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of age.

has been taken of it by the magis- child would become eighteen years trates, who are thus given discretion.

If the child has been conThe plan now proposed is an im victed of a inisdemeanor the court provement upon the earlier attempt may stay the execution of the sennot only in that it insures that the

tence and may allow the child to court shall actually be established, remain under the care of its parents but in many other details.

or guardians, subject to the overWhat will be accomplished by the sight of the probation officer. The change from the present system is court may in connection with any the removal of the trial of youthful such parole establish such terms offenders from the degrading sur and conditions as it may deem roundings of trial for drunkenness, desirable, and the probation officer disorderly conduct and serious would be required to ascertain and crime. This is especially desirable report to the court whether the for those who are charged with terms and conditions under which petty violations of city ordinances, said child was permitted to remain or with no worse fault than the with its parents or guardians are destitution of their parents, and it faithfully observed. The probation must not be forgotten that those officer would also endeavor by who are charged with serious mis friendly advice, counsel, and overdemeanors or crimes may be entirely sight to secure a faithful compliance innocent. An examination in a with the terms and conditions imcourt room where only children are posed, and in this manner would sedealt with will inevitably be far less cure such training and direction as injurious to the self-respect of such the child may require. This plan children than a trial in a police with modifications is now in operacourt filled with spectators and tion both in Boston and in Chicago occupied during the greater part with excellent results, and we beof the day with the disposition of lieve that it would be well adapted charges against hardened criminals. to the needs of this city. Special knowledge and sounder judgment would also come from the The Sick Children's Mission of opportunity to specialize upon the the Children's Aid Society, under disposition of children.

the care of Mr. Geo. Calder, closed One of the best features of the its activities for the summer Sepplan now suggested is the provision tember 15. During the season, for a probation system under which which began June 15 and ended the court, if it is of the opinion that on the above date, this society the welfare of the child will be pro- treated in their homes about fifteen moted thereby, may parole such hundred sick children. Mr. Calder child to the care of a probation reports that the expense incurred officer for a term not to extend in the treatment of these cases has beyond the date upon which such been unusually large, since many of


the children had to be supplied with the children were supervised for proper food. These children were the society by a committee of ladies supplied with food, because their from New York who were assisted parents could not get it for them, by two seminarians from the St. which fact Mr. Calder attributes to Joseph Seminary at Dunwoodie, an exceptional lack of opportunity N. Y. for employment. If this generalization is well founded, it would seem to indicate a need for somewhat

The Canadian Conference of Char

ities met in convention at Toronto, more radical action than the supply of food. More aid in securing em

September 27. ployment of a proper kind may be


KATE BOND, CHAIRMAN. The investigation, mentioned in our last issue of CHARITIES, of the Extract from the Annual Report of the discharge of Dennis Kenny, a dying

Central Auxiliary Committee of Women and consumptive, from the Metropolitan skilled Women, for the year ending June 30,

of the Committee on Workrooms for UnHospital, has resulted in the sus

1900. pension for thirty days of the phy

It is with great satisfaction that sician issuing the discharge.

the Committee reviews its efforts

of the last year; made to change the In an interview with Superintend- habits of dependent women and to ent Wm. B. O'Rourke, of Bellevue improve their condition. Hospital, it is learned that two new

The power of honest labor to inwards will be opened about October

duce self-respect, and to awaken in 1, for the treatment of acute pulmo

the untutored mind a desire to earn

the essentials of home comfort, has nary tuberculous patients. These

been tested. wards will accommodate about 50 patients. Other consumptive pa

The old, the afflicted, and the tients are treated in the general needy of all ages and of many nation

alities have found place and employmedical ward.

ment at the Workrooms for Un

skilled Women ” during this year, The St. Vincent de Paul Society

as always since the opening of the sent on its fresh-air excursions dur

institution. No unruly spirit has ing the summer, a total of over six prevailed among the beneficiaries. hundred children, who went in On the contrary, the kindly interest groups of 100, cach group remain- of the matrons has evoked confidence ing two weeks. These children from these dependent souls, and the were entertained at the Furman spark of hope which has smouldered Mansion, Pelham Bay Park, Bay beneath their burdens of want, sorChester. While at the above place, row, and lack of knowledge has often


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been brightened by the friendly help formed into a tidy parent with clear received, and the opportunity to complexion and well dressed person earn compensation for their unskilled

we are encouraged to believe that a labor. Habits of cleanliness have new hope has shown in this woman's been promoted, and it no longer life, the fruits of which are the requires the strict enforcement of cleanliness of her children and of her "rules" to ensure the submission to "rooms," and the willingness to be a warm bath! But on the contrary, taught how to work well, and to earn the “rheumatics" and the former honest self-support. “bath opponents

have become It is for such hopeful individuals preachers of the new gospel, and that we plead. To secure possible they are frequently heard to say to development into independence they a new comer Oh, the bath is so should be kept for a time under the nice, you'll be glad when you have good influence exerted at the workone!"

