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more ;

To feel th' unsparing knife ;

A wealthy fon of Commerce faunter by, No barbarou schemes this hard shall try, BRISTOW's citizen : e paus'd, and look’d, Nor, to prolong thy death, would I.

Witli a pleas'd fadness, and gazed all around ; Prol in thy little life.

Then ey'a our cottage, and gazd round again, Ah ! let not him, whose wanion skill

And said, it wisie billichlide ja ole! Delights the mangled frog to kill,

And we avere b'effed ! Oit with patient car The wreath of praise attain !

Long-littning to the viewless sky-lak's nute, Phi ufophy abhors the heart

(Viewless, or haply for a moment, seen That prostitutes her sacred art,

Gleaming on sunny wing) in whispei'd tones To give one being pain.


I said to my beloved, “ Such, swect girl!

TL'inobtrufive song of happiie's :

Uncarthly minitrelly! then only heard

When the foul seeks to hear : when all is hushid, BY CHARLES WATKINS, ESR:

And the heart lifters 1" FRIEND of th: drooping heart! still whispering peace,

But the time, when first To staunch the tear which Anguish bids to roll; From that low dell feep up the stony mount The baim of comfort, and us llope encroaie,

I cimb’d with perilous toil, and reach'd the top, And truhless Fear, and dull-ey'd doubt con

O what a godly scene ! here the bleak muunt, troul,

The bare bleak mountain specki'd thin with And raise to ecstasy the grateful foul,

thecp; And teach mankind the paths of blij to know, Grey clouds, that Thadowing spot the funny And how, with tranquil awe, their Gud adure,

And river, now with bushy rocks o'erbrow'd, Reveal the suurce, whence only Giace could Noww.ndir.g bright and fill with nakeri banks ; flow,

And seats, and lawns, the abbey, and the And future spheres---when woe shall be no


And cots and hamlets, and faint city-spie: Thou can ft alone those facredaids bestow,

The channel here, the islands, and white fails, Which calm the forrowing foul through erch Dim coast, and cloudlike hills, and sporcle's Tad scene below !


It seem'd like Omnipresence! God, methought, SONNE T.

Had built him there a temple ! Tlie whole world

Was ima'' / in its vast circumference. EVENING, 2s, musing on my lonely way, No with profan’d my overwhelmed heart: I wander on, mine eye delights to view

Bleft hour! it was a luxury---to be! 'I hy mellow'd :ints, of many a sober hue, Steal fowly o'er the radiance of the day ;

Ah, quict dell! dear cot! and mount sublime ! The still hour foothes my foul, and wears away

I was conttain'd to quit yox!. Was it right, Sad Níem'ry's painful thought, as many a

While my unnumber'd bietlnen toil'd and lled, dream

That I should dream away the trusted hours

On rose-leaf beds, pamp'ring the coward heart Fond Fancy pictures, in her visiou'd theme Of com ng joy : but foon with fierno! (way

With feelings all too delicate for use? Frowns the dark Ficav'n; thy sadly-pleasing

Sweet is the tear, that fiom fome HOWARD'S light,


Drops on the cheek of one he lifts from earth : Fsiendily to Meditat'on, shall decay

And he that works me goud with unmo: 'd face, Amid the shadows of descending night. Ah, lovely dreams! {v, tho' my coul delights My benefactor, not my brother nian!

Does it but half: he chills me while he aids; On you

to dwell, Trutii's form severe pursues, To blend your airy furnis with Sorrow's faile

Yet even this, this cold beneficence, hues.


Seizes my praise, when I reflect on those,
The sluggard Pity's vifion-weaving tribe !

