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or collected. for erecting such fire engine houses, nor such houses No taxes to erected, without the consent and approbation of the freeholders be.

except with and legal voters of the said village, or the major part of them, in the approopeo towo meeting, duly notified by the said trustees, by written or bation of a prioted notices to be put up in three public places io said village,

samu laga, ing duly at least one week previous to such meeting.

convened. IV. And be it further enacted, That it shall and may be lawful for the trustees of said village, or the major part of them, and for True their successors in office forever, to inake, ordaio, constituie a d pub- thorised to lish such prudential by-laws, rules and regulations, as they from tine inake reguto tiine shall deem meet and proper; and such in particular as may

gemilations, &c. relate to public markets within said village ; relative to the streets, Streets, ale alleys and highways therein, and draining and filling up, paving, leys, &c. keeping in order and improving the same; relative to slaughter houses, and nuisances generally ; relative to a town watch, and lightiog the Town watels streets of the said village; relative to the restraining of geese, swine, a

the streets. or cattle of any kind; relative to the inspection of weights and meas

Weights & ures, and relative to erecting and regulating hay scales, and relative measures. io auy ibing whatsoever, that may conceru the public aod good gova eromeut of the said village; but no such by-laws shall extend to the regulating or ascertaining the prices of any commdities, or articles of provisions, except the article of bread, that may be offered for sale: Provided, that such by-laws be not contrary to, or ivcoasistent

Assessments wish the laws and statutes of this state, or of the United States. And provided always, that any movies to be raised for paviug any street in proporor streets, or flagging or improving the foot walks or side ways, shall tion to the be assessed, levied and collected, io a just and equitable manner, of de and from the owners and occupaots of all the houses and lots ad- occupants. joiuing such street or streets so to be paved or flagged, in proportion as nearly as may be to the advantages which each shall be deemed to acquire respectively; any thing in this act to the contrary not

Bylawsto be withstauding

published. V. drd be it further enacted, That the said trustees, or the May impose major part of them, as often as they shall make, ordaiu and publish Soes not exany such by-law's for the purposes aforesaid, may make, ordain limit for any of

ceeding D25 and provide, such reasonable fine agaiost the offenders of such laws, fence. as they may deeni proper, uot exceeding twenty-five dollars for any To be re

covered ia one offence; to be prosecuied and recovered by action of debt, action bclore any justice of the peace, with costs of suit, by the trustees, debt. for the use of the corporation; in which action it shall be sufficient Special

** matter to to declare generally, that ibe defendant or defendants, is or are io- be given in debted to the trustees of ihe vijlage of Watertowi, in the amount of evidence. the debt, penalty, fine or forfeiture, by virtue of this act, to be paid.Ist Monday

in May fur to the said trustees for the time being, wheu thereupto required, and choosin uoder such declaration to give the special matter in evidence. trustees. VI. And be it further enocid, That the freeholders and inhabito

" thau three ants of the said village of Watertown, qualified to vote at town meet- por more iogs at their annual meetings, op the first Monday of May, in every than five

reeholders year hereafter, to be held for chousiog trustees, or at any other meet- ir

to be chosen iog duly notified, shall be, and they are hereby duly au'horised, by as assessors. plurality of votes, to choose not less than three, nor more than fiye Treasurerto judicious inhabitants, being freeholders and residing in said village,

o pposite as assessors; que treasurer, being also a freeholder; due collector, Collector.

ved by


Fire were and as many fire-wardens as the trustees for the time being, or tine dens.

major part of them, may order and direct; and in case of vacancy In case of by death, removal, refusal, or incapacity to serve, of any of the as vacancy, sessors, the treasurer, collector, or five wardens, it shall be the duty trustees to of the trustees, or the major part of them, to appoint some suitable fill the va. cancy.

person to fill such vacancy; and the person so to be appointed, sbal be vested with the like povers, and be subject to the same penaltie: and restrictions, as if elected by the freeholders and inhabitants o the said village as aforesaid.