rooms. Hence employment that Education is slow in producing will tend to develop skill and will visible results—but when a tangle- secure its consequent compensation haired, dark-skinned mother is trans should be devised.


on the

The Manufacturers' Association the terms of the law providing for of New York has founded a $500 the hospital. scholarship; its purpose being to encourage young men of ability to

The St. Andrew's Society, which gain a broader industrial education.

aims to care for the poor and unThe association believes that young

fortunate Scotch in New York,

two mnen of such training should be assists on an average available for the developing of the

hundred persons monthly. About material resources of our country. one hundred persons are The proposition for such a scholar- monthly pension list. An average ship was suggested by Ludwig of one hundred transient men who Nissen, president of the association,

are stranded are assisted each month. at a meeting of the board of direc

These men are sent to lodging tors on April 2 last.

houses and are assisted in procuring employment. If they show any

spirit or desire to be supported by Circulars which promote lottery charity they are referred to the schemes, known as "endless chains,"

endless chains," woodyard. Other aid in the form have been refused transmission of groceries, food, and employment through the mails by Postmaster is extended to needy families. Van Cott, who is acting under orders received from the Post Office De Mr. Mullen, of Cincinnati, Ohio, partment in Washington. The introduced recently an ordinance, at Attorney-General has held that at a meeting of the board of legislaleast two classes of these schemes tion of that city, requiring those who are lotteries. Mr. Van Cott, of the are responsible for tenement-house New York Post Office, does not

management to place a tub bath, borlieve that endless chains" will which must be accompanied by a be prohibited if they are purely of a shower-bath attachment, each Charitable nature. The decision of

floor of tenement houses under their the latter question, however, will

control. The bath room must have test with the postal authorities in

an entrance from a hallway and not Washington. It is to be hoped

from adjoining rooms; it must also that Mr. Van Cott is mistaken.

be constructed of non-absorbant ma

terials and supplied with a proper The special commission appointed system of plumbing. The inspector by Governor Roosevelt has selected of buildings is to be responsible for Like Clear, in the Adirondacks, as the carrying out of this measure. a building site for the State Hospital After a heated discussion the measfor Consumptives. This selection,

ure was referred to a committee. however, is subject to the approval vill the forest Preserve Board and The Catholic Home Bureau for the State Board of Health under Dependent Children began its work



* *

March 1, 1899. It is the aim of State Board of Charities on the this bureau to place destitute, de- public charities of the city of New pendent, or neglected children in

York, says: family homes and to do such other The institutions should be

lieved from the presence of all unworks as may benefit them. From

paid help other than convalescent the above time until June 1, 1900, patients. It is a serious mistake to the Bureau received 53 applications keep the women needing temporary for the adoption of girls and 14 for shelter in the same building with boys. The children placed in homes vagrant men. There are never very

many of the women at one time, were: Girls, by adoption, 15; boys, and a small building, in every way by adoption, 8. The number placed suitable, might easily be obtained. for possible adoption and help was

The building now used by the

Emergency Hospital could be fitted 92, of which 21 were girls and 65

up for such purpose. boys. The total number of children placed out was 115.

Bequests of $5,000 each were made Civil service examinations for the

to the following institutions by the state and county service will be will of the late George D. Sweetser: held in various cities throughout the New York Skin and Cancer Hosstate, October 20, 1900.


pital; New York Society for the tions for the following positions in Suppression of Vice; Society for state charitable and penal institu the Relief of Ruptured and Criptions will be given :

pled; New York Infant Asylum ; (1.) Officer, charitable institutions.

House of Rest for Consumptives; Open to men and women. This ex Woman's Hospital ; New York amination includes matrons, super Christian Home for Intemperate visors, watchmen, and all officers

Men; Sheltering Arms; Colored doing guard duty or having charge Home; Home for Incurables ; Chilof inmates in the State Industrial

dren's Aid Society; Howard MisSchool, Houses of Refuge, and all

sion for Little Wanderers; and the charitable and penal institutions, Five Points House of Industry. except male guards and keepers in prisons, jails, reformatories, and penitentiaries for adults. (2.) Physi

Mrs. Jessie Vanzill Belden has cal instructor State School for Blind at Batavia, open to men only. (3.)

been appointed by Governor Roose

velt as a member of the board of Physician, first and second grades, including all positions as physicians managers of the Refuge for Women in state and county hospitals and

at Hudson. institutions.

* *

Inspector Robert W. Hill, in sub. The New York Truant School mitting his annual report to the will open its fall session October 1.

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