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ALBANY, July 6, 1925 Pursuant to the directions of chapter 37, laws of 1909, entitled legislative law, I hereby certify that the following volume of the laws of this state was printed under my direction.


Secretary of State

Section 44 of the legislative law reads as follows:

§ 44. Statement in session laws as to passage of law. In the publication of every law, the certificates appended thereto shall be omitted, but there shall be inserted immediately under the title of the law, a statement to the effect that it became a law upon the properly specified date, with or without the approval of the governor, or notwithstanding his objections, as the case may be, and adding the words passed by a two-thirds vote,” “passed, three“

‘ fifths being present, or "passed, a majority being present," and the words “on emergency message" if passed by a two-thirds vote on an emergency message from the governor, pursuant to section two of article twelve of the constitution, in accordance with the certificates appended to the original bill. Such statement shall be presumptive evidence that the original law was certified by the presiding officer of each house accordingly. (As amended by L. 1925, ch. 625.)



(Legislative law, L. 1909, ch. 37.) $ 45. Publication of session laws; contents of published volumes of session laws. The secretary of state shall annually cause the session laws to be published as soon as possible after the adjournment of the legislature. Such volumes shall contain:

1. A statement of the names and residences of the governor, lieutenant-governor, senators and members of assembly, the presiding officers and clerks of both houses in office during each session.

2. The laws, and concurrent resolutions proposing amendments to the constitution of the state and concurrent resolutions proposing or ratifying amendments to the constitution of the United States, passed at each session.

3. Amendments to the state constitution approved and ratified by the people at the last preceding general election.

4. Tables showing the laws and parts thereof amended or repealed by such laws.

5. Indexes of the laws and concurrent resolutions contained in such volumes.

6. Such other matters as are required by law to be published in such volumes.

Such laws, concurrent resolutions, tables, indexes and other matters so required to be published shall be prepared for publication in the state library under the supervision of the director thereof. Side notes or section headings shall be inserted indicating the subject-matter of the several sections of the laws and concurrent resolutions. Suitable references to existing general or consolidated laws, codes, or special or local laws may be made in foot notes or otherwise. The said director may submit to the state printing board changes in the style of execution as to type and paper, which, when approved by such board, shall be the style of execution to be thereafter followed in the publication of

session laws. All contracts hereafter entered into for the printing of session laws shall be for terms of two years, and shall provide for the printing thereof in the style as so approved, and with the notes and references and in the form, and containing the matter, herein authorized or required. Each volume printed for the state shall contain the certificate of the secretary of state that it was printed under his direction. (As amended by L. 1911, ch. 272; L. 1921, ch. 13.)

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