Who ligt for wietshedness, yet thun the REFLECTIONS ON ENTERING INTO


Nursing in Cume delicious folitude A Poem, aulico ects not to be POETRY. Thoir 11 thful loves and tainty fympathing! LOW was our pretty cot : our railett rose I therefore go---and join head, hcart, and hand,

Peep'd at the chamber- vindow. We could Active and lim, to fight the bloodless fight hear

Of Science, Freedom, and the Truth in Chrift. (At filent noon, and eve, and early morn) Yet uft when after honourable toil The f.a's fuint murmur: in the open air Rests the tir'd mind, and waking loves to dream, Our myrtles blossom’d, and viols the porch My fpirit shall revisit thee, dear cot! Thick jasmines twin'd: the little landscape Thy jaimin, and thy window-peeping rose, round

And myıtles fearless of the mild sea-ars, Was green and woody, and refit ilı'd the tye. And I thall ligh fond withes –íweet abode ! It was a spt, which you might aptly call Ah! had none grenter, and that all had such! The Valley of SECLUSION. Once I saw It miglit be fo---but the time is not yet ; (Hallowing his fabbath-day by quietnel) Speed it, O Fathu! Let thy kingduin come! 5






New Publications in Oftober.

733 The Life and Conspiracy of Maximilian Robespierre ; from the Fiench of M. de Munt. jsye.


EDUCATION, &c. {It is believed that she fullozing List may be rer

Le Dionnaire Royal, François-Aoglois, et ferred io wth confidence; bui that it mwy

al- Anglois-François, par Ali A Biyer. NOUVELLE wiys be pérfe:Ily corriet and comi lete, au

EDITION, par P. M. Fierville ; in one very thors and put hers are requested in tranfinit large Volume 4t0. 11. 165. bd Longman, &c. notices of all nưw werks as foon as publishtit.]

A Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language, 35. 60.

Myers. NATURAL PHILOSOPHY AND USEFUL ARTS. Instruction to the Children of Sunday Schools

and other charitable Seminaries of Learning, by THE Transactions of the Society instituted

Wills. at London for the Er.couragement of Aits, Abraham Crucker, of Frome, 4d. Manufactures, and Commerce, vol. XIV 55. bds.

Johnson, &c.

Quafhy; or the Coal-black Maid, a Tale, by The Mathematical and Philosophical Repu- Capt. Thomas Morris, is.

Ridgway. fitory ; containing effays and Extradis; with a Miscellaneous Poems, by Richard Cockley, Collection of Problems and Sulusions, No. I Esq. ios 6d. bds.

Cadell & Davies. and II ; continued haif Yea' ly, 25. 61. cach. A Collection of Trifies, in Verse, by C E. Ci ndinning, &c. Stewart, A.M. 4to. 55.

Brown. Tables of Intere?, &c. by J. 1 King, of Sappho and Phaon ; in a Series of legitimate Liverpool, 75. Od. bds.

Richardson, Sonnts. W th Thoughts on Poetical Subjects, Coloured Engravings of Ericas, or Heaths, and Anecdotes of the Grecian Sappho, }wy Miry with Botanical Descriptions, in Latin and Eng- Robinson, 103 and 125. 6d. bd. Hookham & Co. lih, from living Specimens, by Mr. andraws, Poems, by the Rev. H. RW, LL B. 2 vols. of Knightfri. 30, in Numbers, every two 8vo. Ios. 61. ods.

Cadell & Davies, Months, at 75. Gd. each.

The Pleader's Guide: a Didactic Poem, in A System of Natural Hisory, compichend- two Books, Svo. 35. 6d. fd. Cauell & Davies. ing the latest Discoveries in every Branch of Hipe, an Allegorical Sketch, on recovering that Science, adapted to the Inftruction of Nowly from Sickness, by the Rev. W. 7. Youth; in the form of Dialogues ; from the Bowles, A. M. 410. 23.

Dilly. German of Professor Ruff, of Göttingen, 2 vols. The Song of Capt. Morris, entitled The 8s. Johnson. Town and Country, is.

Holland. An Introduction to Arithmetic and Algebra, Poems, Moral, Elegant, and Pathetic. by Thomas Manning.

