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This report was prepared in the Education and Social Stratification Branch, under the general direction of Paul M. Siegel, Chief. Brenda R. Jeffries contributed to table preparation and Andrea E. Adams conducted the statistical review of the text. Computer programming was provided by Thelma N. Varhach, and survey operations were coordinated by Kathleen P. Creighton, Demographic Surveys Division. Sampling review and appendix B were provided by Lloyd Hicks, Statistical Methods Division. Robert Kominski, Education and Social Stratification Branch, Population Division, and Suzanne M. Bianchi, Center for Demographic Studies, reviewed the contents of the report. Overall direction was provided by Arthur J. Norton, Assistant Chief, Population Division.

Data collection was conducted by Bureau of the Census interviewers under the overall direction of Stanley D. Matchett, Chief, Field Division. Publication planning, design, composition, editorial review, and printing planning and procurement were provided by the staff of Publication Services Division, Walter C. Odom, Chief. Publication coordination and editing were performed by Linda Ambill.

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