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Collins. Edited by Tom Taylor. | De Quincey, Thomas. -De Quin2 vols. London, 1879, 8vo. cey's Works. 16 vols. Edin

Coleridge's Country, pp. 108-120. burgh, 1862-71. 12mo. Appeared originally in Belgravia in Recollections of the Lakes and 1870.

the Lake Poets, Coleridge, WordsColquhoun, John Campbell.–Scat- worth, and Southey, vol. ii., pp. tered Leaves of Biography.

38-122; Coleridge and Opium-Eating, London, 1864, 8vo.

vol. xi., pp. 71-111. Life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Deshler, Charles D.-Afternoons pp. 225-270.

with the Poets. New York, Cotterill, H. B.-An Introduction

1879, 4to. to the Study of Poetry. London, Coleridge, pp. 215-220. 1882, 8vo.

Detective. Literary Cookery, Coleridge, pp. 179-207.

with reference to matter attri. Cottle, Joseph. -Early Recollec- buted [by J. P. Collier] to

tions, chiefly relating to the Coleridge and Shakespeare. A late S. T. Coleridge, during his letter addressed to The Athenresidence in Bristol, etc. 2 vols. aum [by one signing himself London, 1837 (-39), 8vo.

A Detective,” i.e., A. E. Brae), The copy in the British Museum etc. London, 1855, 8vo. hs said to be the only one existing which has a second preface, 1839.

This publication was suppressed. -Reminiscences of S. T. Cole. Devey, J.-A Comparative Esti. riilge and R. Southey. London,

mate of Modern English Poets.

London, 1873, 8vo. 1847, 8vo.

The Lake Poets.-Coleridge, pp. Courthope, William John.—The 101-111.

Liberal Movement in English Dowilen, Ellward. — Studies in Literature. London, 1885, 8vo. Literature, 1789-1877. London,

Poetry, Music, and Painting : 1878, 8vo. Coleridge and Keats, pp. 159-194.

The Transcendental Movement Craik, George L.-A Manual of and Literature, pp. 41-81.

English Literature and of the England. - The Living Poets of
History of the English Language. England. 2 vols. Paris, 1827,
Ninth edition. London (1883], 8vo.

S.T. Coleridge, vol. i., pp. 413-460.
Coleridge, pp. 474-481.

Essay.--The relation of philosophy -A Compendious History of

to theology, and of theology to English Literature, etc. 2 vols. religion. Reprinted from the London, 1861, 8vo.

Eclectic Review. Revised and Coleridge, vol. ii., pp. 456-473. enlarged. London, 1851. 16mo. Davy, Sir Humphry.-Fragment

The head-title reads—“S. T. Coleary Remains of Sir Humphry Essays.-Cambridge Essays, contri

ridge, his philosophy and theology." Davy. London, 1858, 8vo. Contains a number of early letters

buted by members of the Univerof Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

sity, 1856. London (1856), 8vo. Dennis, John.-Heroes of Litera. Coleridge, by F. J. A. Hort, pp.

292-351. ture.--English Poets. London, 1883, 8vo.

Fitzgerald, Percy.-Charles Lamb; Samuel Taylor Coleridge, pp. 322

his friends, his haunts, and his 335.

books. London, 1866, 8vo.



Fowler, Frank.- Last Gleanings, Age, from personal acquaint

by the late Frank Fowler. Lon- ance. London, 1871, 4to. don, 1864, 8vo.

Sarnuel Taylor Coleridge, pp. 27Lectures.-Coleridge, pp. 167-200.

48, with illustrations. Fox, Caroline.--Memories of Old

-Second edition. London, Friends, being extracts from 1877, 4to. the Journals and Letters of

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, pp. 27.

