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TENTH CENSI'S: 1880-Continued.

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of pages. published.

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(18 pp.)

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II. Manufactures, statistics of --Continued.
Wool manufacture, by Geo. William Bond.

(26 pp.)
Chemical products and salt, by William L. Rowland,

under the direction of Henry Bower. (44 pp.)

Glass, manufacture of, by Joseph D. Weeks. (124 pp.)
III. Agriculture, statistics of

General statistics, and index to volume. (403 pp.)
Cereal production, by William H. Brewer. (184 pp.)
Flour-milling processes, by Knight Neftel. (28 pp.)
Tobacco, culture and curing of, by J. B. Killebrew.

(298 pp.)
Tobacco, manufacture of, commercial distribution,

exportation, and prices, by J. R. Dodge. (70 pp.)
Meat production (cattle, sheep, and swine, supple-
mentary to live stock on farms), by Clarence Gor-

don. (166 pp.)
IV. Transportation, agencies of.

Preliminary matter, and index to volume.
Steam railroads, by Armin E. Shuman.

(618 PP.)
Steam navigation, by T. C. Purdy. (72 pp.)
Canals, by T. C. Purdy. (40 pp.)
Telegraphs and telephones, by Armin E. Shuman.

(31 pp.)
Postal telegraph service in foreign countries, by
Robert B. Lines.

(54 pp.)
Addendum: Note on express companies. (4 pp.)
Cotton produetion, by Eugene W. Hilgard:
V. Part 1, Mississippi Valley and Southwestern states.... Quarto....
VI. Part 2, Eastern, Gulf, Atlantic, and Pacific states.. Quarto...
VII. Valuation, taxation, and public indebtedness, by Robert
P. Porter

VIII. Title page, etc. (4 pp.)....

Newspaper and periodical press, by S. N. D. North.

(452 pp.)
Alaska, population, industries, and resources of, by Ivan

Petrofl. (198 pp.)
Seal islands of Alaska, by Henry W. Elliott. (190 pp.)

Shipbuilding industry, by Henry Hall. (282 pp.)
IX. Forests of North America, exclusive of Mexico, and port-
folio of maps, by Chas. S. Sargent

X. Title-page, etc. (4 pp.)

Petroleum and its products, production, technology, and

uses of, by S. F. Peckham. (3:28 pp.)
Coke, manufacture of, by Joseph D. Weeks.

(120 pp.)
Building stones of the United States, and statistics of

the quarry industry for 1880. (424 pp.)

Mortality and vital statistics, by John S. Billings: XI. Part 1...

Quarto.... XII. Part 2; and portfolio of plates and diagrams..

XIII. Precious metals, statistics and technology of the, by S. F.

Emmons and G. F. Becker, under the direction of Clar-
ence King..

XIV. Mining laws and regulations, United States, state, and

territorial, etc., compiled under the direction of Clar-
ence King.

XV. Mining industries (exclusive of precious metals), with

[blocks in formation]


special investigations into the iron resources of the
Republic and the cretaceous coals of the northwest,
by Raphael Pumpelly:

Water power, prepared under the direction of W. P.

XVI. Part 1

XVII. Part 2

Social statistics of cities, by George E. Waring, jr.:
XVIII. Part 1, New England and Middle states.

XIX. Part 2, Southern and Western states

XX. Title-page, etc. (4 pp.)...

Wages in manufacturing industries, by Joseph D. Weeks.

(602 pp.)
Average retail prices of necessaries of life, by Joseph D.

Weeks (126 pp.)
Trade societies in the United States, by Joseph D. Weeks.

(28 pp.)

Strikes and lockouts in 1880, by Joseph D. Weeks. (36 pp.) XXI. Defertive, dependent, and delinquent classes of the population, by Frederick Howard Wines

XXII. Title-page, etc. (6 pp.)

Steam and water power used in the manufacture of iron

and steel, by Herman Hollerith, under the direction of

W.P. Trowbridge. (18 pp.)
Machine tools and wood-working machinery, by F. R.

