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The design of this work will have been accomplished if it shall serve as a labor-saving volume to an already overworked profession. Within its pages will be found everything relating to the law of private corporations in California, whether contained in Constitution, statute, or decided case, so arranged as to enable the practicing lawyer to discover at a glance the condition of the law in this state on any particular subject relating to private corporations.

Upon the adoption of the codes, a complete revision of the corporation laws of the state was attempted, the previous laws being continued in force, however, so far as they affect the corporations formed under them. These laws have been compiled and are found in the appendix. Inasmuch as the validity of certain corporate acts may come to depend upon the state of the law at the time they were performed, a brief legislative history of each section and statute which has been amended, revised or repealed is given, together with its derivation, when known. A table of those cases in which the section or statute considered has been referred to or cited by our supreme court is also given. Each section of the code and statutes at large has been annotated wherever there is a decision of the supreme court relating thereto. The annotations are syllabi of all the decisions of the supreme court that in any manner relate to the law of private corporations, and have been prepared after an examination of the decisions themselves as they appear in volumes 1 to 139 of the California Reports. And not only is each case given with its holdings but all subsequent references to the cases made by the supreme court, whether in affirmance,

modification, criticism or disapproval, are noted, together with
such other cases in the California Reports as hold to the same
effect. After the California law upon any given subject has
been exhausted by this system of reference, the note citations
of California cases as they appear in the "American Decisions,”
the “American Reports” or the "American State Reports” are
given for the purpose of comparison with the holding of sister
states. In this way the authors believe they have placed within
the compass of a single volume the text of every existing law,
and a comprehensive reference to every case decided by the
supreme court of California relating to the subject.
April 15, 1904.


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