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XXVII. MICHIGAN TERRITORY. DETROIT, the capital of Michigan, was settled by the French about the year 1670. In 1805, the country was erected by the Congress of the United States into a separate territorial governinent; in 1812, it was taken by the British under General Brock; and in 1813, it was recovered by the army of the United States under General Harrison.

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GOVERNMENT. Lewis Cass, Governor ;

salary $2,000 William Woodbridge, Secretary ;

do. 1,000 The Legislative Council consists of 13 members, who are elected for two years.

Judges. William Woodbridge, Solomon Sibley, Henry Chapman, and
James D. Doty. Salary of each $1,200.

Bank of Michigan, and Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank, at Detroit.

XXVIII. ARKANSAS TERRITORY. This country was separated from the Territory [now State] of Missouri, in 1819, and erected into a separate government.

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John Pope,

Governor ;

salary $2,000 William Fulton, Secretary ;

do. 1,000 There is a Legislative Council consisting of five members; and a House of Representatives comprisng 23 members, who are elected biennially, on the first Monday in August; and they meet in the following October.

Judges. Benjamin Johnson, Thomas P. Eskridge, William Trimble, and J. W. Bates. Salary of each $1,200.

GOVERNORS OF THE SEVERAL STATES AND TERRITORIES, with the Commencement and Expiration of their respective Terms of



Jonathan G. Hunton, Jan. 1830, Dec. 1830. New Hampshire, | Matthew Harvey,

June, 1830, June, 1831. Vermont, Samuel C. Crafts,

Oct. 1830, Oct. 1831. Massachusetts, Levi Lincoln,

May, 1830, May, 1831. Rhode Island, James Fenner,

May, 1830, May, 1831. Connecticut, Gideon Tomlinson,

May, 1830, May, 1831. New York, Enos T. Throop, Act, Gov. March, 1829, Dec. 1830. New Jersey, · Peter D. Vroom,

Oct. 1830, Oct. 1831. Pennsylvania, George Wolf,

Dec. 1829, Dec. 1832. Delaware, David Hazzard,

Jan. 1830, Jan. 1833. Maryland, Thomas King Carroll, Jan. 1830, Jan. 1831. Virginia, John Floyd,

1830, 1831. North Carolina, John Owen,

Dec. 1829, Dec. 1830. South Carolina, Stephen D. Miller,

Dec. 1828, Dec. 1830. Georgia, George R. Gilmer,

Nov. 1829, Nov. 1831. Alabama, Gabriel Moure,

Nov. 1829, Nov. 1831. Mississippi, Gerard C. Brandon,

Jan. 1830, Jan. 1832. Louisiana, Jacques Dupré, Act. Gov. Jan. 1830, Jan. 1831. Tennessee, William Carroll,

Oct. 1829, Oct. 1831. Kentucky, Thomas Metcalfe,

Sept. 1828, Sept. 1832. Ohio, Allen Trimble,

Dec. 1828, Dec. 1830. Indiana, James B. Ray,

Dec. 1828, Dec. 1831. Illinois, Ninian Edwards,

Dec. 1826, Dec. 1830. Missouri, John Miller,

Nov. 1828, Nov. 1832.


William P. Duvall,
Lewis Cass,
John Pope,

April, 1828, April, 1831.
Feb. 1829, Feb. 1832.
Feb. 1829, Feb. 1832.

With respect to those Governors who have been elected more than once, the commencement of the term for which they were last elected, is here given.

S. E. Smith has been chosen Governor of the state of Maine for the year commencing January 1, 1831 ; Mr. Reynolds has been chosen Governor of the state of Illinois for the term of four years, beginning January 1, 1831 ; General McArthur is supposed to be chosen Governor of the state of Ohio for two years, commencing in December, 1830; and E. T. Throop, of the state of New York, for two years, beginning January 1, 1831 ; and A. B. Roman has received a plurality of votes for Governor of the state of Louisiana for the term of four years, commencing January, 1831.

The governors of the Territories are appointed by the President of the United States, with the consent of the Senate, for the term of three years.


The Fifth Census of the United States is to be completed on or before the 1st of December, 1830. Copious details of the results of this Census may be expected in the next volume of this Almanac. The Population of several Towns for the Census of 1830, is here given, as it has been unofficially published in the Newspapers.

