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David complaineth


in great distress. arrows upon thy strings against 10 I was cast upon thee froin the face of them.

the womb: thou art my God 13 Be thou exalted, Lord, in from my mother's belly. thine own strength: so will we 11 Be not far from me; for sing and praise thy power. trouble is near; for there is

none to help. PSALM XXII.

12 Many bulls have compass1 David complaineth in great discouragement. 9 He prayeth in great distress. 23 He prais

ed me: strong bulls of Bashan eth Goch

have beset me round. 1 To the chief Musician upon Aije- 13 They gaped upon me with

leth Shahar, A Psalm of David. their mouths, as a ravening and MH ,

hast a thou forsaken "me why 14 I am poured out like waart thou so far from helping ter, and all my bones are out me, and from the words of of joint: my heart is like wax; my roaring ?

it is melted in the midst of my 2 O my God, I cry in the day- bowels. time, but thou hearest not; and 15 My strength is dried up in the night season, and am like a potsherd; and my tongue not silent.

cleaveth to my jaws; and thou 3 But thou art holy, O thou hast brought me into the dust that inhabitest the praises of of death. Israel.

16 For dogs have compassed 4 Our fathers trusted in thee: me: the assembly of the wickthey trusted, and thou didsted have inclosed me: they deliver them.

pierced my hands and my feet. 5 They cried unto thee, and 17 I may tell all my bones : were delivered: they trusted in they look and stare upon me. thee, and were not confounded. 18 They part my garments

6 But I am a worm, and no among them, and cast lots upon man; a reproach of men, and my vesture. despised of the people.

19 But be not thou far from 7 All they that see me laugh me, O LORD: O my strength, me to scorn: they shoot out the haste thee to help me. lip, they shake the head, say- 20 Deliver my soul from the ing

sword; my darling from the 8 He trusted on the LORD power of the dog. that he would deliver him: let 21 Save me from the lion's him deliver him, seeing he de- mouth: for thou hast heard me lighted in him.

from the horns of the unicorns. 9 But thou art he that took 22 I will declare thy name me out of the womb: thou unto my brethren: in the midst didst make me hope when I of the congregation will I praise was upon my mother's breasts.


His confidence


in God's grace. 23 Ye that fear the LORD, in green pastures: he leadeth praise him; all ye the seed of me beside the still waters. Jacob, glorify him; and fear 3 He restoreth my soul : he him, all ye the seed of Israel. leadeth me in the paths of

24 For he hath not despised righteousness for his name's nor abhorred the affliction of sake. the afflicted; neither hath he 4 Yea, though I walk through hid his face from him; but when the valley of the shadow of he cried unto him, he heard. death, I will fear no evil: for

25 My praise shall be of thee thou art with me; thy rod and in the great congregation : I thy staff they comfort me. will pay my vows before them 5 Thou preparest a table bethat fear him.

fore me in the presence of mine 26 The meek shall eat and be enemies: thou anointest my satisfied : they shall praise the head with oil; my cup runneth Lord that seek him: your heart over.

: shall live for ever.

6 Surely goodness and mercy 27 All the ends of the world shall follow me all the days of shall remember and turn unto my life: and I will dwell in the LORD: and all the kindreds the house of the LORD for ever. of the nations shall worship before thee.


1 God's lordship in the world. 3 The citizens 28 For the kingdom is the

of his spiritual kingdom. 7 An exhortation LORD's: and he is the govern.

to receive him. or among the nations.

TA Psalm of David. 29 All they that be fat upon earth shall eat and worship: the fulness thereof; the all they that go down to the world, and they that dwell dust shall bow before him: and therein. none can keep alive his own 2 For he hath founded it upon soul.

the seas, and established it upon 30 A seed shall serve him ; it the floods. shall be accounted to the Lord 3 Who shall ascend into the for a generation.

hill of the LORD? or who shall 31 They shall come, and shall stand in his holy place ? declare his righteousness unto 4 He that hath clean hands, a people that shall be born, that and a pure heart; who hath not he hath done this.

lifted up his soul unto vanity, PSALM XXIII.

nor sworn deceitfully. David's confidence in God's grace.

5 He shall receive the bless. A Psalm of David. ing from the LORD, and rightHE Lord is my shepherd; eousness from the God of his I shall not want.

salvation. 2 He maketh me to lie down 6 This is the generation of

THE earth is the Lord's, and

TH .

Lift up your heads, O ye s Good and upright is the

David prayeth for


pardon and help. them that seek him, that seek | remember thou me for thy goodthy face, . . ness' sake,

8 gates; and be ye lifted up, ye Lord: therefore will he teach everlasting doors; and the King sinners in the way. of glory shall come in.

9 The meek will he guide in 8 Who is this King of glory? judgment: and the meek will The Lord strong and mighty, he teach his way. the LORD mighty in battle. 10 All the paths of the LORD

9 Lift up your heads, O ye are mercy and truth unto such gates; even lift them up, ye as keep bis covenant and his everlasting doors; and the King testimonies. of glory shall come in.

11 For thy name's sake, O 10 Who is this King of glory? Lord, pardon mine iniquity; The Lord of hosts, he is the for it is great. King of glory. Selah.

12 What man is he that fear.

eth the Lord? him shall he PSALM XXV.

teach in the way that he shall 1 David's confidence in prayer. He prayeth choose.

for remission of sins, 16 and for help in affliction.

13 His soul shall dwell at LA Psalm of David.

ease; and his seed shall inherit NTO thee, O LORD, do I the earth. lift up my soul.

