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trators, or assigns, paying the said yearly rent in of Luna'iu's such manner as is hereinbefore reserved, and per

forming, fulfilling, and keeping all and singular
the covenants, conditions, provisoes, and agree-
ments hereinbefore mentioned, reserved, and con-
tained, and which on the part and behalf of
the said (lessee) bis executors, administrators,
and assigns, ought to be paid, performed, ful-
filled, and kept, shall and may peaceably and
quietly have, hold, use, occupy, possess, and
enjoy the said messuage or tenement, and all and
singular other the premise hereby demised, and
every part thereof, with the appurtenances, for and
during the continuance of the said term of
years hereby granted, without any lett, suit, trou-
ble, denial, disturbance, or interruption of, from,
or by him the said (committee) or such person as

shall be appointed committee as aforesaid, him, Usual power of them, or any of them. PROVIDED ALWAYS, that re-entry.

if it shall happen that the said yearly rent or sum of

, or any part thereof, shall be behind or unpaid by the space of days next over or aster

any of the said days of payment on which the same ought to be paid as aforesaid, (being lawfully demanded,) or if the said (lessee) bis executors, administrators, or assigns, shall not well and truly perform and keep all ard every the covenants and agreements hereinbefore mentioned on his and their parts and behalfs to be kept, done, and performed, then and from thenceforth, and in any or either of the said cases, it shall and may be lawful to and for the said (committee) or such person as shall be appointed committee as aforesaid, or his agents, into and upon the said hereby demised premises, or any part thereof, in


of Lunalic's


the name of the whole, wholly to re-enter, and the same to have again, retain, re-possess, and enjoy, as in his first and former estate; and the said (lessee) his executors, administrators, and assigns, and all other occupiers and possessors of the said premises, utterly to expel, put out, and remove, (this indenture, or any thing hereinbefore contained to the contrary thereof notwithstanding.) IN WITNESS, &c.

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Of Executor. ship and Trusts.

Disclaimer of Executorship and Trusts.

day of

last past;

TO ALL WHOM THESE PRESENTS shall come unto and concern, (one of the trustees and executors) sends greeting. WHEREAS

late of

iu the county of deceased, duly made and published his last will and testament, in writing, bearing date on or about the and thereby gave and devised all and singular his real, personal, and other estate and effects whatsoever and wheresoever, unto (three trustees) their heirs and assigns, upon trust that they the said (trustees) and the survivors and survivor of them, and the heirs, executors, administrators and assigns of such survivor, did and should with all convenient speed, after his the said (testator's) decease, sell and dispose of all such part or parts of his estate and effects as should not consist of monies or securities for money; and should convey, assign, or otherwise assure the same unto the respective purchasers thereof; and upon trust to call in all such monies as should or might be due to him upon securities or otherwise; and should stand possessed of the monies so to be called in and raised by sale as aforesaid, and of the rents and profits of the property thereby made saleable, in the mean time, until such sale, upon the several trusts thereinafter contained. And the said (testator) appointed the said (trustees) executors of that his will; and the said (testator) did thereby direct his said trustees and executors to stand possessed of and interested in the residue of his property, in trust for his next of kin, according

day of

to the statute of distribution. And the said (testa- DISCLAIMER tor) afterwards duly made and published a codicil Of Executorto his said will. AND WHEREAS the said (testator) ship and Trusts died on or about the

last. And WHEREAS the said (trustee) hath not accepted the said devises and bequests made to him by the said will of the said (testator), nor the executorship thereof, and hath not in any manner acted in the trusts or duties of the said will, but hath wholly declined and waived the sanie. Now THESE PRESENTS WITNESS, that he the said (trustee) doth by this present deed or writing under his hand and seal, waive, disclaim, relinquish, and wholly give up all and every the gifts, devises, bequests, trusts, powers, and authorities whatsoever, in and by the said recited will of the said (testator) given, deyised, and bequeathed to and reposed in him the said (trustee) or expressed and intended so to be and every of them, and doth hereby absolutely and irrevocably testify and declare his refusal to accept the same or any of them. IN WITNESS, &c,



By Mortgagee and Mortgagore


gage by demise,

Assignment and Confirmation by Mortgagee and

Mortgagor to a new Mortgagee who pays off
the former.

This INDENTURE, tripartite, made, &c. Be TWEEN (mortgagee) of the first part; (mortgagor)

of the second part; and (new mortgagee) of the Recites morts third part. WHEREAs by indenture of mortgage

and demise, bearing date, &c.and made, &c. between the said (mortgagor) party to these presents, of the one part, and the said (mortgagee) likewise party to these presents, of the other part, for the securing the re-payment with interest, of the principal sum of

advanced unto the said (mortgagor) by the said (mortgagee). He the said (mortgagor) for and in consideration of the said sum of paid him in hand by the said (mortgagee) did grant and demise unto the said (mortgagee) his executors, administrators, and assigns, ALL, &c. TO HOLD unto the said (mortgagee) his executors, administrators, and assigns, from the

for the term of

years, under the rent of one pepper-corn, but subject, nevertheless, to a proviso or condition thereio contained for making void the same, and the term thereby granted, on pay. ment by the said (mortgagor) bis heirs and assigns, unto the said (mortgagee) of the principal sum of

with the interest thereof, at the days and times, and by such payments as in the said indenture are limited and appointed for that

day of

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