Rivingtons. Pope's Essay on Man--Hermit of Warkworth MEDICINE, &c.

- Jerningham's Funeral – Blair's Grave The History of the Inoculation of the Small Gray's Elegy, and Original Sonnets, by IL M. Pox in Great Britain ; com; rehending a Revi: w Williams, Os. bus.

Vernor & Hood. of all the Publications on the Subject, by W. The New Brighton Guide, or с.

umpanion for Woh tville, M.D. vul. I. bds. 79. Philips. Young Ladies and Gentleman to all the water

Obser: alions rcfpectin th: Pulse ; intended ing Places in Great Britam ; with Nutes, &c. to point out with greater Certainty the Indica- &c. by John Williams, alias Anthony Pasquir, tions which it lignifies, efpecially in Feverish Esq. 25.

Symonds. Complaints, by W. Falconer, MD. F.R.S. 2s.6d.

Cadeil and Davies. The Kegro Slaves : a Dramatic Historical Medical Extracts, on the Nature of Heaith, Piec:", in Three Acts; from the Ger an of and the Laws of the Nervous and Fibrous Syf- De Kotzebue, 8vo. 35. id. · Cadull & Davies. tems, by a Friend to Incrovements, 3 vols. ul. is.

Jobníon and Robinfous, Portraits of the Archduke Charles, from a GEOGRAPHY, VOYAGES, &c.

Painting by Lutherhourg, R.A and of Field Voyazes made in 1738 and 1789, from Marinal Wurmser, from a Painting by Brand, at China to the north-west Coast of Ainerica, by Vienna, 1os.6d, each, in colours. Rupert Greun. John Meares, 2 vols. 8vo.

Waltor. Extraordinary Adventures and Sufferings, by Elegant Edition of the Pilgrim's Progress, to Shipwreck and Imprisonmeyt. of Donald Cump- be completed in Nine Numbers, at 25 6d. cach. bell, E.q. abriaged, 35. 60. bds. Vernor & Hoid.


The Chace of Somerville, to which is per An Epitome of Universal History, or a coile fixed, a critical Essay, by Dr. Akin, 6s. bds. cise View of the most important Revolutions plates and pocket fize. Cad. ll & Davies, and Events which are recorded ; also their form

POLITICS. of Government, and short Accounts of their The Constitutional Defunce of England, indifferent Religions, by John Payne, 2 vols. ternal and external, by John Car wrighi Esq. 8vo. bds. 13s Johnion. 35.

Joh'fon. The Life of Lorenzo de Medici, called the Utrum Horum--the Government, or the Magnificent, by William Roscoe, SECOND EDI- Country, by D.OʻEryan, 2s. 6d.

D. brott. TION, 2 vols. 4to bds. Cadell 8c Davies. Mr. Burke's original Thoughts on the Pro





5 A ?


IS. 6d.




tpect of a Regicide Peace, in a series of Let- The Utility of Learning in establishing the ers, 25 6d.

Owen. Truth of Christianity, a Sermon, by Wilfred Two Letters, addressed to a Member of the Clark, A M. IS.

Cadell & Davies. present Parliament, on the Proposals for Peace Four Sermons on Public Occasions, by fa with the Regicide Directory of France, by the Flet, M.A. 25.

G. & T. Wilkie. Right Hon. E. Burke, 3s. 6d. Rivingtons. Illustrations of Prophecy; in the course of Thoughts on the Defence of these Kingdoms, which are elucidated many Pedictions, which

Faulder. occur in Isaiah or Daniel, in the Writings of The Parliamentary Register, or the History the Evangelists, or the Book of Revelation of the Proceedings and Debates of Lords and and which are 'thought to foretel, among other Commons, No. 1. of the present Session. Debrette grear Events, a Revolution in France, favourable

A Collection of State Papers relative to the to the Interests of Mankind, th: Qverthrow of War against France, now curying on by Great the Papal Power, and of Ecclefiaftical Tyranny, Britain and the several other European Powers. th: Downsal of Civil Despotism and the sub4 vols. 8vo. il. 175. bds.