VII. And be it further enacted, That the trustees, treasurer, col The town officers to lector, assessors and fire wardens, sball within ten days after eacl take oaths. and every election, and before they proceed to the exercise of their

several offices, respectively take and subscribe an oath or affirmatiou before any justice of the peace in the said village or county, for the faithful execution of the trust or office, to which they may be sev

erally chosen or appointed. · Security to

VIII. And be it further enacted, That the treasurer and collect

it. And oc u Juriner be taken for or hereafier to be elected, shall, belore they enter upon the execution the faithful of their respective offices, respectively give such security for the perforinance of their du

de faithful performance of the trusts reposer in them, as tire major par ties.

of the trustees, for the time being, shall deem sufficient.

IX. And be it further enacted, That if any of the inhabitants o the said village, qualified as aforesaid, shall hereafter be elected o appointed a trustee or assessor or fire warden, and having noiici thereof, shall refuse, deny, delay or neglect to take upon him or then

to execute such office or trust, to wlich he or they shall be elected A fine not exceeding then and as often as it shall happen, it shall and may be lawful fo 20 dollars the said trustees, or the major part of then, to assess and impose upo sball he im.

lj, such person or persons so neglecting, delaying or refusing, such rea Suen officers sonable fine or foes, not exceeding twenty dollars, as they the sai who refuse trustees, or the major part of them diay think fit, to be recovered b to serve.

ove action of debt, wiih costs, in the manner herein before directed fd ered in ac. the recovery of penalties or forfeitures imposed by the laws of th tion of debt. said trustees.

X. And be it further enacted, That the trustees, or the majd

part of them, withiu ten days after their being elected, in every yea Trustees to hereafter, shall, and it is hereby made their duty, to assemble io som elect their convenient place in said village, and there to choose and appoint son president.

one suitable person of their body to be president of the said board :

trustees, and some proper person to be clerk of said board. That To preside shall be the duty of the said president, to preside at the meetings i at their

the trustees; to order extraordinary meetings of the trustees, wher

the trustees to order extraordinary sneetings.

* ever he may find it for the interest of the village so to do; to receiv His duties.

complaints of the breach of any of the by-laws; to see that all th by-laws, rules and ordinances are faithfully executed, and prosecu in the name of the trustees, all offenders against such by-laws; to r ceive and lay before the trustees, the returns of the fire warden and who, with the consent of the major part of the trustees shall a point, uoder his hand and the scal of the said village, a company of fir med, not exceeding twenty in nuniber; to inspect the utensils belon ing to the said village for extinguishing fires; and whose duty it sha be more particularly to see the engines and fire utensils, engi houses, and all other public property belonging to the said villag

posed on all

To be recoy

e order

sitality and properly taken care of and kept in order ; and to de all other such acts and things, as may be proper for him as president of the board of Trustees lo do; and in case of the death, absence, or inability of the president, to discharge the several duties before mentioned, his place shall be supplied in the mapper hereafter to be provided by the laws of the said corporation.

ILAM be it further enacted, That the collector shall within All mories such time as shall hereafter be provided for by the by-laws of the to be paid io

the treasury said corporation, dext after the receipt of his warrant for collectiug and ton zy tax that may have been ordered to be raised, collect and pay drawn out the same to the treasurer, and that all monies which may at any time by

of a majority le in the bands of the treasurer, shall be liable to be drawn out by of the trus the trustees, or the major part of them, and applied and disposed of tees. u shall bave been directed by the freeholders and inhabitants of said village.

XII. And be it further enacted, That the said trustees shall keep a just and accurate account of their necessary expenses and distursements, and on exhibiting the same to the treasurer, shall be cor entitled to receive the amount thereof out of any monies in the treas. tion." ury; and that the clerk, collector and assessors shall be paid for their several services, such suitable compeusation, as the said trustees or the major part of them, by a by-law of the said corporation, shall provide.

