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The leading Article in the First Part of this Volume, and the Anniversary Oration which introduces the Second Part, fully develope the nature of the PHILOMATHIC JOURNAL, and the character of the INSTITUTION from which it proceeds. To those papers, the Editors can add but little.

They have the gratification to announce, that, in the succeeding Numbers, will appear, a succession of Lectures on Ethics, part of which has been delivered in the Institution by one of its learned and eloquent Honorary Members.

The course of Papers on the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, two of which appear in the present volume, and which form the substance of a course of Lectures, will assuredly, be con. tinued. The remaining Cantos of Astrea and the Siege of CONSTANTINOPLE, can also be depended upon with moral


Some other of the subjects, already commenced, will very probably be pursued.

It is the object of the Editors to combine the useful and select

, with the pleasing and various. They trust that a large part of the work will possess an enduring character, and that the MISCELLANEOUS COMPOSITIONS will widely extend the interest of the publication, and its parent “The Philomathic Institution.”

In the department of the Discussions, it is confidently expected that the work will be greatly improved in its future numbers. The attempt was novel.

The materials were imperfect ; but they are assured that, fuller reports will be supplied, and a larger scope for selection afforded. They are told, indeed, that this part of the publication, if well executed, will be generally interesting. Eight articles of this kind are now presented. In each Quarter, there are seven or eight questions discussed in the Institution; and some of them, from the interest which they excite, occupy several evenings' investigation. The accustomed speakers are numerous, and many others occasionally contribute their assistance. It will be attempted to comprise the accumulated information and experience, with the result of the study and reflection, of all these individuals upon the various problems in Art, Science, and Literature.

The names of the Contributors have not been stated, because many of them had an aversion to publicity. The members of the Institution, and their immediate friends, are acquainted with the several authors; and to the public, the question is, or ought to be,-not, who is the writer; but what has been written?

The Committee appointed to conduct this Journal, are peculiarly gratified in being able to announce, that, through the liberality of the Proprietors of the INVESTIGATOR, -a work recently discontinued --which was for several years edited by three of the Honorary Members of the Philomathic Institution, many of the contributions intended for that valuable publication, will be transferred to the pages of the present.

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