Deb;ett. sequent Melioration of the State of the World: Considerations, addressed to the Volunteer together with a large Collection of Extracts, inCorps to be raised by the East India Company, teríperíped through the Work, and taken from 6d.

Lanc. numerous Commentators ; and particularly from A. Smith, author of an Enquiry into the Joseph Mede, Vitringa, Dr. Thomas Goodwin, Wealth of Nations, against T. Paine- a critical Dr Henry More, Dr.John Owen, Dr. Cresigner, Essay, publiihed in all Languages, 2s.6d. Clark. Pete Jurieu, Brenius, Bishop Chandler, Sir

A brief Enquiry into the Causes of, and I'aac Newton, Mr. William Lowth, Fleming, Condu. I pursued, by the Colonial Government, Bengelius, Daubuz, Whithy, Lowman, Bithop for quelling, the Insurrection in Grenada, in Newton, and Bishop Hurd; 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 125. 1795, 45.


LAW. The Correspondence of the Rev. C. Wyvill A Practical Arrangement of the Law ie. with the Right Hon. W. Pitt, pait I; published lative to the Excite, by Anthony Highmore, jun. by Mr. Wyrill, 25. Jolmson. vols. 8vo. bds

Butterworth A Continuation of the Political Survey of the The Trial of T. S. Gillet, under the Traite: future Condition of France, by Damcuriez, 1 s. 6d. rous Correspondence Act, is. Jordan.

Dilly. An Historical Essay on the Principles of Po- James the Fataliit ; a Philosophical Ro. litical Associations in a State, by the Rev. 7. mance; fro.n the French of the late M Dideo Brand, 25. 6d. Longman.

Robinsons, Coke's Pa:liamentary Debates. No. I. of Memoirs of the Ancient House of Clarendon, the pre:ent Session, 6d.

a Nivel, 3 vols. 95. fd.

Lane. A plain Tale for the New Parlament, or a Edward; various Views of Human Nature, Sketch of the History of England from the close taken from Life and Manner, chiefly in Eng: of the Campaign, in 1794, to the present Time, land, by the Author of Zelucco, 2 vols. 8vo. by the Author of Letters to the King, under the 16s. bds.

Cadell & Davies, Signature of Junius, 2s. 6d. Chapman.

An Efray on the Public Merits of Mr. Pitt, Some Duties incumbent upon those who are by Tho. Beddoes, M.D. 35. éd Johnson. Members of Corporations, with a few Prefa

Strictures on a Pamphlet written by Thomas tory Remarks concerning Reviewers, by W. Paine on the English System of Finance, &c. Ruff!, is.

Longman. by Lieut. Col. Chalmers, Is. 6d. Debrett. The Bank Mirror; or a Guide to the Funds, A Lett: r to the Right Hon. W. Curtis, Lord by Cha. Hales, Esq. Is. 6d.

Trepass. Mayor, on the National Debt and Resources of The Art of growing Rich, is. Evans. Great Britain, by Simeon Polle. 25. Stockdale. A Summary View of Heraldry, in reference

An Impartial Report of thc Debates that occur to the Usages of Chivalry, &c. &c. by Thomas in the two Houses of Parliament, by William Brylfuri, F A S. Edin. 1os. 6d. Vernor & Hood. Wordfall, with Portraits, No. I. Is. Chapman. The Abolition of the Save Trade and

The Universal Politician, by a Society of perate Reform essential to the Salvation of EngGenilimer, No. I. and II. is. 6d. cach. Moore. land, by the Author of the Address to the

Derby Political Society, is.

Crosby. A Friendly Admonition to the Churchman, NEW PUBLICATIONS IMPORTED IN THE on the Sense and Sufficiency of his Religion,

PRESENT MONTH. by W. Jones, M.A. 1S.

