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Negroes corrected,
Commissioners to have drains cleansed; to contract for the same,
To keep the drains and grates in repair,
White persons breaking or injuring grates, to be fined,
Negroes corrected,
Penalty for keeping water course above ground,
May build diagonal drains under ground; fine for having a trunk,
Commissioners to order drains that are choaked to be cleansed,
If not obeyed, to be done at the owners expence, and assess for the same,
White persons molesting workmen cleansing private drains to be fined,
Negroes how to be treated,
Penalty for communicating privy, with public drains,
Putrid matter, &c. to be removed ; fine for refusing,
Council to order city sheriff, &c. to remove nuisances,
Fine for molesting city officers; negroes offending to be whipped,
Regulations for sinking wells, and placing pumps,
Penalty, if a white person, for injuring pumps,
Negroes to be whipped,
Penalty for washing horses, &c. at pump,
Persons not permitted to fire squibs,
Not to burn shavings, or fire guns, or fly kites; penalty ; punishment,
Seizure of articles, and penalty for opposing persons seizing the same,
Persons not permitted to game in the street,
Whites to pay, a penalty ; negroes to be whipped,
How fines are to be recovered, and punishments inflicted,
All fines imposed, payable with costs,
Tenant to pay fines, and deduct from rent,
By whom city scavenger and lamplighter are elected, and when,
City Marshal and clerk of commissioners, to have cellar doors repaired,

Clerk of commissioners of streets & lamps, salary augmented to $400.
Commissioners' Power

To remove their officers, with the approbation of council,

Time of electing them; in case of vacancy, how to proceed,
When elected to take oath, within five days, before the wardens in

their wards,
Their duty; penalty ; to attend fire,
To aid and assist in enforcing city ordinances,
Persons opposing constables, liable to penalty,
Number of constables elected ; fine for refusing to act,
Persons exempt from serving,

Drawing small coaches, &c. on pavement forbid; fine,
To be elected by the city council, for the parishes of St. Philip and

St. Michael; his oath, duty and fees,
Court of Wardens,

Complaint agalnst city officers to be made to inferior city court,
Court of Wardens and Sheriff

Clerk or sheriff, not to act as attorney,
Every person may plead his own cause,
Penalty for taking greater fees than allowed,

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ib. 65

65, 66


Sheriff's fees-city sheriff to hold his office for one year-commissi- page

oned by the intendant-to give bond for $10,000—-oath, salary and

emoluments—sheriff to appoint deputies—their oath, Their duties; persons opposing sheriff or deputies, to be fined,

67 Deputy sheriff to produce his deputation-sheriff's duty, as to keeping accounts; to make return on oath monthly; penalty,

ib. Shall preserve public papers,

ib. Recorder to be commissioned by the intendant; his salary,

68 Vacancy, how to be filled ; oath of office ; his duties,

ib. Three months absence, vacates his office,

69 Öne dollar to sheriff, for every case docketed,

ib. Transcient persons committing offences against city ordinances, and

about to depart the state, recorder to give an order for bail, and

if bail be not given, defendant to be committed to prison, Fines imposed by ordinances, recoverable in the court of wardens, to be recovered in the inferior city court,

70 Clerk of the Inferior City Court Fees of the clerk and sheriff fixed,

71 Clerk of Council His salary,

71 Clerk of Council and Treasurer Fees to the clerk and treasurer, for vendue licences,

72 Dispensary, Shirras' Shirras' bequest; bis will,

72 Sum appropriated for establishment of dispensary,

73 Intendant, president of St. Andrew's society and president of the me ib. dical society, for the time being, appointed trustees,

ib. Twelve citizens to be annually elected commissioners,

ib. Appointment of consulting physicians,

74 Annual accounts to be rendered to council,

ib. Dogs Not suffered to be at large; penalty,

74 Persons of colour and negroes not to keep dogs, unless well secured, ib. Penalty; persons authorized to kill dogs found at large,

