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corder of the said city of Troy, shall be vested with, and may, exofficio, lawfully exercise and perform all and singular the same pow, ers, authority and services, which are now vested in, and may be exercised and performed by the several recorders of the cities of New-York, Albany and Hudson, by virtue of the eleventh section of the act, entitled "an act concerning the supreme court," passed the twenty-fifth day of February, 1813, and be entitled to the like

fees therefor. Clerk of the XXXVI. And be it further enacted, That the clerk of the county

* of Repsselaer, shall be ex officio clerk of the said mayor's court ol

the city of Troy, and perform the cuties, and be entitled to the fect of said office; and that the records and proceedings of the same court shall and may be filed and kept in the office of said clerk of said countyo; and the gaol of said county shall also be the common gao and prison of said city; and the sheriff of said county shall be bound to receive into his custody therein, all persons lawfully committed to prison, by virtue of process issued out of the said mayor's court, oi from or by any officer or officers of the same city, and be responsi ble for their safe keeping therein, in the same manner he would have been had the same persons been originally arrested and committed by the sheriff of said county, on process to him duly directed and

delivered.'” . Marshal to XXXVU. And be it further enacted, That the marshal of saie give bond. city of Troy, before he enters upon the execution of the duties a

bis office, shall give the like bood, with like sureties, for the faithfu

ex: cution of the duties of his office, as is by law required of sheriff The cham- of the several counties of this staie; and the chamberlain and collec berlain, col. tor or collectors and coostables of said city, before they enter upoi lectors and constables the duties of their respective offires, shall severally execute thei to give bond bonds to the mayor, recorder, aldermed and commonally of the sam

city, in such sums and with such sureties as the said common coun cil shall approve; conditioned that they shall faithfully execute th

duties of their respective offices : And all the judicial and ministeria - officers of said city, shall respectively, Delore they enter upon th

execution of their respective offices, take and subscribe, before on of he magistrates of said city, the oaihs directed to be taken by ju dicial and ministerial officers, respectively, in and by the third an ninth sections of an act, entitled “ an act concerning oaths," and caus a certificate of the oath, so taken, to be filed in the office of the cler of said city, within eight days after the taking and subscribing th

same. The mayor, XXXVIII. And be it further enacted, That the mayrr, record recorder er and aldermeo of the said city, shall severally be ex-officio just apd alder men to be ces of the peace of said county of Rensselaer, but shall not, by virtu ex-officio of said office, be authorised to hear and try agy civil cause; to th justices of amouot of twenty-five dollars or under, except such as are broug

to recover a penalty under the hy-laws of said city, in which ca they may severally act as justices of the peace, in their civil c

pacity. Assessment XXXIX. And be it further enacted, That the assessment to wai on highways on the highways, directed to be made by the commissioners of hig to be paid in ways, in aod by the act, entitled “ an act to regulate higlıways,” sha money.

in the said city of Troy, be paid in money, instead of work on ti lrighways, at the rate of sixty-two and an half cents for each day's work assessed; which assessment the commissioners of highways of Eaid city may make out, and the same shall be collected of the several persons assessed, by the collector of said city, by virtue of a warrạot to be issucd by the common council of said city, under the seal of the same, in the same manner as taxes are by this act directed to be collected and paid to the chamberlain of said city, to be expended in making and keeping in repair the highways, bridges and roads, io Roads and said city, in such manner as the same commissioners shall judge bridges how

be to be kept most beneficial to the public which bighways, roads and bridges, in repair. it is hereby made the duty of said commissioners to make and keep in repair: And that said city of Troy shall, for all the purposes coritemplated by the act, entitled “ an act to regulate bighways," and the act, entitled “ an act for the assessment and collection of taxes,” and the act, entitled “an act for regulating elections," and the act, entitled “ an act for the better establishment of common schools,” in all respects, not otherwise provided for and erected by this act, be considered as a towa: And the duties required of the clerks of the Duty of the cities of New York, Albany, Hudson and Schenectady, respective-city clerk. ly, by the sixth section of said act, entitled “ai act for the assessment and collection of taxes,” shall be performed by the clerk of the city of Troy; and also, that the fourth section of the act, entitled “ an act conceroing costs," shall not extend to any action, by or agaiost the mayor, recorder, aldermen and commonally of the city of Troy, or chamberlaio thereof: And further, That at all élections to be held within the said city of Troy, as a town, under and by virtue of the aforesaid act, entitled “ ad act for regulatiog elections," the supervisors, assessors and clerk of the said city, for the time being, shall be the inspectors of such elections, and shall as such inspectors conform, in all things, to the directions contained in said last mentioned act.