XUI. And be it further enacted, That the trustees to be elected pretes to by virtue of this act, shall hold their respective offices until the first hold their Vonday in May next following after their election of trustees as offices for asoresaid, and until a new election for trustees of said village shall one year; be puede pursuant to this act, and until the trustees so last chosen pew election shall take and subscribe the oath or affirmation of the office of

Not to hold

f or purchase IIV. And be it further enacted, That it shall not be lawful for me

estate he said corporation to purchase or hold any real estate whatsoever, out of the

limits of the ut lying or being within the limits of the said corporation.

ration. IV. And be it further enacted, That it shall and may be lawsul cor for the trustees of said village, or the major part of them, from time To regulate to time to make ordinances to regulaie the assize and quality of the assize of

bread, and bread o be baked, offered or exposed for sale, by any baker, or other person within the said village, aud to ipflict reasonable penalties. alio upou all offenders against the said ordinances.

XVI. And be it further enacted, That the assessors of the said village of Watertown, shall assess the taxes which shall be legally Assessments laid apaa tbe inhabitants of said village, and upon the owners of real to be graduestate lying within the same, both residents and non-residents, respect-ated by the

improveing the probable advantages which will result to the individuals re- ments made, spectively, from the improvements contemplated to be made by such



XVII. And be it further enacted, That the person in possession d any real estaie in the said village, at the time any tax is to be Assessments lected, shall be liable to pay the tax assessed thereon; and in case if paid to be

recovered of a person is not bound by agreement or otherwise, to pay such tax, or a part or proportion thereof, he or she shall or may recover the same amouot from the owoer of such real estate, or other person

tent jurors. notwithstanding any

whose duty it was to have paid the same; and all taxes opori any real estate in said village shall be a lien thereon.

XVIII. And be il further enacted, That any justice of the peace of the countyof Jefferson, residing in the said village of Water

lowo, apy freeholder or inhabitant of saidi village, shall be and are Inhabitants declared to hereby declared competeot, respectively, to try, serve as jurors, or he compe- give testimony in any cause wherein the said trustec's are parties,

notwithstanding any remote interests they may have in the event of such suit, as members of the corporation of said village.

XIX. And be it jurther enactcil, That the village of Watertown, as described in this act, be, and the same is hereby cog

stituted a road-district, and that the same be exímpt from the super. The village intendance of the commissioners of highways of the town to which declared a, said village belongs, or may hereafter belong; and the said trustees roud district and exempt of the village of Watertown shall have all the powers over the said from the road-district, and discharge all the duties, which by law are given to commiss’rs or enjoined upon the said commissioners of highways, and subject to oí highways.

the like restrictions anci appeals.

AN ACT to incorparate the Criskany Turnpike Company.

Passed April 5, 1816.
1. BE it enacted by the people of the State of New-York, repre-

sented in Senate and Assembly, That Erastus Cleveland, Job HerErastus jck, Moses Foot, wior, Thomas Hart, William Briton, Grant Cleveland

Miller, Asa B. Sizer, Samuel Stow, and Elisha Wyllis and all such & others incorporated, other persons as shall associate for the purpose of making a good and

sufficient turnpike road, to begin at or near the house of Samuel Stow, in the village of Log-city, in the towo of Eaton, in the county of Madison, from thence to run north-casterly on the nearest and most convenient route, to intersect the third great western turupike, near the house of Ezra Woodworth, in the town of Madison, then to leave said third great western turnpike at or near the house of Benjamin I. Starr, in the village of Madison, and run on the nearest and most convenient route, by Miller's mills, in

the town of Augusta, in the county of Oneida, to Briton's mills, in by the name the town of Paris, and there to eod, and their successors be, and of the Oris- they are hereby created a body corporate and politic, by the name pike.

in- of - The President, Directors and Company of the Oriskany Turi

pike,” in fact and in pame, and by that name they are their successors shall and may have continual succession, and be capable of suing and being sưed, pleading and being impleaded, answering and beints apswered unto, defending and being defended in all courts and places whatsoever, in all actions and complaints, matters and causes; and by the same name and style shall be in law capable of purchasing, holding and conscying any estate, real and personal, for the use of said corporation. Provided, that such estate, as well realas personal, so to be purchased and held, shall be necessary to fulfil the end and intent of the said corporation, and to no other purpose whatsoever.

II. And be it further enacted, That the stock of the said company Stock. hereby incorporated, shall consist of twelve hundred shares, of iwers


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