75 Marshal and others protected in their duty,

76 Dogs to be secured,

ib. Duty of marshal; to be indemnified,

77 To cause collar to be place on the city marshal's dogs,

ib. Harbour Master to notify all masters of vessels,

ib. Drains Duty of commissioners of streets,

78 Proprietors of wharves, benefited by drains, to be assessed,

ib. Directions, respecting future drains, to be observed,

ib. Drums Beating of drums prohibited, except by city sheriff, by militia officers

when summoning their men, and the continental troops ; marching

on the pavement not allowed; penalty for beating drums, Elections

City officers elected annually; how to proceed in case of vacancy, 80 New elections, when to take place,


79, 80

Entertainments (Theatrical) Public house-keepers, permitting exhibitions in their houses, forfeit page their licences,


ib. Time of granting licences; fine for exhibiting without licence, Negroes and persons of colour not to be admitted to them,

ib. No play, farce, interlude, or afterpiece, interdicted by council, to be represented,

82 Fire-Masters Their election; hooks to be procured,

82 Fire-masters to appoint managers to engines,

83 Persons elected fire-masters, fined $60, for non-performance of duty,

ib. Term of service,

ib. Company of axmen to be raised, and subject to the command of supervising committee,

ib. Mulattoes and free negroes, attached to the company,

ib. Duty of fire-masters, pay of firemen,

84 Engines to be kept clean; penalty for articles lost,

ib. Fire-masters to have wells sunk; duty of guard in time of fire,

85 Intendant, wardens and others to attend fires; fine for not attending, ibi Fire-masters to command aid at time of fires,

ib. Penalty for not obeying; houses to be blown up, if necessary,

86 Fire companies, for removal of goods, to be distinguished by badges, ib. Places of deposit for goods,

87 Number of men to be under arms in time of fire,

ib. Riding through the streets, in time of fire, prohibited,

ib. Buckets to be provided by the city, and owners of houses,

ib. Owners of wooden houses to provide ladders,

88 Duty of Scavengers; persons indemnified in the execution of duty, ib. Persons employed at the engines to obey fire-masters,

89 Intendant and wardens, their duty,

ib. Pitch, tar and turpentine, not to be boiled in the city, except in such

places as three or more fire-masters may agree to; or on board
any boat or vessel not afloat,

ib. Gunpowder, conveyed through the city, to be secured,

ib. Quantity of powder permitted to remain in stores; penalty,

90 Description of stills allowed; number of stills permitted,

ib. Description of houses to be used by tallow-chandlers and soap-boilers, 91 Negroes, to carry buckets to the place of fire, Fire-masters, to render account to the intendant for rewards,

ib. Clerk of the board of fire-masters ; salary $500 ; to give bond,

ib. Houses may be entered by fire-masters, to search for combustibles, ib. Chimnies, dangerous, to be altered or pulled down, by fire-masters, 93 Engineers to be appointed; city divided into 28 fire-master's divisions, 94, 95 Fire-men appointed to each division; their duty,

95 Fine for not serving,

96 Ladder, fire-hook and rope, to be provided for each division,

ib. Fire-men removing, other persons to be appointed in their division, ib,

Clerk of the board of fire-masters' salary, $500.
Fine for playing at EO table; table to be forfeited,

97 Tavern-keepers, allowing such table, to forfeit their licence, and not to obtaip another,




Rolly polly, and all games of hazard, prohibited,

pages Keepers of billiard tables, forfeit their licence if they permit the game

of rolly polly, or game of hazard, faro-bank and pas-dice; and are, prohibited, under a penalty of $80, on the owner or keeper of said

bank or table, and $40, on such as do play, Gass Company To lay pipes, &c; earth removed, to be re-placed to the satisfaction of commissioners,

99 Factories and furnaces, number not to exceed five,

ib. Terms of lighting the city council may contract for the same,

99, 100 Guagers Appointment of

100 Qualified persons to guage; to use Gunter's scales,

101 Beef to be re-packed and branded before sale,

ib. Coals to be sold by the ton,

ib. Weighers, neglecting duty, fineable; measurement of wood,

102 Billet wood not to be corded; for so doing the cord is forfeited,

ib. Lumber, &c. to be marked,

103 Penalty for measurer's non-performance of duty ; fees,

ib. City Guard Establishment of-captain and lieutenants, elected annually,

104 Oath; to provide uniform ; city to provide uniform for sergeants and

men; clothes, arms and accoutrements to be deposited at the main
guard-house fines,

ib. Warden to visit city-guard ; captain to present list of defaulters, 105 Attending warden's duty; officer charged with misconduct to be re

ported to the intendant,
Fine not to exceed monthly pay; punishment, what,
Duty of captain,
Captain to reside at the main guard house,
Officer's duty ; to beat the tattoo and reveille,