Rivingtons. Télescope de Zorastre, ou Clef de la Grande A Scrmon on the general Thanksgiving for a Cable Divinatoire des Mages, 8vo. 1796, 35. truly plenteous Harvest, by the Rev. Thomas

Buorey. Pinch, is.

Faulder. L'Urne ; ou, l'Alphabet à l'Usage du TéLa Liturgia, nuovamente tradotta dell'lescope de Zoraitre, 15s.

Booley. Inglese nel Tosco Idioma. Da A. Montucci e De L'Esprit Public en France 1796, 8vo. L. Valletti, Profeffori di Lingua Italiana, bds.

Booley. Vernor & Hood. Observations sur l'Etat de l'Europe pendant The Sermons and Charges of the late Bishop l’Année 1795; & sur la Nouvelle Conftitution of Rochester, published by G. A. Thomas; with Française, par l'Auteur de Plan de Pacification, js Life, &c. 2 vols. 8vo, bds, 14s. Rivingtons, 8io. 1796, 2s. 6d.

Boofty. 1.P. Weidmaa




Is. 6d.

Importations. . . Literary Notices.

J. P. Weidman de Necrosi Osuum, folio. and English and Swedish. 2 vols. 4to. bds.
Il. ul. 6d
Booley. Stockholm. ll. 163.

Remnant. DI C Loder's Anatomische Taveln zur Fabricii Bibliotheca Græca. cur. Harles, acBeforderung der Kenntniss des Menschlichen cedit. J. A. Fabricii et C. A. Heumanni fup. Korpers, folio. No. I. Plates and Text, 2 Parts, plementa inedita. 4 vols. 4to. maj. Hamburgi. Weimar, il is. Bosey. 41. ros. bds.

Remnant, Ansichten (feltene und erhabene) der Natur, Idem liber. chart fcript. 61. 6s. bds.

ditto, nach dun besten, kosbarile Werken und Zeich- Happi Botanica Pharmaceutica, exhibens nungen in Kuper citochen und mit cirer plantas officin quarum nom. in dispensat recess. Schilderung verfehli, nebst & illuminrien Kip..cum icon. ac auct, aere incisit, et vivis color. fern und i vizn. fol. Leipzig. 11. 55. Ebendass expres. adj. nomin. pharmaceut. e fyft. Linn. mit schwarzen K ipf 18s

Remnant. depromptis. 46 fafciculi

. cum 343 Tab. color, Be hitein, Na urge chichte Deutschlands. 4 ful maj. Berol. 181. 185.

Remnant, Bände, mit ilium. Kufifern. gr. 8vo. Leipzig

Flantæ fele&tæ et rariores. c. fig. 31. 45. Remnat color, 14 fasc. fol. ib. 61. 6s.

Remnant. Beiträge zur Kenntniss des innern von Eng- Hofmann Plantæ lichenofæ delineatæ et Hand, und feirer Einwohnern, aus den Briefe descriptz., 2 vols. in 8 fasc. & vol. 3tia. fasc. eines Freundes gezogen. 16 Thiili. gr. 8vo Leip- Im. fol. Lipfic 61. 8s.

Remnant, zig. il. 16s.

Renuant. Loder Tabulæ Anatomicæ, quas ad illusDorndorfs Zoologische Beiträge zur 13ten trandum Humani corporis Fabricam, &c. 4. Ausgabe des L nnischen Naturyftems. 3 fufc. c. 57. Tab. aen. fol. Vinariæ, 21. 18s. ditto. Bände. gr. 8vo il. 16s.

Remnant. Murray Apparatus medicaminum edir. aucła. Espers PHanzenthiere in Abbildunge: nach cura Althoff. 6 vols. 8vo. maj. id. 31. ditto. der Natur mit Farben erleucht't, nebst Bela Meidinger icones Piscium Auftriæ indig :10chreibungen. 2 Bänae in 12 Nos. und Fortsut- rum quos collegit vivi que coloribus expicfius. zung 3ter Band 4 Nos. mit 382 Kupftateln. 5 Ducurix et ult. fol. maj. Vienni. 41. 1os. Nür berg. 1ol. 10s. Remiant.