48, with illustrations. C. F., from 1835 to 1871. Hazlitt, William.— The Spirit of Edited by Horace N. Pym. the


contemporary London, 1882, 8vo.

portraits. London, 1825, 8vo. Contains a number of interesting

Mr. Coleridge, pp. 61-79. references to Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

-Memoirs of W.H., etc. 2 vols. Gilfillan, George. —A Gallery of

London, 1867, 8vo. Literary Portraits. Edinburgh,

Contains important references to

S. T. Coleridge. 1845, 8vo. Samuel Taylor Coleridge,pp 265-288.

-Political Essays, with Sketches Gillman, James. - The Life of S.

of Public Characters. London, T. Coleridge. [With copious

1819, 8vo. extracts from his works]. Vol. i.

Mr. Coleridge's Lay Sermon, pp.

118-124; Statesman's Manual, pp. London, 1838, 8vo.

125-136. No more published.

-Literary Remains of the late Graham, J. Murray.-An histori. W. H. 2 vols. London, 1836,

cal view of Literature and Art 8vo. in Great Britain. Second edi. Essay xix., vol. ii., pp. 361-396— tion. London, 1872, 8vo.

My first acquaintance with poets. Coleridge noticed, pp. 129-136.

W. Carew. Offspring of Grattan, Thomas C, Beaten Thought-in Solitude. * Modern

Paths; and those who trou Essays. London, 1884, 8vo. them. 2 vols. London, 1862, Coleridge Abroad,” pp. 1-22. 8vo.

Heraud, John Abraham.-An Ora. A Three Days' Tour with Cole- tion on the death of S. T. Cole. ridge and Wordsworth," vol. ii., pp. ridge, delivered at the Ru sell 107.145.

Institution, etc. London, 1834, Green, Joseph Henry.-Spiritual

8vo. Philosophy: founded on the teaching of S. T. C. Edited, Hoffmann, Frederick A.-Poetry, with a Memoir of the Author's

its origin, nature and history : Life, by J. Simon. 2 vols.

being a general sketch of poetic London, 1865, 8vo.

and dramatic literature. Lon.

don, 1884, 8vo. Grinsted, T. P.-Relics of Genius:

Coleridge, pp. 375-391. Visits to the Last Homes of Hogs, James.— The Poetic Mirror, Poets, Painters, etc. With illus

or the Living Bards of Britain. trations. London, 1859, 8vo.

London, Highgate. ---Samuel Taylor Cole

[By James Hogg]. ridge, pp. 191-193.

1816, 8vo. Hall, S. C.--A Book of Memories

Contains two parodies on S. T. C.

entitled " Isabelle" and "The of Great Men and Women of the Cherub."

Howitt, William.-The Northern Coleridge. Address on unveiling Heights of London; or, historical

the bust of Coleridge in Westminster associations

Abbey, 7th May 1885, pp. 91-103. of Hampstead,

Martineau, James. — Essays, phiHighgate, etc. London, 1869. 8vo.

losophical and theological. New Coleridge at Highgate, pp. 310-317.

York, 1879, 8vo.

Personal influences on our present -Homes and Haunts of the theology : Newman, Coleridge, most Eminent British Poets. Carlyle, vol. i., pp. 329-405. Third edition. London, 1857, Maurice, Frederick D.-Modern 8vo.

Philosophy; or, a Treatise of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, pp. 393-418. Moral and Metaphysical PhiloJerdan, William.-Men I have

sophy, etc. London, 1862, 8vo. known. London, 1866, 8vo. Stuart, Bentham, Coleridge, pp. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, pp. 119-131.

665-672. Johnson, Charles F.—Three Meteyard, Eliza.—A Group of

Americans and Three English- Englishmen (1795 to 1815), men. Lectures read before the being records of the Wedgwoods Students of Trinity College,

and their Friends. London, Hartford. New York, 1886, 8vo. 1871, 8vo. Coleridge, pp. 41-87.

Mill, John Stuart. -Dissertations Lectures. Lectures delivered and Discussions, political, phi

before the Young Men's Chris- losophical, and historical, etc. tian Association in Exeter Hall. 4 vols. London, 1859-75, 8vo. London, 1853, 800.