108 Picquet guard to march to and from the main guard-house, Company to be exercised,

ib. Time of posting centinels, Time of sending out patroles; how armed when relieved,

109 Sergeants to report on their return,

ib. Officers to regulate their duty and keep a roster, Guard-how to be regulated during fires,

ib. Sergeants to apprehend robbers; how to proceed if his force is insufficient,

ib. If in pursuit of fugitives, enclosures to be ertered,

111 Warrant, to be issued for the apprehension of fugitives,

ib. Private signals, fixed on by the captain of the guard,

ib. Prisoners not to be released until morning,

ib. When apprehended for felony to be committed to gaoly

112 Regulations for prisoners, Fines for not assisting the city guard, Punishment on negroes and persons of colour,

ib. Guard to remain on duty, at public festivals, To patrol streets on sunday; when relieved,"

ib. Sergeants to report to commanding officer,

115 Centinels to be relieved,


ib. ib. 106 : 107








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Picquet guard, to send prisoners to main guard-house,
Patrole to apprehend slaves offending,

ib. Guard to be fined for neglect of duty, and for receiving bribe,

ib, Fine for assaulting guard; how to be recovered,

116 Guard to be enrolled, and sign articles,

ib. Pay; duty of captain; uniform and duty of guard,

117 Penalty, for giving ticket to negroes, without consent of owner,

118 Punishment of slaves, taken up after beating of tattoo,

ib. Duty of master of the work-house,

ib. Guard, to be augmented ; lieutenant to be elected, by council,

ib. Attending warden, or guard committee, authorized to exercise his or

their discretion in remitting entirely, or in part, the penalty or pun-
ishment for any offence whatever, inflicted by, or specified in the
city ordinances

119 Pay; guard detecting robberies to be compensated,

ib. Harbour-Master

Vessels subject to regulations; when laying at wharves, how regulated, 120 Captains of vessels to make out a list of passengers,

122 Harbour-Master to furnish captains of vessels with copy of city ordinances, and receive $1, as a fee,

ib. Captain, or owner, refusing to comply with regulations; penalty, 123 Captain, bringing a pauper passenger, to give bond,

ib. Captain, refusing to deliver list and certificate, as required, the vessel

is liable to all expences, Harbour-Master's duty; penalty for opposing harbour-master

125 Further duty-to keep an office; to keep a file of all certificates, ib. His oath; to give bond; to be commissioned by council,

126 To appoint a deputy; his compensation and duties,

ib. Pilots to report the arrival of vessels ; fee to habour-master,

127 Penalty on persons offering negroes for sale on sunday,

ib. Vessels, with gunpowder, not allowed to haul in at any wharf,

128 Harbour-Master, fined for neglect of duty,

ib, Regulations for vessels in the harbour,

ib. Harbour-Master's duty and power

129 Fine for fastening vessels to the works of south or east bay streets, 130 Hospital, Marine, Seven cominissioners, appointed by council,

130 Penalty for refusing to act; commissioners to report vacancies,

131 To eject steward, matron, nurses, &c. allow certain salaries,

ib. Surgeon, elected by council, to act under direction of commissioners, 132 Council, to draw monies in favor of commissioners; who are to lay statements of their expenditures before council,

ib. Fines, to be recovered in the inferior city court, by city attorney, ib. Salaries—physician, $1200; steward, $300; matron, $200 ; and each nurse, $144,

ib. Inquirer and Assessor Appointment of city assessor-his oath and duty,

133 Mode of making returns of taxable property,

ib. Double taxed for not making returns,

134 Inquirer to close his assessment on or before 1st march in every year,

and tą make return to the city treasurer on or before 1st of april, ib. Taxes-paid to the city treasurer; if over-rated may be sworn off, 135


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