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11. Alder, berry bearing, 465. Rhamnus frangula, l.
12. Acacia, 1719. H. Robinia acacia, l.

Mulberry tree, 1429. H. Morus nigra, l.
Lime tree, 473.1,2,3. Tilia Europea, 1.
Mercury, dogs, 135.1. Mercurialis perennis, F.
* Elm, wych, 469.4. L.

Ragweed, 177. Senecio jacobza, E.
13. Laburnum, 1721. Cytisus laburnum, f.

Strawberry, 254. Fragaria vesca, F.
Quicken tree, 452.2. Sorbus aucuparia, L.
Sycomore, 470. Acer pseudoplat. L.
Laurel, 1549. H. Prunus laurrerafis, L.
Gooseberry buih, 1484. H. Ribes grofularia, F.
Currant bush, 456.1. Ribes rubrum, F.
Mallow, 251.1. Malva fylvejtris, E.

Hornbeam, 451. Carpinus betulus, L.
14. Flixwecd, 298.3. Silymbrium fophia, E.

Apple tree, 451. Pyrus malus, L.
Hops, 137.1. Humulus lupinus, E.
Plane tree, 1706. H. Platanus orientalis, b.
Walnut tree, 438. Juglans regia, f.

BITTERN, 100, 11. Ardea jtellaris, makes a noise. 15. Vine, 1613. Vitis vinifera, B.

Turneps, 204.1. Braftica rapa, F. 16. Abele, 447.2. Populus alba, B.

Chesnut, 138.2. H. Fagus castanea, B.
Ivy, ground, 243. Glechoma hederacea, F.
Fig tree, 1431. Ficus carica, b.
Apricots and peaches out of blow.
RED START, 78.5. Motacilla Phænicurus, returni,
Tulip tree, 16gb. H. Liriodendron tulipifera, B.
Plum tree, 462. Prunus domeftica, F.
Sorrel, wood, * 281.1,2. Oxalis acetosella, F.
Marygold, marjh, 272. Caltha palustris, F.

Laurel, spurge, 465: Daphne laurcola, F.
37. Jack in the hedge, 291.2. Eryfimum alliaria, F.

Willow, white, 447.1. Salix alba, L. et F.
Cedar, 1404. H. Pinus cedrus, 1.
Elder, water, 460.1. Viburnum opulus, f.
Abele, 416.2. Populus alba, L.

+ CUCKOW, 23. Cuculus canorus, fings. 18. Cak, 440.1. Quercus robur, 1. F.

Thorn, black, 462.1. Prunus spinojus, B.
Pear tree, 452. Pyrus communis, f.
Mulberry tree, 1429. H. Morus nigra, B.
Violet, dog, 364.3. Viola canina, F.
Lime tree, 413.1,2,3. Tilia Europæa, L.
Nightshade, 265. Atropa belladonna, E.
Cherry tree, 463.1, Prunus cerafus, F.
Ath tree, 469. Fraxinus excelsior, f.
Maple, 470. Acer campestre, L.
Broom, 474. Spartium jcoparium, b.
Chesnut, 138.2. Fagus caftanea, L.
Fir, Scotch, 442. Pinus blue/tris, b.

* Linnrus does not seem to know this speciis nelm.

+ Aristophanes says, that when the cuckow fong the Phænicians reaped where and bley, Vid. Aves.

18. Cuckow

3 P 4


18. Cuckow flower, 299. Cardamine pratenfis.
20. Thermometer 42. the bigheft this month.
21. Walnut tree, 438. Juglans regia, L.

Plane tree, 1706. H. Platanus orientalis, L.
Fir, Weymouth, 8. dend. Pinus teda, B.
Acacia, 1719. H. Robinia pseudo-acacia, L.
Fig tree, 1431. H. Ficus carica, L.
Wall flower, 291. Cheiranthus cheiri, F.
Poplar, black, 446.1. Populus nigra, L.

Beech tree, 439.1. Fagus fylvatica, L.
22. Fir, balm of Gilead. Pinus balsamea, 1. et f.