14 The secret of the Lord is 2 O my God, I trust in thee: with them that fear hiin; and let me not be ashamed, let not he will shew them his covenant. mine enemies triumph over 15 Mine eyes are ever toward

the Lord; for he shall pluck 3 Yea, let none that wait on my feet out of the net. thee be ashamed: let them be 16 Turn thee unto me, and ashamed which transgress with have mercy upon me; for I am out cause.

desolate and afflicted. 4 Shew me thy ways, o 17 The troubles of my heart LORD; teach me thy paths. are enlarged: oh bring thou me

5 Lead me in thy truth, and out of my distresses. teach me: for thou art the God

18 Look upon mine affliction of my salvation; on thee do I and my pain; and forgive all wait all the day.

6 Remember, 0 LORD, thy 19 Consider mine enemies; tender mercies and thy loving- for they are many; and they kindnesses ; for they have been hate me with cruel hatred. ever of old.

20 Oh keep my soul, and deliver 7 Remember not the sins of me: let me not be ashamed; my youth, nor my transgress- for I put my trust in thee. ions: according to thy mercy 21 Let integrity and upright

Lord, .


my sins.

and by prayer.

have walked in mine inte

. | THE Lord is my light and

David's integrity.


His trust in God. ness preserve me; for I wait on 12 My foot standeth in an thee.

even place: in the congrega22 Redeem Israel, O God, out tions will I bless the Lord. of all his troubles.


1 David sustaineth his faith by the power of David resorteth unto God in confidence of his God, 4 by his love to the service of God, 9

LA Psalm of David.

TA Psalm of David.
O LORD; for I

my salvation; whom shall grity: I have trusted also in I fear? the Lord is the strength the LORD; therefore I shall not of my life; of whom shall I slide.

be afraid? 2 Examine me, O LORD, and 2 When the wicked, even mine prove me; try my reins and my enemies and my foes, came upon heart.

me to eat up my flesh, they stum3 For thy lovingkindness is bled and fell. before mine eyes : and I have 3 Though a host should enwalked in thy truth.

camp against me, my heart 4 I have not sat with vain per. shall not fear: though war sons, neither will I go in with should rise against me, in this dissemblers.

will I be confident. 5 I have hated the congrega- 4 One thing have I desired of tion of evil doers; and will not the Lord, that will I seek after; sit with the wicked.

that I may dwell in the house

I 6 I will wash mine hands in of the Lord all the days of my innocency: so will I compass life, to behold the beauty of the thine altar, O Lord:

Lord, and to inquire in his tem7 That I may publish with ple. the voice of thanksgiving, and 5 For in the time of trouble tell of all thy wondrous works. he shall hide me in his pavil.

8 LORD, I have loved the ion : in the secret of his taberhabitation of thy house, and nacle shall he hide me; he the place where thine honour shall set me up upon a rock. dwelleth.

6 And now shall mine head be 9 Gather not my soul with lifted up above mine enemies sinners, nor my life with bloody round about me: therefore will men :

I offer in his tabernacle sacri. 10 In whose hands is mischief, fices of joy; I will sing, yea, I and their right hand is full of will sing praises unto the LORD. bribes.

7 Hear, O LORD, when I cry 11 But as for me, I will walk with my voice: have mercy al

. in mine integrity: redeem me, so upon me, and answer me. and be merciful unto me.

8 When thou saidst, Seek ye David prayeth


for assistance. my face; my heart said unto peace to their neighbours, but thee, Thy face, LORD, will I mischief is in their hearts. seek.

4 Give them according to their 9 Hide not thy face far from deeds, and according to the me; put not thy servant away wickedness of their endeavours: in anger: thou hast been my give them after the work of help; leave me not, neither for. their hands; render to them sake me, O God of my salvation. their desert.

10 When my father and my 5 Because they regard not mother forsake me, then the the works of the LORD, nor the LORD will take me up.

operation of his hands, he shall 11 Teach me thy way, O Lord, destroy them, and not build

, and lead me in a plain path, them up.

, because of mine enemies.

6 Blessed be the LORD, because 12 Deliver me not over unto he hath heard the voice of my the will of mine enemies : for supplications. false witnesses are risen up 7 The Lord is my strength against me, and such as breathe and my shield; my heart trustout cruelty.

ed in him, and I am helped : 13 I had fainted, unless I had therefore my heart greatly re

. believed to see the goodness of joiceth; and with my song will the Lord in the land of the liv. I praise him. ing.

8 The Lord is their strength, 14 Wait on the Lord: be of and he is the saving strength good courage, and he shall of his anointed. . strengthen thine heart: wait, 9 Save thy people, and bless I say, on the LORD.

thine inheritance: feed them

also, and lift them up for ever. PSALM XXVIII. 1 David prayeth earnestly against his enemies.

PSALM XXIX. 6 He blesseth God. 9 ìle prayeth for the

1 David exhorteth princes to give glory to God, people.

3 by reason of his power, 11 and protection TA Psalm of David.

of his people. NTO thee will I cry, O TA Psalm of David. LORD my rock; be not si

YIVE unto the LORD, O ye lent to me: lest, if thou be si- U mighty, give unto the LORD lent to me, I become like them glory and strength. that go down into the pit. 2 Give unto the LORD the glo

2 Hear the voice of my sup- ry due unto his name; worship plications, when I cry unto thee, the Lord in the beauty of howhen I lift up my hands to- liness. ward thy holy oracle.

3 The voice of the LORD is 3 Draw me not away with upon the waters: the God of the wicked, and with the work- glory thundereth: the Lord is ers of iniquity, which speak | upon many waters.


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