Hutton, under the direction of W. P. Trowbridge.
(304 pp.)
S. Doc. 194 -58





1885 1887



639 666

1888 1888

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XXII. Steam pumps and pumping engines, by F. R. Hutton,

under the direction of W. P. Trowbridge. (68 pp.)
Wool and silk machinery, by Knight Neftel, under the

direction of W.P. Trowbridge. (34 pp.)
Engines and boilers, manufacture of, by Charles H. Fitch,

under the direction of W. P. Trowbridge. (72 pp.)
Marine engines and steam vessels in the United States
merchant service, by Charles H. Fitch, under the di-
rection of W. P. Trowbridge.

(114 pp.)
Ice industry, by Henry Hall. (50 pp.)

Total number of pages
Compendium of the tenth census:

Part 1, revised edition (a)
Part 2, revised edition (a)

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ELEVENTH CENSU'S: 1890. [The volumes of the report of the Eleventh Census are not numbered: printed at the Government

Printing Office, Washington.]

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Part I

Part II (b)
Insane, feeble-minded, deaf and dumb, and blind, by John S.

Crime, pauperism, and benevolence, by Frederick H. Wines:

Part I. Analysis.

Part II. General tables..
Vital and social statistics, by John S. Billings:

Part I. Analysis and rate tables.
Part II. Cities of 100,000 and upward.
Part III. Statistics of deaths

Part IV. Statistics of deaths
Agriculture, irrigation, and fisheries: (c)

Agriculture, statistics of
Agriculture by irrigation, by F. H. Newell

Fisheries, statistics of...
Manufacturing industries:

Part I. Totals for states and territories.
Part II. Statistics of cities.

Part III. Selected industries
Mineral industries, by David T. Day..
Alaska, population and resources of
Churches, statistics of, by Henry K, Carroll
Indians, taxed and not taxed, in the United States (except

Insurance business, by Charles A. Jenney:

Part I. Fire, marine, and inland insurance..

Part II. Life insurance
Real estate mortgages, by George K. Holmes and John S. Lord.
Farms and homes: Proprietorship and indebtedness, by George

K. Holmes and John S. Lord
Transportation business, by Henry C. Adams:

Part 1. Transportation by land.

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Part II. Transportation by water
Wealth, debt, and taxation, by J. Kendrick ('pton:

Part I. Public debt..
Part II. Valuation and taxation



Total number of pages

21, 12

Compendium of the eleventh census:

Part I..
Part II.

Part III.
Abstract of the eleventh census:

First edition...

Second edition, revised and enlarged
Statistical atlas, by llenry Gannett..





a The first editions of parts 1 and 2 were published in 1983. b Including a report on education (150 pages), published as a monograph in 1893, but bound for convenience with Part II of the report on population.

c Bound in one volume.

NOTE.-In addition to several monographs which were published and later incorporated in the final report of the eleventh census the following monographs were published, but were not included in any volume of the final report:

Vital statistics of the District of Columbin and Baltimore, 250 pages.
Vital statistics of New York and Brooklyn, 538 pages.
Vital statistics of Boston and Philadelphia, 270 pages.
Social statistics oí cities, 116 pages.

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a If 33,426 persons in Alaska, specially enumerated, and 240,136 Indians in the Indian Territory and on Indian reservations, as reported by the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, are included, the approximate total population in 1880 is 50,429,345 and the per capita cost 11.48 cents.

b If 32,052 persons in Alaska and 325,464 persons in the Indian Territory and on Indian reservations, specially enumerated, are included, the entire population of the country in 1890 is 62,979,766 and the per capita cost 18.33 cents.




(This summary comprehends only the acts and resolves relating to the census that were so indexed. A detailed search of the statutes was not made, but it is believed that substantially all the legislation affecting the census is herein embodied.]

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Mar. 2, 1811

564 Provisions for taking the third census.
570 Enumeration required to close within 5 months from

the first Monday in Aug., 1810.
605 Alterations in forms of oaths of marshals, secretaries,

and assistants.

Collection of manufacturing statistics directed.
647 | Appropriation for discharging the expense of the

third enumeration and that of taking an account

of manufactures
658 Time for completion and return of enumeration ex-

tended to the first Monday in July, 1811.
669 Apportionment of Congressional Representatives.
786 Digest of returns relating to manufactures authorized

to be made by a person directed to be employed by

the Secretary of the Treasury.
734 Appropriation for expenses of making a digest of

[blocks in formation]

manufactures Appropriation for compensation of marshals and as

sistants for taking an account of manufactures..



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