Young Apricots.
Fir, Scotch, 442. Pinus sylvestris, f.
Ash, 469. Fraxinus excelfior, F. et L.
Broom, 474. Spartium jcoparium, L.
Poplar, C rol na.

Meadow sweet, 259. Spiræa ulmaria, E.
Fig tree, 1431. H. Ficus carica, fruit formed.
Tormentil, 257.1. Tormentilla erecla, E.
Phyllerea, 1585. H. Phyllerea latifolia, F.
Thorn, evergreen, 1459. H. Mespilus pyracantha, F.
Rosemary, 515. H. Rosmarinus oficinalis, F.
Campion, white, 339.8. Lychnis dioica, F.
Buckbean, 285.1. Menyanthes trifol. F.
Furze, needle, 476.1. Genista Anglica, F.

Stitchwort, 346.1. Stellaria holofea, F. 23. Crab tree, 451.2. Pyrus malus sylv. F.

Apple tree, 451.1. Pyrus malus, f.
Robert, herb, 358. Geranium Robertian, F.

Fieldfares, 64.3. Turdus pilaris, still here. 24. Broom, 474. Spartium fcoparium, F.

Mercury, 156.15. Chenopodium bonus henr. F.
Yew tree, 445. Taxus baccifera, L.
Holly, 466.1. Ilex aquifolium, B.
Furze, 475. Eulex Europæus, l.

Agrimony, 202. Agrimonia eupator, E. 25. Sycomore, 470. Acer pseudoplat. F.

Hornbeam, 451. Carpinus betulus, F.
Asp, 446. Populus tremula, 1.
Spurge, sun, 313.8. Euphorbia peplus, F.
Elder tree, 461.1. Sambucus nigra, f.
Nettle, 139. Urtica dioica, F.
Bindweed, small, 275.2. Convolvulus arvens. E.
Fir, balm of Gilead. Pinus balsamea, L.
Cicely, wild, 207.1. Chærophyllum sylvestre, F.

Young currants and gooseberries.
26. Plantain ribwort, 314.5. Plantago lanceol. F.

Germander, wild, 281.11. Veronica cbamæd. F.
Cuckow pint, 266. Arum maculatum, /parha out.
Holly, 466. Ilex aquifolium, F.

Harebells, 373.3. Hyacinthus nonscript. F. 27. LILAC, 1763. H. Syringa vulgaris, F.

Crane's bill. jield, 357.2. Geranium cicutar. F.
St. John's wort, 342.1. Hypericum perforat. E.
Betony water, 283.1. Scrophularia aquat. E.
Bryony, white, 261. Bryonia alba, E.

Birch tree, 443.1. Betula alba, F.
28. Jesfamine, 1599.1. H. Jasminum officinale, 1.

Thorn, white, 453.3. Cratagus oxyacantba, f.


28. * BLACK CAP, 79.12. Motacilla atracapilla, fings.

+ WHITE THROAT, 27. Motacilla fylvia.
Juniper 444.1. Juniperus communis, f.
Rasberry bush, 467.4. Rubus idæus, f.
Quince tree, 1452. H. Malus Cydon. f.

Crowfoot, sweet wood, 248.1. Ranunculas auris. F.' 29. Bugle, 245. Ajuga reptans, F.

Bay, 1688. H. Laurus nobilis, f.
Peas and beans, f.
Chervil, wild, 207.1. Chærophyllum temulent. f.
Parsnep, cow, 205. 1. Heracleum sphondyl. f.
Pine, manured, 1398.1. H. Pinus pinea, f.

30. Snow.

1 Thermom. 5. The lowest this month.

V. Μ Ο Ν Τ Η.
1. Crosswort, 223.1. Valantia cruciata, F.

Avens, 253.1. Geum urbanum, F.
Mugwort, 191.1. Artemisia campestris, E.

Bay, 1688. H. Laurus nobilis, L.
3. Lily of the valley, 264. Convallaria Maialis, f.

Violet, water, 285. Hottonia paluftris, F.
4. Lettuce lambs, 201. Valeriana locusta, F.
Tulip tree,

Liriodendron tulipifera, L.
Hound's tongue, 226.1. Cynoglossum officinale.
Cowhips, 284-3. Primula veris, F.
Valerian, great wild, 200.s. Valerian officinalis, F.
Rattle, yellow, 284.1. Rhinanthus crisla galli, F.
Thermom. 8. The lowest this month.

