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List of names registered to

List of names registered to be made, and copies thereof.

SEC. 206. The said board of registry shall make one be made, complete list of all the names registered, in alphabetical and copies thereof. order, for each election district, with the place of resi

dence of each, as near as may be, which shall be signed by the members of said board and filed by them in the town clerk's office of said town at least one week preceding every town meeting and general election; and said town clerk shall cause a copy thereof, certified by him, to be delivered to the officers presiding at the ensuing annual town nfeeting, and at each election district at the annual general election in said town at the opening of the polls, who shall reject the vote of any person not on said list. But any registered person offering to vote at such election or town meeting may be challenged, the saine as if this act had not been passed; and no person shall be allowed to vote save in the election district of which he is a resident. $ 9, ch. 142, 1880.

Revision meeting

ing registers.

Revision meeting for revising registers.

Sec. 207. On the Saturday preceding the day of elecfor revis- tion it shall be the duty of the said registers of election

to hold a meeting from four to ten o'clock P. M. for the revising and correcting the registries of election, to receive testimony and arrange for challenge at the polls; but no name shall be added to any registry at such meeting, except upon proper proofs being furnished that the person applying for registration was sick or absent from the town on all days when the said registers had theretofore met for the purpose of registering votes, or that such person had become a citizen by naturalization ten days prior to the day of election. $ 10, same ch.

Registers' duties,

Registers' duties, neglect of.

SEC. 208. Any officer of the town or any member of neglect of. the board of registry charged with any of the duties

herein imposed who shall willfully or corruptly neglect or refuse to perform any of the duties herein intrusted to or devolved upon him shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and punishable by fine not exceeding five hundred dol




lars, or imprisonment not 'exceeding six months, or by both such fine and imprisoment. $ 11, ch. 142,1880. Fraudulent registration.

Sec. 209. Any person who shall, with the intent of Frauduvoting illegally at any such annual town meeting or elec-istration, tion, procure or cause his name to be entered or enrolled as entitled to the right of suffrage in said town, being at the time a non-resident in said town, or otherwise disqualified to vote therein, and knowing or having reason to believe that he will not be entitled to vote at the ensuing election or town meeting therein, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and punishable by fine not exceeding two hundred and fifty dollars, or imprisonment not exceeding six months, or by both such fine and imprisonment. $ 12, same ch. False swearing.

SEC. 210. Any person who shall willfully and corruptly False swear falsely before said board of registry shall be guilty of perjury. $ 13. same ch. Oath of office of members of board and its form.

Sec. 211. Before said board of registry shall commence Oath of the registration of voters, as herein provided, each mem members ber of it shall take and subscribe an oath that he will, in and its all respects, well, faithfully and honestly discharge and perform all his duties as a member of such board of reg. istry, which oath shall be filed in the office of the town clerk of said town. § 14, same ch.


of board


Term of office.

SEC. 212. The members of said board of registry shall Terms of hold their office for two years from the time of their appointment. § 15, same ch.



Sec. 213. The members of the board of registry and compensathe justices of the peace, while in the discharge of their duties hereby created, shall receive two dollars per day and all necessary expenses which shall be audited and allowed by the board of town auditors. $ 16, same ch.


Of the formation of the board of inspectors and the ap

pointment of clerks.

Board to

Board to be formed.

Sec. 214. The inspectors of each election district shall be formed.

meet at the time and place, when and where an election shall have been appointed to be held therein, and shall proceed to organize themselves as a board, for the purpose of presiding at and conducting such election. $1, tit. 4, ch. 130, 1812.



Sec. 215. The inspectors shall appoint one of their number chairman of the board, who shall administer to the other inspectors the oath of office, as prescribed by the constitution, and the same oath shall then be administered to the chairman by one of the other inspectors. § 2, same tit.