And whereas, The inhabitants of the village of Troy, as at present Preampie established by law, have heretofore authorised the trustees of the said village to raise by tax, money sufficient to erect a school house in said village, of such dimensions to admit, for instruction, all the children of said village, between the age of five and fifteen years : And the said trustees have contracted for the erection of said school-house, to be built on lands owned by said village; Therefore,

XL. Be it further enacted, That the four first wards of the city simi of Troy, shall be and remain one school district, and shall not be trict. subject to alteration or division by the commissioners of common schools of said city.

XLI. And be it further enacted, That it shall and may be law- School true ful for the mayor, recorder, aldermen and commonalty of the said tees to be city appually, on the third Tuesday of May, to appoint trustees, nos appointed, exceeding thirteen in number, to manage the concerns of said school; which trustees, before they enter on the execution of their office, shall take and subscribe an oath or affirmation, before the mayor, recorder, or one of the aldermen or justices of said city, faithfully to execute the office of trustees of said school; - which oath or affirmation shall be filed in the office of the clerk of the said city, by the person or persons who make the said oath : Aod in case any person appointed a trustee, shall neglect or refuse to cause the said oath to be

filed, for fifteen days after he shall be notified of his appoiotment, he shall incur a penalty of ten dollars, to be recovered by action of debt, in the came of the chamberlaio of the said city, with costs of prosecution, before any of the aldermen or justices of the peace of said city; and the penalties so recovered shall be applied towards the

support of said school. Duty of the XLII. And be it further enac!el, That the duties to bc performtrustees to ed by the said trustees, shall be from time to time declared and pre. be declared by the com- scribed by the mayor, recorder, aldermen and commonslty of the mon council said city; and that it shall not be lawful or necessary for the in

babitants of the said four first wards, to choose or elect trustees, un der the act, entitled “an act for the better establishment of common schools ;” but the several duties required to be performed by in spectors and trustecs, by said act, shall be performed by the trustees of said school, to be appointed as aforesaid, subject to such regula

tions as the common council of said city shall make. School fund XLIII. 'And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty o how to be the commissboners of schools of said city, to pay to the chamberlair distributer. of said city, out of the movies which shall arise from the distribution

of the school fuod, or which shall be raised by the said city, in pur suance of the act,'entitled “ an act for the better establishment o common schools,” such a portion thereof as the district comprising the four first wards of said city shall be entitled to receive, by virtue o said act; which monies shall be appropriated to the support of the

said school. .' Tax to be . XLIV. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for raised to re- ind

the common council of said city to raise a sum not exceeding five hundred dollars annually, by tax, on the inhabitants of the four firs wards of said city, for repairing the said school house, and de fraying the expenses of said school, to be assessed and collected a the other taxes of the said city are assessed and collected; whic!

sums, when collected, shall be paid to the chamberlain of said city Certain chil. XLV. And be il further enacted, That the trustees of said schoo exempted

be shall have power and authority to exempt from the payment of tui from paying tion money and other charges, all such scholars and the person for tuition. sending them to school, as they shall judge unable to bear the charg

thereof; and also to declare and fix the sum which each person liable to pay for tuition or other charges, shall be compelled ti pay, having regard to the ability of the persons so liable, and to ap point a person to collect the said sums from the persons who shall b liable to pay them: And if any person shall neglect or refuse to pay the sum or sums which he or she shall be liable to pay, the sam may be recovered in the name of the chamberlain of said city, by

action of debt, before any court having jurisdiction thereof. School con- XLVI. And be it further enacted, That there shall annually bi missioners elected, at the time and in the manner the other officers of the sait and inspec

e city shall be chosen, one commissioner of schools, in each of th lected. wards of said city; and in each of the fifth and sixth wards of th

said city, three inspectors of schools for said wards shall also b

chosen in like manner. Monies for huilling

of XLVII. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful fa school the said common council to order the raising and cause to be raised house how by tax, upon the estates of the inhabitants of the said first, second to be raised.

pair house,

dren may

third sci fourth wards of said city, from time to time, the movies for building the school house mentioned in the preamble of the fortieth section of this act. in the same manner the trustees of the village of Troy are vor authorised to raise the same, by a resolution of the inbabitants of said village, given at a public meeting for that purpose, heretofore ceoveded, and apply the nionies, when collected, for the building of said school house; and that on all questions relating to said school, mentioned in the said section, and on all questions relating er-lasisely to the four first wards of said city, the aldermen of the gah and sixth wards of the same city, shall not be entitled to vote 3Dembers of said common council.

