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Isaac Shelby, * Kentucky, March 5, 1817. Secretaries of John C. Calhoun, South Carolina, Dec. 16, 1817.) War. Benj. W. Crowninshield, Mass. (continued in office.)

Secretaries of Smith Thompson, New York, Nov. 30, 1818.

the Navy. Samuel L. Southard, New Jersey, Dec. 9, 1823. Return J. Meigs, Ohio, (continued in office.) Post Masters John McLean,


Dec. 9, 1823.) General.
Richard Rush,

Penn. (continued in office.)
William Wirt,

3 eral.
Speakers of the House of Representatives.
Henry Clay,

Kentucky, 15th Congress, 1817 Henry Clay, Kentucky,


16th do. John W. Taylor, New York,

1820. Philip P. Barbour,

17th do.

1821. Henry Clay, Kentucky, 18th do.



SIXTH ADMINISTRATION ;—1825 to 1829;—4 years. JOHN Q. ADAMS, Massachusetts, March 4, 1825. President. John C. Calhoun, South Carolina,

1825. Vice President.

Appointed. Henry Clay, Kentucky, March 8, 1825. Secretary State. Richard Rush, Pennsylvania, March 7, 1825. Sec’y of the Treasury. James Barbour, Virginia,

do. 1825.

Secretaries of War. Peter B. Porter, New York, May 26, 1828.) Samuel L. Southard, N. J. (continued in office.). Secretary of the Navy. John McLean, Ohio, (continued in office.) Post Master General. William Wirt, Virginia, (continued in office.) Attorney General.

Speakers of the House of Representatives. John W. Taylor,

New York, 19th Congress, 1827. Andrew Stephenson, Virginia,




ANDREW JACKSON, Tennessee, March 4, 1829. President.
John C. Calhoun, South Carolina, do. 1829. Vice President.

Martin Van Buren, New York, March 6, 1829. Secretary of State.
Samuel D. Ingham, Pennsylvania, March 6, 1829. Sec'y of the Treasury.
John H. Eaton, Tennessee, March 9, 1829. Secretary of War.
John Branch, N. Carolina, March 9, 1829. Secretary of the Navy.
William T. Barry, Kentucky, March 9, 1829. Post Master General,
John McP. Berrien, Georgia, March 9, 1829. Attorney General.

Speaker of the House of Representatives. Andrew Stephenson, Virginia,

21st Congress. 1829. Note. The dates of the appointments of the principal executive officers, in the several administrations, above exhibited, are the times when the several nominations, made by the Presidents, were confirmed by the Senate, as stated in the “ Journal of the Executive Proceedings of the Senate of the United States."

* Isaac Shelby declined the appointment.

VI. EXECUTIVE GOVERNMENT. The term of the present administration will expire on the 3d of March, 1833.

Salary ANDREW JACKSON, Tennessee, President,

$ 25,000. JOHN C. CALHOUN, South Carolina, Vice-President,

5,000. The following are the principal officers in the executive departments of the government, and all hold their offices at the will of the President.

Salary. Martin Van Buren, New York, Secretary of State, $6,000. Samuel D. Ingham, Pennsylvania, Secretary of the Treasury, 6,000 John H. Eaton, Tennessee, Secretary of War, 6,000 John Branch, N. Carolina, Secretary of the Navy, 6,000 William T. Barry, Kentucky,

Post Master General, 6,000 John McP. Berrien, Georgia, Attorney General, 3,500.

DEPARTMENT OF STATE. The Department of State was created by an act of Congress of the 15th of September, 1789: by a previous act of the 27th of July, 1789, it was denominated the Department of Foreign Affairs ; and it embraces what in some other governments are styled the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Home Department.

