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which said dollar so to be paid, shall follow the event of the suit, and be allowed in the costs to be taxel.

12. And whereas, many offences against the City Preamble. Ordinances may be committed by transient persons, who may depart the state, or by persons who may withdraw themselves and their effects out of the reach of the process of the Inferior City Court, before they can be brought to answer for such offence:

other persons, For prevention whereof. Be it ordained, That when committing of

fences against ever any offence shall be cominitted against any city

city ordinance ordinances, by any transient person or persons, an and about to

oath shall be thereof made by the City Marshal, or state, Record| any other inforınant, stating particularly the offence er to give an

committed, and that the person or persons charged and it bail be therewith, is, or are a transient person or persons, and not given shake as the informant apprehends may depart the state to prison before he, she or they can be brought to answer and make satisfaction for such offence, the Recorder of

the city is hereby authorized, empowered and re(quired, to give an order to hold such person or per

sons to bail, in any sum not exceeding the penalty annexed to such offence, to appear and answer to the charge against him, her or them; and in case such bail shall not be given, such person or persons shall be committed to prison, there to remain until bail shall be given, or he, she or they shall be otherwise discharged, by due course of law. And when any offence shall be committed as aforesaid by any person or persons resident in the city, but not transient, and the penalty affixed for such offence shall exceed thirty dollars and sixty-two cents, upon oath being made thereof, as aforesaid, and that the informant has reason to believe, and does apprehend, that the person or persons charged, may remove themselves and their effects out of the reach of the process of the court aforesaid, before he, she or they can be brought to answer and make satisfaction for such offence, the same proceedings, with respect to bail, Fines, &c. reshall be had as aforesaid.

13. That all fines, forfeitures and penalties affixed, ers, for breach or imposed, by the several ordinances of the City to be recover Council, or any of them, for breach of the same, and ed in the Infe.

rior city court. thereby made recoverable in the Court of Wardens,

coverable in court of Ward.


Passed, Nov. 12th, 1802.


Clerk of the Inferior City Court.

Whereas the fees of the Clerk of the Inferior City Court, and of the City Sheriff, are not ascertained and fixed, either by any act of the Legislature, or Ordinance of the City Council

, in cases where the debt or damages recovered do not exceed the amount to which the exclusive original jurisdiction of a Justice of the Peace extends, or in cases where the fine or penalty imposed by the Recorder, in the said court, shall not exceed the said amount:

1. Be it ordained, That in all cases where the debt Inferior City, or damages recovered in the Inferior City Court, and Sheriff fixed.' in all cases where the fine or penalty imposed in the

said court, shall not exceed iwelve dollars and twentyfour cents, the Clerk of the said court shall be allowed the same fees, as are, by law, allowed to Justices of Peace; and the City Sheriff shall be allowed the same fees as are allowed by law to Constables in similar cases--and that no other fees to the said Officers be exacted.

Fees of the Clerk of the

Passed, March

11th, 1816.

gand dollars.

Clerk of Council. 1. Be it ordained, That from and after the 20th

day of February last, the salary of the Clerk of Salary of the Council, shall be at the rate of one thousand dollari cil, one thou- per annum, payable quarterly.

2. That all ordinances or parts of ordinapces re pugnant hereunto shall be, and the same are hereby repealed.

Clerk of Council and Creasurer. Passed, Dec. 1. Be it ordained, That in future whenever an appli

cation shall be made for a vendue licence, the Clerk of Council shall be entitled to a fee of two dollars on the said application being granted, to be paid by

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the applicants prior to the issuing of a certificate by the City Treasurer. And that the City Treasurer shall be entitled to a fee of two dollars for issuing the said vendue licence, pursuant to the ordinance passed the thirteenth day of March, one thousand, eight hundred and fifteen, the same to be paid by the applicant prior to the delivery of the said licence.

