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Yard: 617 to 621 Eleventh Ave., bet, 45th [& 46th Sts., New-York,

NEW-YORK OFFICES: 5111 Broadway, Room 40.

621 Eleventh Avenue.


TELEPHONE CALLS: Uptown, 656 38th Street; Downtown, 175 Cortlandt.


Our yards are kept supplied with carefully selected Coal shipped direct from the mines of the Lehigh and Wilkes-Barre Coal Company via Cntral Railroad New-Jersey.


For Fifty Years the Leading Defender and Expounder of Republican Doctrine.

Stand by the platform! Victory in 1894 and 1896 is now sure if the Republican party is true to itself and the welfare of the masses.

No interference with the progressive policies of the Republican party, namely, which are: Maintenance of the Common Schools, of the Pulpit; Protection to Farming, Manufactures and Labor; Freedom of Expression of the Will of the People in Elections; Saving the Public Lands for Actual Settlers; Reciprocity with Other American Na

tions: Use of Silver Money, and Parity of the Gold and Silver Dollar; Payment of the Public Debt: Pensions for Union Veterans; Elevation of the Colored Race; Temperance: the new Navy; Exclusion of the Chinese; Internal Improvements; and every other influence which exalts the prestige of our country and promotes the Wealth, Intelligence and Virtue of our people.

These policies-national, patriotic and sublime-The Tribune supports with all the ability it can command.

Roswell G. Horr's great articles on Finance, the Tariff, Labor and Wages, will be continued during 1894.

No matter whether you agree with the N. Y. Tribune or not in its sentiments, can you afford not to read its Dollar Weekly regularly while a reactionary party is in power and during these times of change?

Send for The Tribune's Illustrated Premium Catalogue, which will be sent free to applicants.

Sample copies free. Weekly, $1. Semi-Weekly, $2. Daily, including Sunday, $10.
The Sunday Tribune, separateiv. $2. Tribune Almanac for1894, ready in January, 25
cents; all previous numbers eclipsed.

By reducing the premium rates charged to members to harmonize with the payments to the widows and orphans for death claims, more than Thirty Million Dollars have already been saved to the members of the


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The New Home

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New Business in 1892 exceeded


New Business to Dec. 1st, 1893,

over $53,243,095.00


exceeds $250,000,000.00

The Mutual Reserve Fund

Life Association


FURNISHES LIFE INSURANCE about ONE-HALF the usual rates charged by the old system companies. It has excellent POSITIONS to offer in its AGENCY DEPARTMENT in every City, Town and State, to experienced and successful business men.

Parties desiring Insurance will be furnished free informa

Broadway, cor. Duane-st., tion at the Home Office, or by


Home Office until Feb. 1st, 1894,

any of the Association's General Agents.


E. B. HARPER, President.



They "represent the highest types of American Literary and Illustrative work."-NEW YORK TIMES.


35 cents a Copy. $4 a Year. Among the contributors to HARPER'S MAGAZINE for 1894 will be: Charles Dudley Warner ("The Golden House," a new novel); George Du Maurier ("Trilby," a new novel); Brander Matthews ("Vignettes of Manhattan'); Owen Wister ("Stories of the Wild West'); Edwin Lord Weeks ("From the Black Sea to the Persian Gulf," also, "Sketches of India''); Alfred Parsons; Richard Harding Davis; Poultney Bigelow; Frederick Remington ("Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico"); W. G. Tiffany and Dr. W. A. Brooks (on Athletic Sports); R. R. Bowker (editing the series of Great American Industries); William Sharp ("Rome in Africa"); W. D. Howells ("Personal Recollections'), and others.


10 cents a Copy. $4 a Year. HARPER'S BAZAR begins, with the first number for January, 1894, its twentyseventh volume. It is as a Fashion Journal that the BAZAR is unsurpassed. The features for 1894 will include, among many others, the beautiful designs of A. Sandoz, drawn in Paris from "Worth Models'; "Pattern-sheet Supplements"; "Serial Stories" by William Black and Walter Besant; "Short Stories" by the brightest writers; "Essays and Social Chats"; "Amateur Theatricals"; "Embroidery and Needlework"; "Cooking and Serving"; "Music and Art"; "Out-door Sports and In-door Games"; "Answers to Correspondents," etc., etc.


10 cents a Copy. $4 a Year. HARPER'S WEEKLY for 1894 will present, among a brilliant array of the brightest features, a new Serial Story by Miss Mary E. Wilkins; Short Stories by the best-known writers; papers on the Army and Navy, with valuable illustrations; Portraits of distinguished men and women of the time, as they are brought before the public; papers in Special Lines calling for the highest order of talent; accurate descriptions of every Public Event and notable disaster, illustrated by pencil and camera; valuable views of This Busy World; timely information and comment on all matters pertaining to Amateur Sport; superb illustrations will be presented by distinguished artists.

Harper's Young People

3 cents a Copy. $2 a Year.

HARPER'S YOUNG PEOPLE is a live journal for live boys and girls. The leading serials for 1894 will be "Cadet Days," a story of West Point life, by Captain Charles King, and "The Fur-Seal's Tooth," by Kirk Munroe. Other attractive features will be a serial story of a girl's life in Old New-Orleans, by Ruth McEnery Stuart; Short Stories, by foremost writers for the young: True Tales of Adventure; Plays for Amateurs; How to Do Things; Every-day Marvels; Attractive Pictures by the best artists, and many other delightful attractions for the boys and girls of America and the world, published every week.

Booksellers and Postmasters usually receive subsriptions. Subscriptions sent direct to the Publishers should be accompanied by Post-office Money Order or Draft. Postage Free in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Subscriptions will begin from the date of the receipt of the order unless otherwise directed.

Published by HARPER & BROTHERS, New York.

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