The Secretary of State conducts all treaties between the United States and Foreign Powers, and corresponds, officially, with the Public Ministers of the United States at Foreign Courts, and with the Ministers of Foreign Powers resident in the United States. He is entrusted with the publication and distribution of all the acts and resolutions of Congress, and of all treaties with Foreign Powers and Indian Tribes ; preserves the originals of all laws and treaties, and of the public correspondence growing out of the intercourse between the United States and Foreign Nations; is required to procure and preserve copies of the statutes of the several states ; grants passports to American citizens visiting foreign countries; preserves the evidence of copy-rights, and has control of the office which issues patents for useful inventions. He has the charge of the Seal of the United States, but cannot affix it to any commission until signed by the President, nor to any instrument or act without the special authority of the President.

Martin Van Buren, Secretary.

Salary. Daniel Brent, Chief Clerk, $2,000 W. S. Derrick, Clerk,

900 W.C, H. Waddell, Clerk, " 1,650 | William Hunter, Jun. Clerk, $800 Josias W. King,


1,600 Joseph R. Warren, Messenger, 700 Aaron Vail,

1,500 W. H. Prentiss, Assistant do.

650 Andrew T. McCormic,


1,400 J. N. Lovejoy, Watchman, 300 Nicholas P. Trist,


Arthur Shaaf,

do. 1,400 J. D. Craig, Superintendent, 1,500 H. B. Trist,

do. 1,400 J. T. Temple, Clerk, 1,000 Thomas P. Jones,

1,400 Alexander McIntire, do. 1,000 Edward Stubbs, do. 1,150 C. Bulfinch, Jun.

do. 800 John M. Baker, do. 1,000 J. Keller, Machinist,

700 Wm. Hodgson,

do. 1,000 | R. P. Fenwick, Messenger, 400


TREASURY DEPARTMENT. The Treasury Department was created by an act of Congress of the 2d of September, 1789. The Secretary of the Treasury superintends all the fiscal concerns of the government, and upon his own responsibility, recommends to Congress measures for improving the condition of the revenue.

All the accounts of the government are finally settled at the Treasury Department; and for this purpose it is divided into the office of the Secretary (who has a general superintendence of the whole), the offices of two Comptrollers, five Auditors, a Treasurer, and a Register. The Auditors of the public accounts are empowered to administer oaths or affirmations to witnesses in any case in which they may deem it necessary for the due examination of the accounts with which they are charged.

Samuel D. Ingham, Secretary

Salary. A Dickins, Chief Clerk, $2,000 John M. Brodhead, do.

$1,150 J. L. Anthony, Clerk, 1,600 Joseph Manahan, do, 1,150 Samuel M. McKean, do. 1,600 James M. Cutts, do. 1,000 Thomas Dungan, 'do. 1,400 John Sessford, Messenger, 700 Robert Newell,

do. 1,400 John McGinnis, Jun.,


1,400 Richard Harrison, 1st Auditor, 3,000 Gilbert Rodman, Jun., do. 1,400 W. Parker Chief Clerk, 1,700 Francis A. Dickins, do.

1,400 J. Williams,


1,400 A. M. Laub, do. 1,250 William Morton,

1,400 Horace E. Wolf, do. 1,150 John Coyle,


1,150 Waison, Messenger, 750 John Coyle, Jun.

1,150 Charles Petit, Assistant do. 350 John Underwood,



Jerem. W. Bronaugh, do. 1,150 Joseph Anderson, 1st Comptrol. 3,500 Thomas G. Slye, do. 1,150 John Laub, First Clerk, 1,700 Daniel P. Porter, do, 1,150 Samuel Hanson, Clerk, 1,400 John A. Brightwell, do. 1,000 William Williamson, do. 1,400 Thomas Barclay, do.

800 Lund Washington, do. 1,400 C. B. Davis, Messenger,

700 James Larned,


1,400 John Woodside, do,

1,150 W. B. Lewis, 2d Auditor, 3,000 Richard S. Briscoe,

1,150 J. Eakin, Chief Clerk,

1,700 William Anderson do.

