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Ditto, to make good the lums which may be awarded

under the seventh article ofte treaty with Ame

rica, to be paid by the Britih government Ditto, to make indemuitication to earl St. Vinceni and

fir Charles Grey, on account of decrees against

them for the detentionat American thips To be paid to Wilian. Anforth, and others, being

the amount of the first payments on the fum fubfcribed in the loan of 7,500,0001. in 1796, by Robert Reeves, stock-broker, and which becane forfeited to le public, by his omitting to make the future payments

35,000 0 0

4,275 16 0

June 27.
For the purchase of ground for erecting a penitentiary

house for convicts, and towards the expense of
erecting the fame

36,000 0 0

£ 6,105,310 14 8


June 8, 1799.
To the bank of England, to be by them placed to the

acconnt of the commillioners for reduction of the
national debt

200,000 0 0


June 8, 1799.
To make good the sums paid for principal and interest

of certain exchequer-bills, charged on the fupplies
of 1797

153,148 10 7 Ditto, the interest paid on exchequer-bills

, raised on the credit of the loan of 18,000,0001. granted for 1797

114,037 16 31 Ditto, the fums paid for intereft on exchequer-bills, granted for 1798

210,071 5 111 June 13. For payment of interest due to the bank, on sundry

exchequer-bills, and for advances on bills of exchange drawn on the lords of the treasury

465,759 16 111 June 15. For paying off exchequer-bills

, made out by virtue of act of last feflion, for raising 3,000,0001. thereby 3,000,000 0 0




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Ditto, by virtue of act for enabling his majesty to £

d. raile the sum of 1,000,0001.

1,000,000 0 0 Dillo, by virtue of act for raising an additional sum thereby

3,500,000 0 0 £ 8,443,017 9 91

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June 8, 1799.
To enable his majetty to enter into such farrher en.

gagements, and take such measures, as may be best
adapted to the exigency of affairs

. 3,000,000 0 0

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Norember 30, 1798.
For continuing certain duties on lugar, malt, tobacco,

and buff; and for raiting four fillings in the pound

?pon penfions, otrices, and personal estates For continuing the duties on inalt, mům, cider, and


2,000,000 OO

750,000 0 0

June 18, 1799.
That the cliarge of pay and clothing of the militia de

defrayed out of the land-tax
That the allowances to certain subalterr officers of the
militia bc defrayed out of the fame


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April 18.
For applying 521,8901. 165. 7 d. being part of the

surplus of the consolidated fund, on the 5th of
April, 1799

521,890 16 71

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3,000,000 0 0

May 2.
For raising 3,000,0001. by exchequer-bills .

June 8.
For raising 15,500,0001. by annuities

15,500,000 0 0

June 13.
For raifing 3,000,0001. by exechequer-bills

3,000,000 0 0

703,541 1.34

June 17.
For railing 703,5412. i 3s. 4d. by a lottery

June 18.
For applying 3,229,0001. out of the moneys that shall

arile of the surplus of the consolidated fund

3,229,000 0.0


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June 25.
For applying 34,1451. 25. 9d. remaining in the hands

of the paymafter-general of the forces, out of the
sum granted for defraying the extraordinary ex-
penses of the army, for 1799

34,145 2. 9 39,988,577 12 82 2,750,000 0 0

Annual grants

Total of


and means

£ 42,738,577 12 81



1. INCOME Duty.

December 4, 1798..
Charging annually, during a term to be limited, certain proportional duties

upon Income from 601. to 2001.; whether any such income tall arise from lands, tenements, or hereditaments, or from any kind of personal property, or other property whatever; or from any profeffion, office, employment, trade, or vocation: and one-tenth part of such income, if the same thall amount to 2001. and upwards.


June 8, 1799. For charging an additional duty of 8d. per cwt. on brown and muscovado

sugar, of the Britifh plantations, imported. Ditto of 4s. per cwt: on white, or clayed sugar, ditto. Ditto of 2s.6d. per cwt. on sugar, not of the British plantations, imported

and warehoused, upon the delivery of the same, out of warehouse, for

exportation. Ditto of 6s. 6d. per cwt. on sugar imported by the East-India company,

ditto. That 2s. 6d. part of the drawback now allowed on the exportation of

every hundred weight of sugar exported in the same state in which it was imported; and also on the exportation of every hundred weight of sugar called bastards, and ground or po vderéd sugar, and refined loaf sugar broken in pieces, and all sugar called candy; be no longer paid

or allowed. That 4s. part of the drawback now allowed on the exportation of every

hundred weight of any other refined sugar, be no longer paid' of al

lowed. For charging an additional duty of 4s. per cwt. on coffee, imported and

warehouled, upon the delivery of the same, out of warehouse, for exportation.

Júne 13. For charging an additional duty of 8d. per cwt. on brown and muscovado sugar iniported by the East-India company. 3. DUTIES ON BILLS OF EXCHANGE, AND NOTES.

June 8, 1799. For charging a duty of 2d, on bills of exchange, and notes, where the fum

expressed therein, or made payable thereby, shall not amount to furty shillings.

June 11. For charging a duty of 2d. upon notes under forty fhillings, which may be

re-illuable from time to time, after payment at the place where first iflued. Ditto of 4d. upon notes under forty Thillings, which may be re-issued from

time to time, after payment at ihe same or any other place than where firft ilued.



Meflage from his Majesy to the House maintenance of his dearly beloved of Commons, 22d January. fons, Prince Edward and Prince

Ernest Auguftus, which the money G. R.

applicable to the purposes of his IS majesty is persuaded that majesty's civil government would be n the unremitting industry with insuficient to defray; and being allo which our enemies persevere in their defirous of being enabled to extend avowed design of effecting the sepa- to his beloved daughter, the Princess ration of Ireland from this kingdom, Amelia, the provision which he has cannot fail to engage the particular been enabled to make out of the attention of parliament; and his hereditary revenue for the other majesty recommends it to this house branches of his royal family, defires to confider of the most effectual the asistance of parliament for this means of counteracting, and finally purpose: and his majelly relies ou defeating, this design; and he frufts the affection of bis faithfulcommons, that a review of all the circumstances that they will make such provision which have recently occurred (joined as the circumstances of the case

niay to the sentiment of mutual affection appear to require. and common interest) will dispose the parliaments of both kingdoms to provide in the manner which they shall judge most expedient for let- Protest entered on the Journals of the tling such a complete and final ad- House of Lords, against the Addrejs justment as may best tend to improve in Favour of an Union with Ireland, and perpetuate a connection essential

Ulth April. for their common security, and to augment and consolidate the strength, ift, DECAUSE the measure of power, and resources, of the British empire.

Great Britain and Ireland, the po. licy of which is highly questionable,

and the iinportance of which deMesage from his Majefly to the House mands the molt calm, dispassionate, of Commons, in March. and deliberate examination, is per

fified in and urged forward in comG. R.

pliment to his majesty's minifters, TIS majesty being desirous of under circumstances which ought for the honourable "support and froin the prosecution of ity



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