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TITLE (D.) Dispensarp, (Shurras'.) Whereas, Mr. Alexander Shirras, now deceased, Passed, Nov. did by his last will and testament, bearing date the eighteenth day of

of June, in the

the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ten, devise and express Mr. Shirras! his intention in the manner and words following, that bequest. is to say :- As I am irnpressed with a belief, that the Dispensary established in this city, has been of great benefit to the poor and indigent inhabitants, as well as to strangers, when afflicted with sickness or disease; with a view to mitigate the sufferings of the distressed, ease the inhabitants, and assist the medical gentlemen in their humane intentions, I give and bequeath in trust, to the three gentlemen filling the

Will of Alexthree undermentioned offices, at my decease, and to ander Shirras. their successors in office forever, viz. the Intendant of the city, the President of the Medical Society, and the President of the St. Andrew's Society, of this city, my house and appendages thereto belonging,

situate at the corner of Meeting and Federal-streets, ". for the express purpose, that said house be applied

and occupied as a Dispensary for the inhabitants, where medicines and advice are to be given or distributed to the poor and needy; Chirurgical operations may be performed, and fractures, bruises, wounds,

sores, &c. &c. attended. Accommodation may be il given in the house to a few patients, that the Medi

cal Society may wish to have constantly under their

eye-(I do not mean patients whose disease is highsly contagious.) For the purpose of making the above

mentioned charity more beneficial to the distressed,


Sum appro


I give and bequeath to the Dispensary, my two tene ments on Champney’s-street, with the appendages thereto belonging. This I give in trust and manage ment to the three gentlemen filling the three office already mentioned, at my decease. And whereasi the houses, tenements and appurtenances devised as aforesaid have been transferred and delivered over to the trustees nominated and appointed in and by the said last will and testament; in order therefore that the charitable and beneficial intentions of the de ceased Alexander Shirras be extended and carried into effect, and that the public should enjoy as soon as possible the advantages of so valuable an institution

ordained, That a sum not exceeding one priated for the thousand dollars be annually appropriated for the es Support of the tablisment and support of a Dispensary in the city o

Charleston, to be distinguished and known by the name of " SHIRRAS' DISPENSARY."

2. That the Intendant of the city of Charleston,

and his successors in office, the President of the Me Persons.con- dical Society of South-Carolina, and his successor

in office, and the President of the St. Andrew's so ciety of the city of Charleston, and his successor in office, be and they are hereby constituted Com missioners on the part and behalf of the City Council and they are hereby fully authorized and empor ered to apply the sum above appropriated, to the establishment and support of “ Shirras’ Despensa ry," in such manner as shall appear to them most likely to promote the institution and the charitable objects of the said Alexander Shirras : also to receive donations, recommendations from applicants and to judge of the propriety of their admission, and to make such rules and regulations as shall appear to

them proper for the government of the said Dispen , Election of ci-Sary.

3. That twelve citizens be- annually elected by commissioners the City Council, from the residents of the four Wards

in this city ; from each Ward the same number as the Wardens who represent it in council: That the election shall take place on the third Monday in Oc tober in every year, or if no council shall be held on that day, on the first meeting of council thereafter

stituted commissioners.

tizens to be assistants to the

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That the citizens so elected, shall continue in office for one year from the fourth Monday in the same October, and they shall be considered, and they are hereby appointed assistants to the Commissioners and Trustees of the Dispensary. And it shall be the duty of the said assistants, acting in their different and respective Wards, to aid and forward the charitable objects of the Institution ; but in so doing, they are to act in all cases agreeably to the rules and regulations which the Commissioners and Trusteess hall from time to time make and establish.

4. That the Medical Society shall be, and they Appointa.. are hereby authorized to appoint such members of of consulting

piysicians. their body as to them shall seem requisite, to act as consulting and attending Physicians and Surgeons to “ Shirras Dispensary.”

7. That the Commissioners hereby appointed, shal! annually submit to the City Council a statement of rendered their proceedings, together with a regular account of council. ali expenditures for the support of the Dispensary.

Annual counts to

30, 1S 15.

Dogs not sur

Dogs. Whereas serious inconvenience, and calamitous Passed, Dee. consequences have resulted from Dogs going at large throughout the city ; to remedy therefore, as much as Prearable. possible, an evil of such magnitude :

1. Be it ordained, That from and after the passing of this ordinance, no dog shall be suffered to go at fered to be an large in any street, lane, court or alley; or on any

large. wharf of this city: And in case any dog shall be found going at large as aforesaid, the owner of such dog shall forfeit a sum not less than ten dollars, and Penaliy. not more than twenty dollars, to be recovered in the Inferior City Court; the same to be applied to the use of the informer. 2. That it shall not be lawful for any negro, mulatto

Negrees or or person of colour, to be owner of a dog or dogs ; persons of coand each and every of them, are hereby prohibited keeping dogs. from having or keeping any dog whatever, in any yard, lot or enclosure, either public or private, within the

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