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* The population of Providence has been stated at about 17,000.

| The population of the city of New York as here given for 1830, is founded on the returns from 9 wards, and an estimate of the population of the other 5 wards.

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The first European settlement in Canada was made by the French, in 1608. In 1769, Quebec was taken by the English, under General Wolfe; and in 1763, the whole of Canada was ceded by France to Great Britain.


Appointed. James Murray, · 1763 Sir J. H. Craig,

1807 Paulus Em. Ervine, President, 1766 Hon. Th. Dunn, President, 1811 Guy Carleton, 1766 Sir George Prevost,

1811 Hector T. Cramaché, Pres. 1770 Sir Gordon Drummond, 1815 Guy Carleton,

1774 John Wilson, Administrator, 1816 Frederick Haldimand, 1778 Sir J. C. Sherbrooke,

1816 Henry Hamilton, Lt. Gov. 1784 | Duke of Richmond,

1818 Henry Hope, do. 1785 Hon. John Monk, President, 1819 Lord Dorchester,

1786 Sir Peregrine Maitland, 1820 Alured Clark, Lt. Gov. 1791 Earl of Dalhousie,

1820 Lord Dorchester,

1793 Sir Frs. N. Burton, Lt. Gov. 1824 Robert Prescott, 1796 Earl of Dalhousie,

1825 Sir Robert S. Milnes, 1796 Sir James Kempt,

1828 Hon. Tb. Dunn, President, 1805 | Lord Aylmer,



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GOVERNMENT. The executive power is vested in a Governor and an Executive Council of 10 members, all appointed by the king of Great Britain. The Legislature, or Provincial Parliament, is composed of a Legislative Council of 28 members appointed by the king, and a House of Assembly of 50 members, elected by the people. Lord Aylmer,

Governor General.
Sir Francis N. Burton, Lieutenant Governor.
Jonathan Sewell,

Chief Justice.

Other Provinces.

Governor, &c.

Chief Justice.
Upper Canada, Sir John Colborne, Lt. Gov. J. B. Robinson.
Nova Scotia,

Sir Per. Maitland, do. Sampson J. Blowers. New Brunswick, Sir Howard Douglas, do. John Saunders. Prince Edward Isl., Col. John Ready, do. Edward J. Jarvis. Newfoundland Isl., Sir Th. J. Cochrane, Gov. Ricbard A. Tucker. Bermuda Islands, Sir T. H. Turner, do. James C. Esten.

British West Indies.

Governor, &c.

Chief Justice.
Earl of Belmore, Governor, Sir William A. Scarlett.

Major Gen. Sir J. Keane, Lt. Gov. "G. L. Tuckett, V. Ad’y Ct. Barbadoes,

Sir James Lyon, Governor, J. A. Beckley, do. Antigua,

Maj. Geo. Sir Patrick Ross, do. Paul Horsford.

Samuel P. Steward, Lt. Gov. D. Semper.
St. Christopher, Col. Charles Maxwell, Governor, R. W. Pickwood.

William Boothby, Lt. Gov. William Lawrence.
Virgin Islands, Col. James Bathurst, do.

Major Gen. Lewis Grant, Governor, Ashton Warner.

Sir James Campbell, do. J. H. Bent.

Major Gen. N. Blackwell, do. William Rough.
St. Vincent,
Sir George F. Hill,

do. John H. Hobson. Dominica,

Major Gen. Wm. Nicolay, do.. R. F. Jameson.
Sir J. C. Smyth,

do. W. V. Munnings.
Demarara & Essequibo, Sir Benjamin D’Urban, do. Charles Wray.
Henry Beurd,

Lt. Gov.

Bishops. Charles J. Stewart, D. D., Bishop of Quebec; John Inglis, D. D., of Nova Scotia ; Christopher Lipscombe, D. D., of Jamaica; William H. Coleridge, D. D., of Barbadoes and the Leeward Islands.


Central America,
Buenos Ayres,
Monte Video,

Head of the Government.
Bustamente, President,
Moranzan, do.


do. Gamarra,

do. Santa Cruz, do. Ovalle,

do. Rosas,

do. Andrews,

Francia, Dictator,



Entered upon Office. December, 1829. April,

1829. May,

1830. September, 1829.


1829. March,

1830. December,

1829. 1829.

1814. April,

1821. 1818.

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