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$, Capital.

$, Capital Hartford Bank, Hartford, 1,300,000 Norwich Bank, Norwich, 200,000 Phænix Bank, do. 1,213,000 Thames Bank, do. 200,000 New Haven Bk, N. Haven, 335,000 Stonington Bank, Stonington, 53,000 Mechanics’ Bank, do.

Windham Co. Bk, Brooklyn, 89,000 New London Bk, N. London, 143,000 Fairfield Co. Bk, Norwalk, Union Bank, do. 100,000 Tolland Co. Bk, Tolland, Middletown Bk, Middlet'n, 400,000

*** The Bank of the United States has an office of Discount and Deposit at Hartford.

STATISTICS OF THE SEVERAL COUNTIES, taken from the Books of the Comptroller of the State, as published in the

Hartford Times, and copied into Niles' Register, August, 28, 1830.



N. Ha-N. Lon- Fair- Wind- Litch- Middle-Tol Articles. Hartford. i don. field. ham. field. sex.

land. Dwelling houses, 7,178 6,155 5,065 7,0-22 3,653 6,040 3,572 2,731 Acres of land, 404,304 319,705 340,467 326,699 311,712 487,982 192,424 233,576 Mills,


175 222 209 364 119 141 Stores,


315 93 97) 146 49 Distilleries, 213 55 8 40

3 48

9 33 Manufactures,

224 151 209 66 160 130 72 Fisheries,



6 Horses, asses, &c. 5,001 4,010 3,375 5,418 3,088 7,040 1,941 2,285 Neat cattle,

31,395 27,964 27,176 340,89 23,142 42,738 17,173 16,106 Sheep,

46,964 35,396 51,664 31,182 39,831 78,359 18,676 28,682 l'late, value,

1,930 3,552 1,523 443


328 36 Carriages, &c. 1,139 664 473 1,112


428 171 Clocks, &c.

4,001 3,101 1,965 3,473 1,870 3,680 1,932 1,347 Bank stock, 1,221,677 238, 460 738,191 202,759 96,022 188,494 312,558 66,590 Insurance stock, 48,270 25,482 10,190 5,840

400 1,970 540 Turnpike stock, 29,070 23,270 18,879 17,022 7,205 20,631 9,450

7,105 Money at interest, 253, 763 128,370 248,091 558,739 241,163 395,259 74,603 102,553 Assessments, 43,737 | 23,487 16,893 19,182 8,456 13,894 9,845 5,0791 Polls at $20 each, 5,257 | 4,5668 4,105 5,412 2,999 5,237 2,724 2,006

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EDUCATION. The colleges in Connecticut are Yale College, 'at New Haven, which has connected with it medical, theological, and law schools; Washington College, at Hartford; and Wesleyan College or University, recently founded at Middletown. At Hartford is the American Asylum for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb; and there are other respectable literary seminaries and academies at New Haven, Hartford, and various other places.

This state possesses an important School Fund, which was derived from the sale of lands, reserved by Connecticut, in the state of Ohio, and which amounted on the 1st of April, 1829, to $1,882,261 68. The income of this Fund is appropriated to the support of primary schools. In the year ending March 31, 1829, the sum of $72,161 15 was divided among the different free schools throughout the state. The number of children between the ages of 4 and 16, in 1828, was 84,899; and the dividends amounted to 85 cents to each child.


The settlement of this state was commenced by the Dutch, in 1614, who named the country New Netherlands, and established a colonial government in 1629. In 1664, Charles II. of England granted to his brother, the Duke of York, a patent for a large tract of country, forming the present states of New York and New Jersey; and during the same year, Colonel Nicolls, with a considerable force, in the service of the Duke, made a conquest of the country; and the name of New Netherlands was afterwards changed to New York. In 1673, the colony was recaptured by the Dutch, and held by them a few months; but, with the exception of this short period, it was in the possession of the English from 1664 till the American Revolution, in 1775.

