where we look upon broader horizons, gain a true perspective of life's values, and feel cleansing sensations of aspiration and desire which assure us that we have been led by Thee. Grant us such sacramental experience this day, that having seen the mountain vision and breathed the mountain air, we may tread the common levels of care and work with strong purpose and with hearts that are calm and confident and glad. Amen.


This note is out of tune, and that is mute :

I cannot play on such an instrument !" So said the artist rising, when his hand

One searching sweep across the keys had sent. Soon after came there one of less renown,

But through whose being flowed such harmony,
That he commanded sweetest music forth,

Despite the silent and the jarring key.
It seemed as though the instrument had felt

A gratitude for that condoning touch,
Which, giving perfect notes a double stress,

Passed gently over those that lacked so much. The music ceasing, one in tears arose

Reaching his hand towards the faulty keys, Master,he said, I would that such as thou, Dealt with my soul as thou has dealt with these."

CHARLOTTE Fiske Bates.

O Thou God of all grace, we seek Thee in blessing at this morning hour. As Thou dost cause the morning stars to sing together, and dost reveal Thy glory through night breaking forth into day, so cause our lives this day to reflect Thy glory and praise. With humility we deplore our lack of sensitiveness to Thy touch. And yet we present ourselves anew to Thee, that under the influence of Thy Holy Spirit we may give resonance to the truth as we find it in our Divine Master, and that our mute and discordant spirits may be quickened and attuned, and made to vibrate with somewhat of Thine own beauty, love and power. Amen.


If there be a smile on our lips, those around us will smile.


Kind words do not cost much. They never blister the tongue or lips. We never heard of any mental trouble arising from this quarter. Though they do not cost much, yet they accomplish much. They make other people good-natured. They also produce their own image on men's souls and a beautiful image it is.

Blaise Pascal.

O God, we bless Thee that Thou art the Father of loving kindness and tender mercy. Instill into our minds and hearts respect unto Thy law of love and kindness. We thank Thee for grace and truth which are through Thy Son. Inspire us with His Spirit so that our lives shall be filled and overflow with kind words and loving deeds. Smile upon us that we may smile and help others to smile, enabling us and all men to forget the weariness of the daily struggle, the bitterness of grief, the pain of doing without things, the pang of separation from loved ones. Help us to understand that, kind and smiling, by Thy grace, we have health within and wealth without. Amen.


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