Remnant Finkes Versuch ciner allgemeine med. prokfischen Geographie, worin der historische Tail

LITERARY NOTICES. der ein heinischen Völker und Staaten Arznev kunde vorgetragen wird. 3 Barce, T. 8vo

. MR. GEORGE Dyer, with whose Leipzig. 1l. 7s.

Remnant. poetical talents the public are well Hagedorns LIV. Blätter Landschaften und acquainted, is preparing a course of pubKoepfe. 4to. fd. Leipzig. 165. Remnant. lications—satires, odes, and elegies; two

Kr aft, Pomona Austriaca, oder Abhandlung of which will thortly make their apvon den Obstbäumen, &c. 17. Hefi

. mit 170 pearance, under the titles of Poet's Fate fehr fejn Abbildungan in Kupfer gefa hen und nach and Poetic Sympathies. der Natur in Farben dargestellt. fol. Wien 81. 18s. 16.


A new periodical work is announced, Lichtenbergs ansführliche Erklarung der Ho- entitled ORIENTAL COLLECTIONS garthischen Kupferstiche, mit verkleinerten aber which is to consist of translations, miscelvollständigen Copien derselben. Drey Liefe- laneous essays, and differtations, relative rungen, bestehend von 20 Platten. fol. 21. gs. Ditto. to the languages, geography, natural his

Nernichs allgemeine Polyglotten Lexion der tory, mythology, biography, chronology, Naturgeschichte in allen Europäischen Sprachen. arts, sciences, and literature in general of 5 Bände. gr. 4to. bds. Hamburg. 41. 45. ditto. Alia. It is to be decorated and illustrated

Neun und Vierzig Blätter, gruffentheils by plates, maps, views, and fac-similes Landschaftlichen Inhalts gezeichnet und in of letrers, &c. Tour numbers, on wove Kupfer geäzt durch C. W. Kolbe. gr. fol. Leipzig. 1l. 125.


paper, are to be published annually, at a Pantheon der Deutschen, mit Kupfern. 2 fubfcription of two guineas ; the first to Bänd.. 8vo. fd. Chemnitz. il. 45.

Remnant. appear in January, 1797. MAJOR OUSEPopulaere Zoologie, oder Beschreibung und LEY is the persoa to whom letters and Abbildung des aeuffern und innern Baues der- communications are to be addressed, at jenigen Thiere, deren nähern Kenntniss nütz- Mr. R. White's, bookseller, Piccadilly. dich ist. mit 40 i.lum. Kupfertafeln, gr. fol. Nürn

Mr. HOLCROFT has just completed a berg. 21. 8s.

Remnant. translation of the Travels of COUNT Rödings allgemeines Wörterbuch der Marine STOLBERG through Germany, Switzerin allen Europäischen See sprachen. 6 Pände. land, Italy, and Sicily. It will be published "Br. 4to. bds. Hamburg. 41. 145. 6d. Remnant. in the course of the winter, in two vo

Schmidt Osterreichs allgemeine Baumzucht, lumes quarto, decorated with nineteen oder Abbildungen In und Ausländischen Bäume und Sträuche iter Band, und 2ter Band, 1 & large and beautiful plates.

The works of A. R. MENGS, first 2 lt. mit go illum. Kupfertafeln. gr. fol. Wien.

Remnant. painter to Charles the Third, of Spain, Schulz Pocket Ditionary, English and Gere have been translated from the Italian, and man, and German and Engli!h, 2 vols. bound. will mortly make their appearance in the Hamburgh. 155.

