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Erlauterungstafeln zur Pathologischen Histologie mit vorzüglicher Ruck-

sicht auf sein Handbuch der pathologischen Anatomie herausgege-

ben von Dr. Julius Vogel, ausserordentl. Professor der Medizen

in Göttinen. Sechs und zwanzig Tafeln, mit 291 Figuren, woven

270 nach der Natur gezeichnet sind.

The Pathological Anatomy of the Human Body. By Julius Vogel, M.D.

Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of Giessen. Trans-

lated from the German, with additions, by George E. Day, M. A.

and L. M. Cantab. Member of the Royal College of Physicians;

Physician to the Western General Dispensary; Lecturer on His-

tology and Animal Chemistry at the Middlesex Hospital Medical

School ; Member of the Pathological Society of London, and

formerly Senior President of the Royal Medical Society of Edin-


• 20

Medical Instruction in the United States : an address delivered to the stu-

dents of the Philadelphia Association for Medical Instruction, at

the close of the Session of 1846. By Alfred Stillé, M. D., Lec-

turer on Pathology, and the Practice of Medicine,


Contributions to the Natural History of the Alligator, (Crocidilus Mis-

sissippiensis) with a Microscopic Addendum. By Bennet Dow-
ler, M. D.,


Hand-Book of Human Anatomy, general, special, and topographical.

Translated from the original German of Dr. Alfred Von Behr, and

adapted to the use of the English Student. By John Birkett, Fel.

low of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, and Demon-

strator of Anatomy at Guy's Hospital,


Summary of the Transactions of the College of Physicians of Philadel.

phia. Vol. 1. From Nov. 1841 to August 1846,


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