1,150 J. Wells, Jun.,


1,400 Samuel Handy, Jun. do. 1,150 John Peters,

1,400 Benjamin Harrison, do. 1,150 Samuel Lewis, do. 1,150 Thomas B. Reiley, do. 1,000 William Stewart, do. 1,150 Thomas F. Anderson, do. 1,000 R. M. Boyer,

do. 1,150 Samuel P. Webster, do. 1,000 Robert Ellis,


1,150 George Johnson, do, 1,000 William Mechlin, do. 1,150 George W. Burke, do. 1,000 Leonard Mackall,


1,150 John N. Lovejoy, Messenger, 700 | Andrew M. Kirk, do. 1,000 Jacob Hines, Assistant do. 350 O. S. Hall,

do. 1,000

Henry S. Gardner, do. 1,000 James Thornton, 2d Comptrol. 3,000 P. Brady,


1,000 E. Reynolds, Chief Clerk, 1,700 R, T. Queen,


800 J. N. Moulder, Clerk, 1,400 William Ford, Messenger,

700 Jonathan Sevier,

do. 1,400 John Davis,

do. 1,150 Peter Hagner, 3d Auditor, 3,000 James L. Cathcart, do. 1,000 J. Thompson, Chief Clerk, 1,700







do. do.



Salary. Charles Vinson, Clerk, $1,400 G. W. Dashiell, Clerk, $1,150 John Abbott, do. 1,400 | Samuel Forrest,

1,000 Richard Burges, do. 1,400 Andrew Smith, do.

800 Robert Read,

do. 1,400 James Moore, Messenger, 700 Henry Whetcroft


1,400 Marcus Latimer,

do. 1,150 Thomas L. Smith, Register, 3,000 Bennett Clements,

1,150 M. Nourse, Chief Clerk, 1,700 Thomas Gunton,


1,150 J. McClery, Clerk, 1,400 Henry C. Matthews,

1,150 John D. Barclay, do,

1,400 William Ramsay, do. 1,150 James Laurie,


1,400 S. B. Goddard,

1,150 John S. Hawé,

1,400 Henry Randall, do. 1,150 William Mackey,

1,400 James Davidson,

do. 1,150 William B. Randolph, do. 1,150 John S. Compton,

1,000 Francis Lowndes,

do, 1,150 R. T. Washington,

do. 800 Lewis Salomon, do. 1,000 Thomas Dove, Messenger,

700 Joseph Mountz,


1,000 William James,


1,000 Amos Kendall, 4th Auditor, 3,000 Isaac K. Hanson, do. 1,000 T. H. Gillis, Chief Clerk, 1,700 Benj. F. Rittenhouse, do. 1,000 William Hunter, Clerk,

1,400 James D. Woodside, do. 1,000 Joseph Mechlin,

do. 1,400 Edgar Patterson, do. 1,000 Robert Getty,

do. 1,150 Joseph Brewer, do. 1,000 James H. Handy, do. 1,150 | French T. Evans,

1,000 George Gillis,

do. 1,150 John B. Blake, do 1,000 Richard Bennett, do. 1,150 Joho Nourse,


800 Robert Johnston, do. 1,150 P. W. Gallaudet, do.

800 Robert T. McGill, do. 1,000 A. McDonald, Messenger, 800 Henry Forrest, do. 1,000 James Watson, Assistant do. 350 John C. Rives,

do. 1,000 George M. Head, do. 1,000

LAND OFFICE. William Garrett, Jun., do. 1,000 Elijah Hayward, Commissioner, 3,000 Bailey Buckner, do. 1,000 J. M. Moore, Chief Clerk, 1,700 Hampton C. Williams, do. 800

Robert King,

Clerk, 1,150 J. Sutherland, Messenger, 700 | Eugene A. Vail, do.