Sec. 216. The inspectors, or a majority of them, having severally taken snch oath, the board shall then appoint two clerks, to be called clerks of the poll. $ 3, same tit. See chapter 720 (section 29), Laws of 1871, as to city of Buffalo; chapter 575, Laws of 1872, as to Brooklyn; chapter 675, Laws of 1872, as to New York city, and chapter 186 (section 4), Laws of 1872, as to Albany.



SEC. 217. The clerks shall each take the constitutional oath of office, which shall be administered to them by the chairman of the board. § 4, same tit.

Poll open. ed, when to be.

Poll, opened when to be.

Sec. 218. The poll of each election shall then be opened and proclamation thereof made, and of the time when the same will be closed. § 5, same tit.

How long to be kept open.

How long to be kept open.

Sec. 219. The poll in the several cities shall be opened at sunrise, and in the several towns at any time between sunrise and nine o'clock in the morning, and shall be kept open till the setting of the sun ; and no adjournment or intermission whatever shall take place until the same be closed. $ 6, tit. 4, ch. 130, 1842. See chapter 286, Laws of 1854, as to opening polls in Westchester county; chapter 274, Laws of 1864, as to Queens county, and Huntington, Suffolk county, and chapter 14, Laws of 1871, as to town elections in Richmond county.


Of the manner of voting and of challenges.


ble as.

Inspectors and clerks, who eligible as.
SEC. 220. No person shall be eligible to the office of Inspectors

and clerks, inspector of election or clerk of the poll, or be qualified who eligito act as such, unless he can read and write the English language. § 1, ch. 56, 1880, entitled An act to promote honest elections.Passed March 11, 1880; threefifths being present. See g. 240, post.

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Sec. 221. It shall be a misdemeanor for any person Misdenot possessing such qualifications to act as an inspector of election or clerk of the poll. § 2, same ch. Seeg 240, post. Elections to be public. Sec. 222. The election at every poll shall be public to Elections

to be pubthe watchers hereinafter provided for, from its commence- lic. ment to the close of the canvass and signing of the proper returns and copies thereof. $ 3, same ch.

at, who

Watchers at, who may appoint.

SEC. 223. Every political organization which shall pre. Watchers sent a candidate or candidates for the suffrages of the may ap

point. voters of any election district shall have the right to appoint, not to exceed, two electors as watchers at the poll of such election district for every election. Such appoint

ment may be evidenced by a written or printed appointment, signed by the president or the chairinan and the secretary of such political organization, but no ward or town organization shall be entitled to watchers at any poll outside the limit of such ward or town. $4, ch. 56, 1880.

may be present at

Watchers Watchers may be present at elections.

Sec. 224. Said watchers and each of them shall be enelections.

titled to be present at such election in the room occupied by the inspectors of election, commencing at least fifteen minutes before any ballot-box shall be opened, until the close of the canvass, and the signing of the proper returns of such election. § 5, same ch.

Ballot-box, Ballot-box, inspectors to permit watchers to inspect. inspectors to permit. Sec. 225. At every election immediately before any to inspect ballots are received by the inspectors of election, or any

of them, said inspector shall unlock every ballot-box used, or to be used, at such election, and permit each watcher present to examine said ballot-box and every part and portion thereof, until he is satisfied as to the structure thereof, and that there is, at the commencement of receiving ballots, no ballots therein. $ 6, same ch.

right to be

and can

Watcher's right to be present at the polling and canvass

ing Watcher's SEC. 226. Every watcher shall have the right, from present at the time of so inspecting said ballot-box or boxes, at any the polling

and all times until the canvass of the ballots and signing vassing.

of the proper returns and copies thereof, to be present in the room occupied by said inspectors, in a position and place where he may fully, conveniently and comfortably watch the reception and deposit of every ballot cast at such election, and the full and final canvass of the ballots, and signing of the proper returns and copies thereof; and no ballot-box or ballot cast, except it be in the ballot-box, shall be removed from the constant sight and inspection of such watchers, until the canvass is closed and the proper returns and copies thereof made and completed. § 7, same ch.

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