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In the following proceedings the Secretary has endeavored to preserve the spirit of the debates, but has not been anxious to give all that was said. The manuscript of the Phonographic Reporter, Mr. Amos Bowman, has generally been followed, though frequently passages have been omitted which were either of no intrinsic importance of themselves, or were simply repetitions of previous remarks. It may further be stated that on several occasions the Reporter was necessarily absent; and that in consequence of the Secretary's numerous engagements, he was unable to preserve any minute of what was said at those times.

The list of members is probably inaccurate, notwithstanding the care of the Secretary, who is aware that it is never pleasant to see one's name misspelled in print. In every collection of persons so large as this, many will be found who fail to comply with the plainest directions from the Chair in regard to the name, address, etc. On some of the cards handed in, no clue was furnished for determining the sex, or the address of the writer; and in other cases, undoubtedly the conjecture of the Assistant Secretaries proved incorrect. If, therefore, any gentleman finds himself classed with the ladies, let him rejoice in his society; if any lady finds herself classed among the gentlemen, let her not reproach the Secretary, but exert a refining influence over her neighbors; if any matron's name is down among the Misses, let her not feel aggrieved thereby; and if any gentle maiden is placed among the matrons, let her appeal to the Secretary, and “bide her time.”

It should be noted that the lectures, both day and evening, were free to the public, and that during all the sessions, many persons were present beside the actual members of the Institute. It will be remarked that several of the extended lectures before the Institute are not published in this volume. The omission is caused in some cases by the fact that the lecturers prefer to retain their addresses for further use ; in others, that the writers prefer to give their views upon their respective subjects more at large, through the “ California Teacher," during the coming year. Some abstract, however, is given of most of the omitted lectures from the report of the “ Evening Bulle


The wisdom of an appropriation by the State for Institute purposes was fully demonstrated by the complete success of the ample arrangements for the present sossion-arrangements which would have been utterly impossible without the liberal fund derived for this object from the State Treasury.

Much publicity was secured for the proceedings of the Institute by the able report of Dr. Tuthill for the “ Evening Bulletin," of this city. The running history thus given in the “ Bulletin,” together with several of the documents herein given, was copied, day by day, into the “ Sacramento Union,”-thus extending the influence of the Institute far beyond the Hall where the daily sessions were held. These papers are, therefore, entitled to the thanks of all friends of education for their liberal attention to this, by far the largest gathering of Teachers ever held on the Pacific Coast.


Secretary of the State Teachers' Institute. SAN FRANCISCO, May, 1863.



Pursuant to the call of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, a Teacher's Institute for the State of California met and organized at Platt's New Music Hall, in the City of San Francisco, on Monday, May fourth, eighteen hundred and sixty-three.

At ten o'clock, A. M., Hon. John Swett, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, and by statute President ex officio of all State Teachers’ Institutes, called the Institute to order.

Messrs. Samuel I. C. Swezey, Henry Melrose, and Henry P. Carleton, were appointed Secretaries pro tem, and Amos Bowman was appointed Phonographic Reporter.

On motion of Ellis H. Holmes, of San Francisco, the Chair was authorized to appoint a Committee on Organization, with instructions to include in their report the nomination of committees.

The President appointed the following gentlemen as such committee :

ELLIS H. HOLMES, San Francisco. AHIRA HOLMES, San Francisco.
J. B. McCHESNEY, Nevada County. DANIEL WOOD, JR., Tulare County.
A. H. GOODRICH, Placer County. JOSEPH HOLDEN, Stockton.
D. C. STONE, Marysville.

THEODORE BRADLEY, San Francisco. J. C. PELTON, San Francisco.

Mrs. L. A. CLAPP, San Francisco.
Miss A. S. MOSES, San Francisco.

The committee having retired for consultation, blank cards were distributed, on which members of the Institute were requested to write their name, address, whether Teacher of Public or Private School, whether Trustee, or County Superintendent, and their address while in the city. In consequence of

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