William Simmons, do. 1,150 Steph. Pleasanton, 5th Auditor, 3,000 Sterling Gresham, do. 1,150 T. Mustin, Chief Clerk, 1,700 Samuel D. King, do. 1,150 J. H. Houston, Clerk, 1,400 James R. M. Bryant, do. 1,150 Joseph Thaw, do. 1,400 William Otis,

do. 1,150 Nicholas Harper,

do. 1,150 Charles Tyler, do. 1,150 Henry W. Ball, do. 1,150 Frederick Keller, do. 1,150 Basil Waring, do. 1,150 | William S. Smith,

1,150 William Dewees,

1,150 | George Wood,

1,150 David Easton,

do. 1,150 Samuel Hanson, do. 1,000 James D. King,

do. 1,150 Joseph S. Collins, do. 1,000 Robert Barry, Jun. do. 1,000 William Sinn,

do. 1,000 Samuel Baker, do. 1,000 Walter B. Beall, do. 1,000 Samuel J. Carr, do. 1,000 Walter H. Jenifer, do. 1,000 Edward Holland, Messenger, 700 J. S. Wilson, Messenger, 700

Rod. Hampton, Assistant do. 350 James Campbell, Treasurer, 3,000 Alex, R. Watson, Watchman,

300 P. G. Washington, Chief Clerk, 1,700 R. B. Boyd,


300 A. J. Watson, Clerk, 1,400 | John Kennedy,



do. do.

WAR DEPARTMENT. The War Department was created by an act of Congress of the 7th of August, 1789, and at first embraced not only inilitary, but also naval affairs.

The Secretary of War superintends every branch of military affairs, and has, under his immediate direction, a Requisition Bureau, a Bounty Land Office, a Pension Bureau, a Bureau of Indian Affairs, an Engineer Office, an Ordnance Office, an Office for the Commissary General of Subsistence, a Paymaster General's Office, and a Surgeon General's Office.

This Department has the superintendence of the erection of fortifications, of making topographical surveys, of surveying and leasing the national lead mines, and of the intercourse with Indian tribes.

John H. Eaton, Secretary.

P. G. Randolph, Chief Clerk, $2,000 REQUISITION BUREAU.
Gideon Davis, Clerk, 1,400 L, L.Van Kleeck, Principal, $1,600
James L. Addison, do.

1,000 William Markward, Messenger, 650

INDIAN AFFAIRS. Francis Datcher, Assist. do. 400

Principal, 1,600

Sam'l. S. Hamilton, Chief Clerk, 1,400
Pension OFFICE.
Daniel Kurtz, Book-keeper, 1,000

1,000 James L. Edwards, First Clerk, 1,600 Hezekiah Miller, Clerk, Benjamin L. Beall, Clerk, 1,400

BOUNTY LAND OFFICE. William S. Allison, do. 1,000 Anthony G. Glynn, do. 1,000 | William Gordon, First Clerk, 1,400 Daniel Brown,

do. 800 | Edward Stephens, Clerk, 1,000

NAVY DEPARTMENT. The Office of the Secretary of the Navy was created by an act of Congress of the 30th of April, 1798. The Secretary issues all orders to the Navy of the United States, and superintends the concerns of the Navy Establishment generally.

A Board of Navy Commissioners was established by an act of Congress of the 7th of February, 1815, and consists of three officers of the Navy, in rank not below that of a Post Captain. This Board is attached to the office of the Secretary of the Navy, is under his superintendence, and discharges all the ministerial duties of that office relative to the procurement of naval stores and materials, and the construction, armament, equipment, and employment of vessels of war, as well as other matters connected with the Navy.

John Branch, Secretary.

Salary J. W. Clark, Chief Clerk, $2,000 John D. Simms, Clerk, $1,000 John Boyle,

Clerk, 1,600 R. H. Bradford, Secretary N. Christopher Andrews, do. 1,400 Pen. and Hospital Funds Richard B. Maury, do. 1,400 John S. Nevius,

800 Thomas L. Ragsdale, do. 1,000 | Nathan Eaton, Messenger, 700 Thomas Miller, do. 1,000 Lindsay Muse, Assist. do. 350

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