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for the centennial of Indiana's statehood", and the act constitutes the Indiana Centennial Commission to formulate the plans for the building and to select a site. Meanwhile Professor Harlow Lindley has investigated the condition of the state and local archives and has strongly recommended that provision be made for the permanent and proper housing of the state's records, and that all documents, both state and local, which are not in current use be placed under the care of the department of archives and history.

Mr. H. P. Comstock contributes to the March number of the Indiana Quarterly Magazine of History a brief history of canals in Indiana, and Mr. George S. Cottman, using the caption "History to Order", writes a note concerning the quick-process production of local histories for commercial purposes.

The trustees of the Illinois State Historical Library have appropriated money for the editing of a volume containing material upon the fur trade in Illinois during the years 1783 to 1830. The editorial work will be entrusted to Professor Clarence W. Alvord and Mr. Solon J. Buck of the University of Illinois. It is expected that the first volume of the George Rogers Clark Papers (volume VIII. of the Collections), edited by Professor James A. James, will go to press within a few weeks.

The Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society includes in its April issue a biographical sketch and estimate, by Frank E. Stevens, of Alexander Pope Field, active in Illinois politics for about twenty years from 1822, later for several years in St. Louis, and from about 1857 to his death, in 1876, in New Orleans; a brief account, by J. W. Templeton, of the life and services of General Thomas J. Henderson, member of Congress from Illinois, 1875-1895; a paper entitled "The Burial and Resurrection of Black Hawk", by Dr. J. F. Snyder; and an appreciation, by William R. Sandham, of Hon. James H. Miller, " to whose initiative and labors in the Illinois general assembly must be largely credited the creation of the Illinois State Historical Library".

A History of Stephenson County, Illinois, by A. L. Fulwider, has been published in Chicago by S. J. Clarke.

Mr. A. C. Quisenberry writes for the May number of the Register of the Kentucky State Historical Society a sketch of General Zachary Taylor and the Mexican War and appends a roster of Kentuckians who served as officers in the war.

The governor of Michigan has unexpectedly vetoed the entire appropriation made by unanimous vote of both houses of the legislature for carrying on during the next two years the work of the Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society.

Mr. Kenneth W. Colgrove contributes to the April number of the Iowa Journal of History and Politics another of his investigations of "The Attitude of Congress toward the Pioneers of the West", earlier mention of which appeared in the issue of this journal for April, 1910

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(p. 700). The present paper deals with the relations between the pioneers and the Indians in the period 1820-1850 and occupies 107 pages of the Journal. In the same issue Mr. C. R. Aurner describes at length "The Establishment and Organization of Townships in Johnson County". The article is accompanied by well executed maps.

The Missouri Historical Review for January contains the second paper of Judge John F. Philips on "Administrations of Missouri Governors", the subject of this article being Governor Willard Preble Hall. Rev. Joseph H. Schmidt contributes "Recollections of the First Catholic Mission Work in Central Missouri", and Professor E. M. Violette a paper on the battle of Kirksville, August 6, 1862. In the April number Professor F. H. Hodder has a valuable article entitled "Side Lights on the Missouri Compromise ", Mr. T. J. Bryant contributes another paper on "Bryant's Station and its Founder, William Bryant ", and Mr. Joab. Spencer gives a sketch of "John Clark, Pioneer Preacher and Founder of Methodism in Missouri".

The legislature of Arkansas has appropriated $5000 for the maintenance of the Arkansas History Commission. The commission will employ a salaried secretary who will devote his entire time to the work, entering upon his duties July 1. The legislature has also provided that the publications of the Arkansas Historical Association shall be a permanent charge on the printing fund of the state.

The Quarterly Journal of the University of North Dakota, the first number of which appeared in October, 1910, prints in its January number an instructive article by Professor O. G. Libby upon "The Correlation of Literature and History", and one by A. A. Bruce entitled “An Unwritten Chapter in the History of South Africa".

The Documentary History of the Rio Grande Pueblos of New Mexico, by Adolph F. Bandelier, is no. 13 of the Papers of the School of American Archaeology. The "Bibliographic Introduction" has been issued separately.

Acquisition of Oregon and the long suppressed Evidence about Marcus Whitman, in two volumes, by Principal William I. Marshall of Chicago, has been published in Seattle by Lowman and Hanford Company.

Mr. Irving B. Richman's California under Spain and Mexico, in the preparation of which the author has utilized much material not hitherto drawn upon, has appeared (Houghton).

The American Book Company has issued Public Education in California: its Origin and Development, with personal Reminiscences of half a Century, by John Swett.

Number 6 of the Publications of Canadian Archives is a Rapport sur les Archives de France relatives à l'Histoire du Canada by Mr. J.-Edmond Roy (Ottawa, 1911, pp. iv, 1093), which upon hasty preliminary examina

tion appears to cover in great detail the materials respecting Canadian history in the French archives, or, at all events, those portions of them which previous lists and Canadian official searches have brought to light.

The Ontario Bureau of Archives has in the press a volume on the Huron village sites associated with the missionary operations of the Jesuit fathers in the territory known to students of Indian lore as Huronia. The author is the Rev. Father Arthur E. Jones, S.J., F.R.C.S., whose labors in this branch of research have been long continued and 'exhaustive. Another interesting work announced by Mr. Alexander Fraser, the archivist, is the publication shortly of the Journals of the House of Assembly of Upper Canada from 1792 to 1804, now only available in manuscript. Those for the years 1795, 1796, and 1797 are missing. This will probably be the first of a series of volumes bringing the publication down to 1824, from which year printed journals are extant. The material thus to be given to the public will be of the greatest possible value to the official and student world as well as of wide general interest.

Noteworthy articles in periodicals: Ch. de la Roncière, Une Carte Française encore inconnue du Nouveau Monde (Bibliothèque de l'École des Chartes, LXXI. 5-6); Ch. de la Roncière, Un Atlas inconnu de la Dernière Expédition de Drake (Bulletin de Géographie Historique, 1909, 3); E. S. Maclay, A Sea View of our Revolution (United States Naval Institute Proceedings, March); W. E. Dodd, John Taylor "of Caroline" (The Nation, March 30); C. O. Paullin, Early Naval Voyages to the Orient, XI. The Voyages to Japan of Commodore Biddle and Commander Glynn, 1846, 1849 (United States Naval Institute Proceedings, March); Edward S. Corwin, The Doctrine of Due Process of Law before the Civil War (Harvard Law Review, March, April); Colonel John S. Mosby, Personal Recollections of General Lee (Munsey's Magazine, April); Mrs. Burton Harrison, Recollections, Grave and Gay, IV., V., VI., VII, VIII. (Scribner's Magazine, April, May); Frank J. Cannon, Under the Prophet in Utah, IV., V., VI. (Everybody's Magazine, March, April, May); C.-Philippe Choquette, Le Séminaire de Saint-Hyacinthe et les Evènements de 1837-1838 (Revue Canadienne, May); José M. Calleja, Historia de Santiago de Cuba (Revista Bimestre Cubana, March-April); P. Migüélez, La Independencia de México, VIII, IX., X., XI. (La Ciudad de Dios, February 20, March 5, 20, April 5).




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