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friars-road. HIRE, or for SALE, STEAM-ENGINES, of various powers, which may be worked without any fixing; also pumps ani saw tables ENGINE TO DO LEI OIL -Apply to Messrs. MEDWIN and HALL, Engineers, 92, Black

SAUCE.-The admirers of this
celebrated Fish Sauce are particularly requested to observe
at none is genuine but that which bears the name of WILLIAM
AZENBY on the back of each bottle, in addition to the front label,
sed so many years, and signed ELIZABETH LAZENBY, 6, Edwards-
reet, Portman-square, London.

TEETH.-By her Majesty's Royal Letters Patent.
on VHITE and GUM-COLOURED INDIA RUBBER in the construc
Newly-invented and Patented application of chemically-prepared
d-ion of ARTIFICIAL TEETH, Gums, and Palates.-Mr. EPHRAIM
MOSELY, Surgeon-Dentist, 61, Grosvenor-street, Grosvenor-square,
Cole Inventor and Patentee.-A new, original, and invaluable invention,
consisting in the adaptation, with the most absolute perfection and
uccess, of chemically-prepared WHITE and GUM-COLOURED
INDIA RUBBER as a lining to the
frame. The
most edges
xtraordinary results of this application may be briefly noted in a few
re avoided, no springs, wire, or fastenings are required, a greatly
ncreased freedom of suction is supplied, a natural elasticity hitherto
wholly unattainable, and a fit, perfected with the most unerring accu-
racy, is secured, while from the softness and flexibility of the agent
employed the greatest support is given to the adjoining teeth when
oose, or rendered tender by the absorption of the gums.-To be ob
tained only at 61, Lower Grosvenor street, London; 14, Gay-street,
Bath; 10, Eldon-square, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

kinds of carriages are built by them, of first-class character, to order, or
Co.'s CROYDON BASKET CARRIAGES. These elegant, light, and
cheap carriages are to be constantly seen at their Manufactory, either
for sale or building to order. They are made in every variety of shape
their Pagnel and Bagot carts, in basket or panels; also, their improved
horse, commencing at £16. Messrs. LENNY and Co. beg to say, all
on hire for any term. Broughams, clarences, barouche, cab, or Droitzka
£10 10s. N.B. Carts and dog-cart phaetons for railway and other pur-
phaetos, Stanhope and pony phaetons are to be found in their stock, V
built or building to order. Messrs. LENNY and Co. invite attention to
North-end, Croydon.
Bagot carts for ladies, and their small carts for ponie, commencing at d
poses, with or without canopies, sociables in basketwork or panels. Car-
riages repaired and painted.-Carriage and Harness Manufactory, 20,

HE successful Results of the last half century

OIL possesses peculiarly nourishing powers in the growth, restoration,
hair, cleanses it from scurf and dandriff, and makes it beautifully soft,
have proved beyond question that ROWLANDS' MACASSAR
and improvement of the human hair, nd when every other specific has
Cantion-On the wrapper of each bottle are the words "Rowlands
failed. It prevents it from falling off or turning grey, strengthens weak
curly, and glossy. For children it is esp cially recommend d, as forming
the basis of a beautiful head of hair. Price 3s. 6d. and 78.; family
bottles (equal to four small), 10s. 6d.; and double that size, 218.
Macassar Oil," in white letters, in two lines. Sold by A. ROWLAND
and SONS, 20, Hatton-garden, London; and by chemists and per-

[F you are BALD, or your hair is thin, pray use
ALEX. ROSS'S CANTHAR DES OIL, which causes the hair
to grow on bald places produces luxuriant whiskers, a superior g oss,
and removes scurf.-Sold at 3s. 6d. forwarded for stamps, carriage
free, 12 extra, by ALEX. ROSS, 1, Little Queen-street, High Holborn.

rendered it justly celebrated in all parts of the world. For two cen-
eclipsed all other odorant waters. Its extraordinary power to increa
The specific virtues of EAU de la REINE de HONGRIE have
lative refreshing qualities. 25. the bottle, or 10s. 6d, ca of six.he
turiesits reputation has steadily advanced, till at the present time it bas
thememory and invigorate the brain, induces orators, clergymen ec-
turers, authors, and poets to give it the preference. Hungary water is
an exquisite perfume, it raises and strengthens the spirits by its super-
genuine is distilled only by PAESSE and LUBIN, & New Bond-street

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