XLVIII. And be it further enacted, That this act shall be a This is a public act, and be coustrued, in all courts and places, favorably to ey, public act. ery beoeficial purpose therein intended.


AN ACT for the relief of the President and Directors of the Eastchester Bridge Company and their Credilors.

Passed April 12, 1816. WHEREAS it is represented to the legislature, by the stockhold. Preamble. ers ta the corporation created by the act, entitled “ an act to incorporate the Eastchester bridge company,” that the bridge erected by the said company, over the Eastchester creek, in pursuance of the saal act. has been destroyed by an extraordinary storm and flood: That the funds of the company are inadequate to rebuild it; and ter the said corporation is moreover largely indebted to the builders and workmen who were employed in its erection, and praying legislative aid and relief in the premises; Therefore, I. BE it enacted by the people of the State of New York, repre-,

Remains of sented in Senate and Assembly, That it shall and may be lawful for the bridge the presideni and directors of the said company, to sell, at pubic may be solu auctiac, in the city of New York, all the remains of the said bridge, and all the other property and estate of the said corporation, to the ligirst bilder or bidders, and thereupon to grant and convey the sabe to the purchaser or purchasers thereof; Provided, that six Proviso. weeks botice of the time and place of such sale be given in the nearEst Espaper printed in the county of Westchester, and also in two of the cablic newspapers printed in the city of New York.

I. And be it further enacted, That such conveyance being du- Avails to be ly acknowledged or proved, shall be recorded in the clerk's office of applied to the county of Westchester; and that the monies arising from such pay the

ha company's ale, after paying all incidental expenses attending the same, shall debts. be applied in the first place to the payment of the debts of the said corporation, and that the residue and surplus of the said movies, stall be divided and paid to and among all the stockholders in the rail. company, in proportion to the number of shares which they may respecurely hold therein.

IN. And be it further enacted, That the purchaser or purchas- The purcha13 at such sale, and his or their assigns or associates, shall be and sers may re bereby are authorised to rebuild the said bridge, in the manner re- bridge.

quired by the said act, provided the same be completed by the first day of August, in the year one thousand eight hundred and seven teen; and in case the same s!all be so completed by that day, theu the said purchaser or purchasers, his or their assigos and associates, shall thereafter be considered as the stockholders of the said company, in proportion to the sums they shall respectively pay and ad

vance towards the said purchase, and the rebuilding of the said And be a bridge and other necessary objects: And they and their successors body corpo- shall be and continue a body corporate and politic, by the name, and rate for 45 years.

with all the powers, privileges aod immunities mentioned in the said act, and in the act to amend the saine, for and during the term of forty-five years from the passing of this act, and no longer, any thing in the said acts, or either of theni, contained, to the contrary notwith

ing: Provided always, This act not IV. And be it further enacted, That nothing in this act containto prevent, ed, shall be construed to bar or prevent any public prosecution, or. against the any action or actions, which any person or persons would have if former com- this act had not been passed against the said president and directors, pany.

or against all or any of the stockholders of the said company, or against any person or persons who is, are or have been in their em: ploy, or to prevent the abating of any puisance.


AN ACT relating to the Shinecock tribc of Indians.

Passed April 15, 1810. Trustees to 1. BE i enacted by the people of the State of New-York, reprebe elected. sented in Scnate and Assembly, That it shall be lawful for the male

Indians, above the age of twenty-one years, belonging to the Shinecock tribe, in Suffolk county, to meet together on the first Tuesday in April, in every year, at the place for holding tovo meetings, in the town of Southampton, and by plurality of voices, annually to elect three persons, belonging to the said tribe, as trustees : And it shall be the duty of the clerk of the said town to attend and preside at such meetings of the said Indians, and to enter in a book to be kept by him for that purpose, the names of the trustees to be chosen as aforesaid, and the proceediogs of such trustees, and of the said trustees

and the justices bereafter mentioned. Lands to be II. Arul be it further enacted, That the said trustees are hereby divided.

authorised and empowered, from time to time, to lay out aod appropriate such quantity of the lands of the said tribe, to each individual

or family of the said tribe, as they shall judge proper and necessary Proviso, for his or their improvement: Provided, That the whole quantity so'

laid out and appropriated, in any one year, shall not exceed one bundred and twenty-five acres : And the said trustees, by and with the consent of three justices of the peace, residing in or near the town of Southampton, are hereby authorised and empowered, from time to tinie, to lease out so much of the said Jands, as they shall think proper, for the benefit of the said tribe, and for any term pot exceeding ihree years : And also to order and direct on what part of the said lands fire-wood and timber may be cut by the said tribe for their use.

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