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Physician to St. Antoine Hospital; Member of the Academy of Medicine and of the

Council of Hygiene and Salubrity of the Seine.


E. P. HURD, M. D.,

Member of the Massachusetts Medical Society; Vice-President of the Essex North Medical Society; Physician to the Anna Jaques

Hospital, Newburyport, Mass.

It gives me pleasure to announce that I have now in press, and will shortly have ready for issue, this valuable work. Its pages will be of large octavo size, and its letter press, paper and binding will be of a quality in keeping with the importance of the publication. It will comprehend the treatment of Nervous Diseases, Blood Diseases and Fevers, and will constitute a complete Manual of Practical Medicine which no progressive physician can well afford to be without.

DujardinBeaumetz is without a peer on the continent of Europe as a therapeutist and clinical lecturer, and his publications rank among the most popular medical works. The translation is well done and is adapted to American practice, with numerous additions, by Dr. E. P. Hurd, and is given to the profession with a special introduction by the author.

Probably no medical treatise of equal importance has been issued from the press of this country of late years, giving, as it does, the practice of the French school and its adaptation to American practice.


Medical Publisher,


Box 470.

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