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Wouter Van Twiller, appointed 1629 Peter Stuyvesant, appointed 1647
William Kieft,




Richard Nicolls,
1664 Henry Sloughter,

1691 Francis Lovelace,

1667 Richard Ingolsby, Lieut. Gov. 1691 Sir Edmund Andros, 1674 Benjamin Fletcher,

1692 Anthony Brockholst, 1681 | Earl of Bellamont,

1693 Thomas Dongan,

1683 John Nanfan, Lieut. Gov. 1701 Francis Nicholson, 1688 Lord Cornbury,

1702 Jacob Leisler, Lieut. Goo. 1689 | Lord Lovelace,



Appointed. Richard Ingolsby, Lieut. Gov. 1709 James Delancy, Lieut. Gov. 1753 Gerardus Beekman, President, 1710 Danvers Osborn,

1753 General Hunter, 1710 Sir Charles Hardy,

1755 Peter Schuyler, President, 1719 James Delancy, Lieut. Gov. 1757 William Burnet,

1720 Cadwallader Colden, Lt. Gov. 1760 John Montgomery, 1720 Robert Moncton,

1762 Rip Van Dam, President, 1731 Cadwallader Colden, Lt. Gov. 1763 William Crosby, 1732 Henry Moore,

1765 George Clark, 1736 Earl of Dunmore,

1770 George Clinton, 1743 William Tryon,

1771 [The colonial government was suspended in May, 1775, from which time to April, 1777, New York was governed by a Provincial Congress, of which Nathaniel Woodhull was President. A Constitution having, at length, been formed and adopted, the government, under this Constitution, went into operation April 20, 1777.]

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GOVERNORS ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE. George Clinton, elected 1777 | De Witt Clinton, elected 1817 John Jay,

1795 Joseph C. Yates, do. 1822 George Clinton, do. 1801 De Witt Clinton, do. 1822 Morgan Lewis, do. 1804 Nathaniel Pitcher, Lieut. Gov. 1828 Daniel D. Tompkins, do. 1807 Martin Van Buren,* elected 1829 John Tayler,

Lieut. Gov. 1817 | Enos T. Throop, Lieut. Gov. 1829

OUTLINES OF THE CONSTITUTION. The present Constitution of the state of New York was formed in 1821.

The executive power is vested in a Governor, who is elected by the people every two years; and at the same time, a Lieutenant Governor is also chosen, who is President of the Senate, and on whom, in case of the impeachment, resignation, death, or absence of the Governor from office, the powers and duties of Governor devolve.

The legislative power is vested in a Senate of 32 members, who are chosen for four years, and an Assembly, of 128 members, who are elected annually; and these bodies united are styled the Legislature.

For the election of the senators, the state is divided into eight districts, each being entitled to choose four senators, one of whom is elected every ycar. The members of the Assembly are chosen by counties, and are apportioned according to population.

The election of governor, lieutenant governor, senators, and members of the Assembly, is held at such time in the month of October or November, as the legislature may by law provide.

* Martin Van Buren was governor from January 1 to March, 1829, when he resigned the office, on being appointed Secretary of Stato for the United States.

The political year commences on the first day of January; and the legislature meets annually (at Albany) on the first Tuesday in January, unless a different day is appointed by law.

The Constitution grants the right of suffrage, in the election of public officers, to every white male citizen, of the age of 21 years, who has been an inhabitant of the state one year next preceding any election, and, for the preceding six months, a resident in the county where he may offer his vote; but no man of color is entitled to vote unless he is possessed of a freehold estate of the value of 250 dollars, without any incumbrance.

The chancellor and judges are appointed by the Goveror, with the con. sent of the Senate. The chancellor and justices of the Supreme and Circuit Courts hold their offices during good behavior, or until they attain the age of 60 years. The judges of the County Courts, or Courts of Com. mon Pleas, are appointed for a term of five years.