Coleridge, vol. i., pp. 393-466. ReColeridge and his followers, a printed from the London and Westlecture by the Rev. William M. minster Review, March 1840. Hetherington, Feb. 8th, 1853, pp. Moir, D. M.-Sketches of the 407-448.

poetical literature of the past Le Grice, Charles V.-College Re

half-century. Edinburgh, 1851, miniscences of Coleridge. Re- 8vo. printed from the Gentleman's

The origin, progress, and tenets Magazine. Penzance [1842], 8vo. of the Lake School, pp. 59-115. Leslic, Charles Robert.-Autobio. Notes and Queries. General

graphical Recollections. Edited Index to Notes and Queries. 5 by Tom Taylor. 2 vols. Lon- Series. London, 1856-1880, 4to. don, 1860, 8vo.

Numerous references to S. T. C. Contains much interesting matter Odis.-Odds and Ends. 2 vols. relating to S. T. Coleridge,

Edinburgh, 1867, 12ino. Lester, John W.-Criticisms.

No. 19, vol. ii., entitled “ Biblio. Third edition. London, 1853,


contains " Marginalia8vo.

Coleridge on Southey, and on thu

'Joan of Arc.'" Coleridge, pp. 180-192. Literary Speculum.- The L. S. O'Hagan, Lord. Occasional 2 vols. London (1821-2), 12mo.

Papers and Addresses.

Lone On the Poetry of Coleridge, with

don, 1884. 8vo. portrait, vol. ii., pp. 145-151.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, pp. 200Lowell, James R. – Democracy and

240. [This paper was one of a series other addresses. London, 1887,

of “Afternoon Readings on Litera

ture and Art” at the Museum, 8vo.

Stephen's Green, Dublin, in 1856.]

Oliphant, Mrs.—The Literary His | Rigg, James H.-- Modern Angli

tory of England, etc. 3 vols. cau Theology; chapters on Cole. London, 1882, 8vo.

ridge, etc. London, 1857, 8vo. S. T. Coleridge, vol. i., pp. 240-342. Second edition, revised and Paris, John A.—The Life of Sir

enlargell. London, 1859, 8vo. Humphry Davy. 2 vols. Lon

-Third edition, revised. London, 1831, 8vo.

Ilon (1880), 8vo. Contains many references to S.T.C. Paul, C. Kegan.-William Godwin: Robberds, J. W.-A Memoir of his friends and contemporaries.

the Life and Writings of the 2 vols. London, 1876, 8vo.

late William Taylor of Norwich, Contains many references to and

etc. 2 vols. London, 1843, letters of S, T. Coleridge.

8vo. Phillips, Samuel.—Essays from Numerous references to S. T. C.

“ The Times.” New edition. 2 Robinson, Henry Crabb.—Diary, vols. London, 1871, 8vo.

Reminiscences, and Correspond. Reminiscences of Coleridge and ence of H. C. R. 3 vols. LonSouthey, by Joseph Cottle, vol. i., don, 1869, 8vo. pp. 237-254.

Contains a mass of interesting Procter, Bryan Waller.-B. W. P. matter respecting S. T. Coleridge,

(Barry Cornwall). An Autobio. and well indexed. graphical Fragment, etc. [Edited Rossetti

, William Michael.—Lives by C. P., i.e. C. K. D. Patmore.]

of Famous Poets. London, London, 1877, 8vo.

1878, 8vo. Wordsworth, Southey, Coleridge,

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, pp. 237pp. 137-148.

Charles Lamb: a Memoir. Royal Society of Literature. By Barry Cornwall. Londɔn :

Transactions of the Royal So1866, 8vo.

ciety of Literature, vol. ix., 2nd Contains a number of notices of

series. London, 1870, 8vo. Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Contains two papers by C. M. Ingle

by, M.D., “On the Unpublished Reed, Henry.-Lectures on the

Manuscripts of S. T. C.," pp. 102British Poets. 2 vols. Phila. 134 ; and “On some points condelphia, 1858, 8vo.

nected with the Philosophy of Coleridge, vol. ii., pp. 88-126.

Coleriige” (in reference to the

preceding paper), pp. 396-429. Rhyme. „The Rime of the new. Seward, Anna.-Letters of A. S.,

nade Baccalere. [A parody of written between the years 1784 the " Ancient Mariner of

and 1807. 6 vols. Edinburghi, S. T. C.] Oxford, 1841, 8vo.

