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“Christus Victor”, “ John Murray's Landfall”, and “A Flower of the Field” by Henry Nehemiah Dodge; to the Beacon Press for selections from “Thoughts for Daily Living” by Robert Collyer; to Sherman, French & Co. for selections from “The Faun and Other Poems” by Genevieve Farnell-Bond; to Little, Brown & Co. for selections from “A Round of Rimes" by Denis A. McCarthy, also extracts from the poems of Susan Coolidge; to J. L. Nichols & Co. for selections from “The Life and Works of Paul Laurence Dunbar”; to the Houghton, Mifflin Company for selections from “Poems” by John Vance Cheney, and extracts from the poems of James Russell Lowell, Edward Rowland Sill, Celia Thaxter and one poem by Josephine Preston Peabody; to Robert Loveman for selections from “Songs from a Georgia Garden” and “A Book of Verses”; to Henry Victor Morgan for selections from "Songs of Victory”; to the Century Co., The Outlook Co., Out West Magazine, The Survey, Zion's Herald, The Atlantic Monthly, The Churchman, J. B. Lippincott Co., The Book News Monthly, Boston Evening Transcript, Edgar A. Guest for extracts from "Breakfast Table Chat", to Folger McKinsey, “The Benztown Bard”, Samuel Ellsworth Kiser, John Kendrick Bangs, and to a host of other generous friends.


A MULTITUDE of friends of “The Optimist's Good Morning” and “The Optimist's Good Night” have asked the compiler for a supplementary volume with the same general plan and purpose. In complying with this request, she has thought it worth while to repeat in her title the optimistic suggestion, and hopes that in “Sunlit Days” she has succeeded.

The God-idea is deeply rooted in the mind of man, and prayer is as deeply rooted in the spiritual instincts. Yet family devotions have largely gone out of fashion; not, however, because men do not need to pray, nor because they have wholly lost the sense of dependence upon divine aid, but rather because of our more complex modern life. The old hour for family devotions has simply been crowded


But families do still come together at the breakfast table whether they live in country, village, or city. Here, then, is the opportunity to pause for a moment while the family group makes recognition of their divine relationships. Here is where this little book seeks to be of service. It furnishes for each day of the year a brief quotation and a word of prayer. Whether we confess it or not, we are all God's children. To say so is natural, and to seek the Father's aid is rational. To the individual, therefore, the brief service here suggested is as important as to the family group. A

of three minutes before starting the work of the day will give the spiritual uplift which will enable us to do better work.and fight a braver battle.



List of Authors of Selections

Adams, J. Donald, 215.
Allen, Alice E., 9.
Allen, Annette, 130.
Allerton, Ellen Palmer, 127.
Ames, Charles G., 367.
Aurin, Emil Carl, 113.

Babcock, Maltbie, D. 239.
Bangs, John Kendrick, 287.
Bartnett, Harriet, 10.
Barton, W. E., 42.
Bates, Charlotte Fiske, 120.
Bates, Katharine Lee, 126.
Becker, Charlotte, 111.
Beecher, Henry Ward, 129.
Bickers, G., 306.
Blackie, John Stuart, 387.
Blanchard, Charles, 207.
Bosher, Kate Langley, 77.
Bradley, E. Alice, 80, 222.
Bridgman, L. B., 96.
Bridgman, Howard A., 132.
Brine, Mary D., 53.
Bristol, Augusta Cooper, 134.
Brooke, Stopford Augustus, 100.
Brooks, Phillips, 171, 390.
Brotherton, Alice Williams, 99.
Brown, Abbie Farwell, 309.
Brown, Mary, 66.
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett, 24, 109.

Browning, Robert, 101, 148.
Bryant, William Cullen, 377.
Buckham, James, 260.
Burke, Christian, 245.
Burr, Amelia Josephine, 149.
Burton, Richard, 119, 241, 250, 255, 268, 315, 332, 353.
Bushnell, Horace, 38.
Butts, Mary F., 246.

Campbell, R. J., 371.
Carlyle, Thomas, 224.
Carter, Edith C., 112.
Carter, John Wesley, 180.
Casson, Charles W., 88.
Casson, Herbert N., 125.
Cawein, Madison, 92, 248.
Channing, William Henry, 161.
Cheney, Anne Cleveland, 13, 289.
Cheney, John Vance, 216, 291, 330.
Choate, Agnes M., 160.
Christian Cynosure, 144.
Clarke, James Freeman, 135, 319.
Clifford, John, 183.
Coates, Florence Earle, 11, 16, 274.
Colby, Henry W., 124, 162, 179, 213, 282, 342, 345.
Collyer, Robert, 18, 36, 52, 65, 84, 163, 244, 311.
Congreve, Celia, 242.
Converse, Florence, 108.
Coolidge, Susan, 314, 357.
Cranch, Christopher Pearse, 190.
Crosby, Ernest, 240.
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Doty, Walter G., 67, 197.
Dorr, Julia, C. R., 48.
Dunbar, Aldis, 71.

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