Enos T. Throop, { Actine Governor; Serm of service ex


Salary. Dec. 31, )

$4,000 William M. Oliver,

Pres. Senate, and acting Lieut. Gov.;

(pay $6 a day during the session) Silas Wright, Jun., Comptroller

2,500 Abraham Keyser, Treasurer

1,500 Azariah C. Flagg, Sec. State, and Superint. Com. Schools, 1,500 Simeon De Witt, Surveyor General,

800 Green C. Bronson, Attorney General,

1,000 Philip Phelps, Deputy Comptroller,

1,500 Archibald Campbell, Dep. Sec. and Clerk of Com. of Land Office, 1,500



William M. Oliver, President.
Clagg. Ist District.
Class. 4th District.

Class. 7th Distict. 1 Jonathan S. Conklin. 1 Duncan McMartin, jr. 1 William M. Oliver. 2 John J. Schenck. 2 Reuben Sandford. 2 George B. Throop. 3 Stephen Allen. 3 John McLean, Jun. 3 Hiram F. Mather. 4 Alpheus Sherman. 4 Isaac Gere.

4 Thomas Armstrong. 2d District. 5th District.

8th District. 1 Benjamin Woodward. 1 Truman-Enos. 1 Gevrge H. Boughton. 2 Walker Todd.

2 Nathaniel S. Benton. 2 Timothy H. Porier. 3 Samuel Rexford. 3 Wm. H. Maynard. 3 Moses Hayden. 4 Nath'l P. Tallmadge. 4 Alvan Bronson. 4 Albert H. Tracy, 3d District.

6th District. 1 John McCarty.

1 Thomas G. Waterman. J. F. Bacon, Clerk. 2 Moses Warren.

2 Grattan H. Wheeler. 3 Lewis Eaton.

The term of Class No. 1 or3 John G. Hubbard.

pires in 1830; No. 2, 1831 ; 4 William Deitz.

4 Levi Beardsley. No. 3, 1832 ; No. 4. 1833.

Pay of the members of the Senate and of the Assembly, $3 a day, during the session.

Erastus Root, Speaker of the Assembly ; Francis Seger, Clerk.

Court of Chancery.


Salary, Reuben Hyde Walworth, Chancellor, Albany,

$2,000 James Porter,



Fees. John Walworth, Assistant Reg. New York,

do. Alonzo C. Paige, Reporter, Schenectady,

500 The eight circuit judges are vice-chancellors for their respective circuits.

Supreme Court.

Residence. Salary: John Savage, Chief Justice,

Albany, $2,000 Jacob Sutherland, Associate Justice,


2,000 William L. Marcy,



2,000 John L. Wendell, Reporter,


Circuit Courts.
There are eight Circuit Courts with eight judges, and the circuits core
respond, in territory and name, to the eight senate districts,


Salary, Ogden Edwards, 1st Circuit, New York,

$1,250 James Emott,


Poughkeepsie, 1,250 James Vanderpoel, 3d


1,250 Esek Cowen,


Saratoga Springs, 1,250 Nathan Williams, 5th


1,250 Samuel Nelson, 6th


1,250 Daniel Moseley,


1,250 Addison Gardiner, 8th



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Superior Court of the City of New York. Samuel Jones,

Chief Justice, Josiah 0. Hoffman,

Associate Justice, Thomas J. Oakley,

do. David P. Hall,

Reporter. Charles A. Clinton,


Salary. $2,500 2,500 2,500

The amount of Personal and Real Estate of the City of New York, as
returned by the Assessors for eight years, has been stated as follows.


Real. 1822, $17,958,570 $53,000,000 1826, $42,534,931 $64,000,000 1823, 33,246,941 50,000,000 1827,

39,594,156 72,000,000 1824, 35,550,906 52,000,000 1828, 36,879,653 77,000,000 1825, 42,734,151 58,000,000 1829, 35,984,136 76,000,000

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