1811, 8vo. Richardson, David Lester. --Liter- Contains numerous references to

ary Chit-Chat, etc. Calcutta, S. T. Coleridge, in vols. iv., V., vi. 1848, 8vo.

Shairp, J. C.-Studies in Poetry Shelley, Keats, and Coleridge, pp. and Philosophy. Edinburgh, 271-281.

1868, 8vo. Literary Recreations ;

Coleridge, pp. 116-266, essays, criticisms, and poems. Shedd, William G. T.-Literary London, 1852, 8vo.

Essays. New York, [179], 8vo. Samuel Taylor Coleridge-born Coleridge as a philosopher and 1772, died 1834-pp. 538-541.

theologian, pp. 271-314,




Sketches.-Pen and Ink Sketches of some of his companions.

of Poets, Preachers, and Poli- 2 vols. London, 1848, 8vo. ticians. [By John Dix, other- Traill, H. D.—Coleridge, by H. wise J. D. Ross]. London, D. Traill. (English Men of 1846, 8vo.

Letters Series). London, 1884, Reminiscences of Wordsworth, Coleridge, and Charles Lamb, pp.

8vo. 122-139. "A portrait (after Washing. Tuckerman, Henry T.—Thoughts ton Allston) of Coleridge forms the on the Poets. London, [1852), frontispiece.

8vo. Southey, Robert. —The Life and

Coleridge, pp. 199-211. Correspondence of R. S. Elited ly C. Č. Southey. 6 vols. Lon- / Ward, Thomas H.--The English don, 1849-50, 8vo.

Poets, etc. Edited by T. H. Numerous references and letters

Warů. 4 vols. London, 1883, to S, T. Coleridge.

8vo. -Selections from the Letters of

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, by R. S.

Walter H. Pater, vol. iv., pp. 102-15. Edited by John W. Warter. 4 vols. London, 1856, Whipple, Edwin P.-— Essays and 8vo.

Reviews. Third edition. 2 vols. Contains numberless references to

Boston, 1856, 8vo. S. T. Coleridge.

Vol. i.-- English poets of the Sterling, John.-Essays and Tales,

Nineteenth century, - Coleridge,

pp. 329-333; and Coleridge as a by J. S. Collected and edited, Philosophical Critic, (reprinted with a memoir of his life, by from the American Review, June Julius Charles Hare. 2 vols.,

1846), pp. 405-421. London, 1848, 8vo.

Wilson, Professor. —Essays, critiOn Coleridge's “ Christabel cal and imaginative. Edin(from the Athenæum for 1828), pp. burgh, 1866, 8vo. 101-110.

Coleridge's Poetical Works (Octo. Stirling, James Hutchison.

ber 1834), pp. 293-343. Jerrold, Tennyson, and Ma: Wordsworth, Dorothy,-Recollec. caulay, with other critical

tions of a Tour made in Scotland, essays. Edinburgh, 1868, 8vo, De Quincey and Coleridge upon

A.D., 1803. By D. W. Edited Kant, pp. 172-224.

by J. C. Shairp. Edinburgh,

1874, 8vo. Sweetser, M. F.- Artist Biogra

Samuel Taylor Coleridge formed phies : Allston. Boston [U.S.], one of the party. 1879, 12mo.

William.-Memoirs of W. Contains biographical notes re- W. By Christopher Worilsgarding W. Allston's acquaintance with S. T. Coleridge.

worth. 2 vols. London, 1851,

8vo. Swinburne, Algernon Charles.

Contains numerous important reEssays and Studies. London,

ferences to S. T. Coleridge. 1875, 8vo.

Coleridge, pp. 259-275.
Talfourd, Thomas N. Final

MAGAZINE ARTICLES. Memorials of Charles Lamb, Coleridge, Samuel Taylor.--Fraconsisting of his letters, not ser's Magazine, with portrait, before published, with sketches vol. 8, 1833, p. 64.Colburn's

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