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poration of McGill University in 1883, re-elected in 1886, and has been president of the Junior Conservative Club, Montreal. He was first returned to 2 Legislative Assembly for Montreal

at the general elections in 1886, his opponent G. W. Stephens; elected by acclamation in 1890, e-elected for his present constituat the last general elections in

On the formation of the present ry, in Quebec, Mr. Hall was apProvincial Treasurer, a position

he is admirably adapted by ence and grasp of public and tary questions.



O Q.C., Justice of the Court of Quarter Sessions, Quebec, was born February 23rd, 1847. He is a son of the late Hon. P.J. O. Chauveau, Q.C., D.C.L., who was Prime Minister of the Province of Quebec in 1867, and ex-speaker of the Senate. Judge Chauveau was educated at the College of the Jesuits, and Laval and McGill Universities, and took the degree of B.C.L. from the latter in 1867. He studied law with S. Lelièvre, Q.C., in Quebec, and also with the late Sir George Cartier, in Montreal. He was admitted to the Quebec. Bar March 4th, 1868, and practiced in partnership with the late Hon. Justice Alleyn up to the date of his present appointment. He entered the political arena at the early age of 24, and contested the county of Rimouski in 1872, against Dr. Fiset, and was elected the ministerial candidate by a large Province of Quebec, which he held unmajority. During the sessions of 1872- til September of that year. In January, '73 and '74, he gave independent sup- 1880, he was appointed Judge of the port to the Conservative Government, Sessions for the Province of Quebec. although often voting with the opposi- He has been twice elected president tion during the last sessions of that of the Society St-Jean-Baptiste. The parliament. He was unanimously re- Judge is also a commissioner under the turned by the same constituency, at Extradition Act of Canada, and is presithe general elections of 1875, as an dent of the Champlain Monument ComIndependent member. Judge Chau- mittee. He was married August ist, veau was appointed Solicitor General 1871, to Miss Adèle, eldest daughter of for the Joly administration, in March, the late Hon. U. J. Tessier, judge of 1878, and was re-elected at the general the Court of Queen's Bench. Has election the same year. On the 19th issue, two sons; Alexander, born Aug. of March, 1879, he was appointed Pro- 14th, 1874; Charles Auguste, born vincial Secretary and Registrar of the October 28th, 1877.


OHN SMYTHE HALL, Jr., poration of McGill University in 1883,

Q.C., Treasurer of the Province re-elected in 1886, and has been presi

of Quebec, Montreal, Que., was dent of the Junior Conservative Club, born in that city August 7th, 1853. He Montreal. He was first returned to was educated at Bishop's College, Len- the Legislative Assembly for Montreal noxville, and at McGill University, West, at the general elections in 1886, where he graduated B.A. in 1874, and over his opponent G. W. Stephens; B.C.L. in 1875. He was called to the was elected by acclamation in 1890, Bar January, 1876, and appointed Q.C. and re-elected for his present constituin 1887. He is a member of the law ency at the last general elections in firm of Hall, Cross, Brown & Sharp, 1892. On the formation of the present who do a very large and important legal ministry, in Quebec, Mr. Hall was apbusiness in connection with their city pointed Provincial Treasurer, a position and province. Mr. Hall was president for which he is admirably adapted by of the University Literary Society in his experience and grasp of public and 1884, and elected a member of the Cor- parliamentary questions.


LFRED ARCHAMBAULT, Ti- priest June 29th, 1882, and left in the

tulary Canon of the Cathedral same year for Rome, where he resided

o of Montreal, Chancellor of three years, and took his degree in the Archdiocese and professor of Natu- Theology and in Canonical Law, carryral Law in Laval University, was born ing off the gold medal. Returning to May 23rd, 1859. He is a son of the Canada, he taught philosophy for three late Honorable L. Archambault, Legis years at L'Assomption College. In lative councillor and ex-minister of 1888, he was appointed professor of Public Works, and of Elizabeth Dugal, Natural Law in Laval University at first cousin of the late Honorable Judge Montreal, Vice-Chancellor of the ArchMorin. He completed his classics at diocese in 1889, and Chancellor in the college of L'Assomption, with the 1892. In 1890, he accompanied Archexception of philosophy, which he bishop Fabre to Rome, and took an finished at Laval University, Quebec. active part in the solution of the diffiHaving spent three years at the Grand culties relative to the projected formaSeminary, Montreal, he was ordained tion of the diocese of St. Jérôme.

N. EDMUND JAS. FLYNN, which he was successful. He has al

Q.C., LL.D., M.P.P., Gaspé, ways been in politics a Liberal Conser

o Que., was born in Perce, vative, and his entire parliamentary Que., November 16th, 1847. His fa- career has given evidence of his interther was the late James Flynn, of Irish est in promoting that which was best descent, who was, during his life time, calculated to develop the country. In a farmer and trader at Perce. His mo- the House, Mr. Flynn has taken a prother is still living; her maiden name minent part, particularly on constituis Elizabeth Tostevin ; her father was tional questions, and has won for himborn in Guernsey, and her mother of self the well deserved reputation of Jersey descent. Mr. Flynn was edu- being a strong and energetic upholder cated at the Quebec Seminary and at of constitutional liberty. He is a RoLaval University, graduating with ho- man Catholic; he was married May nors, having taken at Laval the degree with, 1875, to Miss Maria Matilde, of L.L.L. in 1873, and in 1878, Laval daughter of Augustin Côté, editor of again presented him with the degree of Le Journal de Québec. LL.D. He adopted law as his profession, and in September, 1873, was called to the Bar of Quebec, and has since then continued to practice as barrister in the Ancient Capital. He has been professor of Roman Law in Laval University since 1874, was a commissioner of Crown Lands for the province of Quebec, commissioner of Railways and Solicitor General. He declined a portfolio in Mr. Taillon's cabinet, as he had previously declined a portfolio in the Joly administration. On 21st December, 1891, he entered the De Boucherville government as Commissioner of Crown lands, thereby resuming his old department with which he had thoroughly familiarized himself. He was made a Q.C. in 1887, and has taken an active part in political affairs for the last eighteen years, having been a candidate in twelve different elections in the most of

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