Fir, filver, buds burt by the frost.
5. Twayblade, 385. Ophrys ovata, f.

Tormentil, 257. Tormentilla erecta, F.
Celandine, 309. Chelidonium majus, E.

Betony, 238.1. Betonica officinalis, E.
6. Oak, 440. Quercus robur, F. et L.

Time for fowing barley.
Saxifrage, white, 354.6. Saxifraga granulata, F.
Alh, 469. Fraxinus excelsior, f.
Ramsons, 370.5. Allium ursinum, F.
Nettle, white, 240.1. Lamium album, F.

Quicken tree, 452.2. Sorbus aucuparia, F.
7. Fir, Scotch, 442. Pinus sylvestris, F.
8. Woodruffe, 224. Asperula odorata, F.
9. Chesnut tree, 1382. H. Fagus caftanea, f.
10. Celandine, 309. Chelidonium majus, F.

Solomon's leal, 664. Convallaria polygonat. F.

Thorn, white, 453.3. Cratægus oxyacantha, F. • The black cap is a very fine singing bird, and is by some in Norfolk called the mock nightingale. Whether it be a bird of passage I cannot say.

+ I have some doube whether this bird be the Sylvia of the Linnæus, though the defcription seems to answer to Ray's, and to one of my own, which I find arrong my papers. Vernal heat, according to Dr. Hales, as a medium, is 18.25.


11. Maple,


17. Acacia, 1719. H. Robinia pseudo-acacia, F.
18. Yarrow, 183. Achillea millefolium, F.
19. Thermom. 44.25. Highest this month.
21. Orache, wild, 154.1. Chenopodium album, F.

Solstice. About this time ROOKS come not to their neft trees at night.
Wheat, 386.1. Triticum bybernum, F.
RYE, 388.1. Secale hybernum, F.
Self-heal, 238. Prunella vulgaris, f.
Parsley, hedge, 219.4. Tordylium anthriscus, f.

Grafjes of many kinds, as feftuca, aira, agreftis, phleum cynosurus, in car. 22. Horehound, base, 239. Stachys Germanica, F.

St. John's wort, 342. Hypericum perforatum, F.
Parsnep, 206.1. Pastinaca fativa, F.
Mullein, white, 287. Verbascum thapsus, F.

Poppy, wild, 308. Papaver somnifer, F.
23. Larkspur, 708.3. H. Delphinium Ajacis, F.

Marygold, corn, 182.1. Chrysanthemum feget. F.
24. Rosemary, 515. H. Rosmarinus officinalis, B.
35. Vine, 1613. H. Vitis vinifera, F.

Bindweed, great, 275.2. Convolvulus arvenfis, F.
Feverfew, 187. Matricaria parthenium, F.
Woad, wild, 366.2. Reseda luteola, F.
Rocket, base, 366.1. Reseda lutea, F.
Archangel, yellow, 240.5. Galeopfis galeobdolon, F.
Wheat, 386.1. Triticum hybernum, F.

Thermom. 20. The lowest ibis mantb. 27. Clover mowed,

Pennywort, marsh, 222. Hydrocotule vulgaris, F.

Meadow, sweet, 259. Spiræa ulmaria, F. 28. Oats manured, 389. Avena sativa, F.

Barley, 388. Hordeum vulga, F.
Midsummer shoots of apricot, oak, beech, elm.
SUCCORY, WILD, 172.1. Cichorium intybus, F.
Blue bottles, 198. Centaurea cyanus, F.

Knapweeed, great, 198. Centaurea scabiosa, F. 30. Currants ripe.

According to Dr. Hales, May and June beat is, at a medium, 28.5.

* The groves, the fields, the meadows, now no more
With melody resound. 'Tis filence all,
As if the lovely songsters, overwhelm'd
By bounteous nature's plenty, lay intranc'd
In drowly lethargy.

