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The fourth Battle continued, in which Neptune affifts

the Greeks: the acts of Idomeneus.

NEPTUNE, concerned for the loss of the Grecians,

upon seeing the fortification forced by Hector (who had entered the gate near the station of the Ajaxes) assumes the shape of Calchas, and inspires those heroes to oppose him : then, in the form of one of the generals, encourages the other Greeks, who had retiTed to their vessels. The Ajaxes form their troops in a close phalanx, and put a stop to Hector and the Trojans. Several deeds of valour are performed ; Meriones, losing his spear in the encounter, repairs to seek another at the tent of Idomeneus : this occasions a conversation between those two warriours, who return together to the battle. Idomeneus signalizes his courage above the rest ; he kills Othryoneus, Afius, and Alcathous : Dežphobus and Æneas march against him, and at length Idomeneus retires. Menelaus wounds Helenus, and kills Pisander. The Trojans are repulsed in the left wing; Hector still keeps his ground against the Ajaxes, till, being galled by the Locrian singers and archers, Polydamas advises to call a council of war: Hector approves his advice, but goes first to rally the Trojans; upbraids Paris, rejoins Polydamas, meets Ajax again, and renews the attack.

The eight and twentieth day still continues. The scene is between the Grecian wall and the sea-More.

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