2. Beech, 439. Fagus fylvatica, F.

Pearlwort, 345.2. Fagina procumbens, F.
Carrot, wild, 218. Daucus carrotu, F.
Grass, dog, 390.1. Triticum repens, in ear.

Violet, Calathian, 274, Gentiana pneumonan. F. * I heard no birds after the end of this month, except the STONE CURLEW, 108.4. Charadrias Oedicnemus, whistling late at nighe; the YELLOW HAMMER, 93.2. Emberiza dava; the GOLD FINCH, 89.1. and GOLDEN CRESTED WREN, 79.9. Motacilla regulus, now and then chirping I omitted to note down when the cuckow left off singing, but, as well as I remember, it was abxx this time. Aristotle itys, that this bird disappears abox: che riing of the dog-tar, i. c. towards the Jarler end of july.

4. Süre 28. Mint,

4. Silver weed, 256.5. Potentilla anferina, F.

Betony, 238.1. Betonica officinalis, F.

Nightshade, enchanters, 289. Circæa lutetiana, f. 6. Lavender, 512. Lavendula spica, F.

Parsley, bedge, Tordylium anthriscus, F.
Gromill, 228.1. Lithospermum officinale, F.
Furze, 473. Ulex genista, D.

Cow whcat, eyebright, 284.2. Euphrasia odont. F.
7. Pinks, maiden, 335.1. Dianthus deltoides, F.
8. Tansey, 188.1. Tanacetum vulgare, f.

Bed-ftraw, lady's yellow', 224. Galium verum, F.
Sage, wood, 245. Teucrium fcorodonia, F.
Spinach, 162. H. Spinacia oleracia, F.

Thermom. 22. Lowest this month.
9. Angelica, wild, 208.2. Angelica sylvestris, F.

Strawberries ripe.

Fennel, 217. Anethum fæniculum, F.
10. Beans, kidney, 884. H. Phaseolus vulgaris, podied.

Parsley, 884. H. Apium petroselinum, F.
Sun dew, round leaved, 356.3. Drofera rotundifol. F.
Sun dew, long leaved, 356.4. Drosera longifol. F.

Lily, white, 1109. H. Lilium candidum, f.
II. Mullein, boary, 288. Verbascum phlomoid. F.

Plantain, great, 314.1,2. Plantago major, F.
WILLOW, SPIKED, of Theophr. 1699. H. Spiræa falicifol. F.
Jeffamine, 1599. H. Jasminum officinale, F.
Reft harrow, 332. Ononis spinosa, F.
Hyssop, 516. H. Hyssopus officinalis, F.
Potatoes, 615.14. H. Solanum tuberosum, F.
Second shoots of the maple.
Bell flower, round leaved, 277.5. Campanula, F.
LILY, WHITE, 1109. H. Lilium candidum, F.
Rasberries ripe.

Figs yellows
13. LIME TREE, 473. Tilia Europaa, F.

Knapweed, 198.2. Centaurea jacea, F.
Stonecrop, 269. Sedum rupestre, F.
Grass, krot, 146. Polygonum aviculare, F.

Grafs, bearded dog, 390.2. Triticum caninum, F.
15. Thermom. 39. Highest this montb.
16. Asparagus, 267.1. Asparagus officinalis, berries.

Mugwort, 190.1. Artemisia vulgaris, F. 18. Willow herb, purple Spiked, 367.1. Lythrum falicaria, F.


Agrimony, water hemp, 187.1. Bidens tripart, F. 20. Flax, purging, 362.6. Linum catharticum, F.

Arsmart, /potted, 145-4. Polygonum perficaria, F.
Lily, martagon, 1112. H. Lilium martagen.

HENS moult.
22. Orpine, 269. Sedum telephium, f.

Hart's tongue, 116. Asplenium scolopendra, F.
Pennyroyal, 235. Mentha pulegium, F.
Bramble, 461.1. Rubus fruticosus. Fruit red.

Laurustinus, 1690. H. Viburnum tinus, f. 24. Elecampane, 176. Inula belenium, F.

Amaranth, 202. H. Amaranthus caudatus, F. 27. Bindweed, great, 275.1. Convolvulus fepium, F. 28. Plantain, great wajer, 257.1. Alisma plantago, F.

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