Renmant. Englihh language.
Widegren's Lexicon, Swedish and English, Mr. BOSCAWEN has in the press the


21. 45.

fecond volume of his New Translation of SPEECHES of the LORDS CHANCELHorace into English Verfe. This second LORS and SPEAKERS of the House of volume will coutain the Satires, Episiles,' Commons, from the RESTORATION, in and Art of Poetry.

1660, to the Diffolution of Parliament in A translation of WIFLAND's popular the vear 1796.-To which will be added, work, the private History of Perusrinus a Collection of the Lords' PROTESTS, Proteus, is nearly ready for publication. from the Earliest on Record, to 1796 ;

Mr. THELWALL is expected to pub- also a Copy of all the STANDING lih, in a few days, a ous reply to ORDERS of the H use of LORDS, with Mír. Burke's late pamphlets on a Regicide Rules and Orders for paffing Private Bills, Peace,

&c. &c. The work will confift of three Mr. DEBRETT has in great forward- large volumes o&avo. pels a Colection of KINGS' SPEECHES, īvir. IM LAY has in the press a third with the MooSAGES to and from both edition of his work on the Western TerHouses of Parliament, ADDRESSES by' ritory of North America, with important the LORDS and COMMONS, and the additions.


us the

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Divertimento for the piano-forte, with Ac-: The Mariner, a celebrated Sea Song, written

companiments for a flute, violin, and violon- and composed by John Mculás, and lung by bir. cello, by Mr. L. Von Ejih. Op. 14. 35. F. Linley. Donum, with the greatest applaute, at the

Theatre Royal, Drury. lane, is. Culliioid. This divertimento opens with a Marche Religion, fucceeded by an air, in con mon

The melody of this little production turn, which is again relieved by a move

is, for the molt part, smeoth and natural,

and some few of its patrages happily Xmenr, Tempo di sillemand. E 6. major, is its standard kov; but digresions into 'its preslive; particularly that applied to the 4th A 6, apd its relative minor C, are

line, “ Thus mournful figlied in deep given, with peculiar good effect; and con

ditèress.” The faults are, that the words tribute, together with other unequivocal in some places are badly accented, and works of scientific qualification, to

that the bats is not throughout well prove

chofen. the author's professional abilities. The merit of the piece runs in that uniform The Lover's Rhapsody, composed by Mr. even tenor, that, to give it a general good Battfi!. The words by the late carón hill, character, rather than to enter into any esq. Price is.

Harrison and Co. particular criticism appcars

It was with auch pleasure that wę better mode for its review, and, there- perused this beautiful litik baliad. The fore, we content curselves with pro- melody is rich, and the sentiment of the nouncing it a respectable compofition, poetry ek gantly and faithfully conveyed. and recomme:d it' as an agrecable and Mr. Battiihill's profciliona! ' reputation, improving exercile for the piano-forte so long and to well earned, naturally at practitioner.

taches much expectation to whatever hę William's Return, a favourite Sea Song, that the present composition is qualified

produces, yet it is barely justice to say, by T. Ambrose, 1s.


to satisfy the most sanguine idea of the Mr. Ambrose, whose capability in little real connoiffeur. efforts like the present, we have fre- Three Sonatas for the Piano-Forte or Harp, quently admired, has, in this instance, fichord, with an Accompaniment for a flute og if we may use the expression, struck off violin ; compo:ed, and respectfully dedicated ta an air, agrecable in itself, and well Mifs Barrett, by W. Heward, 7s. 6d. Fentum. adapted to the words it is meant to ex- We had much pleasure in the perusai press. Some trivial defects, however, of these fonatas Genius and taste form ive find ourfc'ves obliged to notice : fuch their general and predominant features, as the first but moving wholly in the and exhibit Mr. Howard as a very promit: fourth the kry, and the opportunity ing composer. The first fonata comprises that has been omitted to be taken of mo. two movements, the firk of which is flulating, after the sixth bar, into the fifth bury and spirited, and the second (in of the key, which would have added to tempo di minuetto) elegant and scientifice the variety and spirit of the compofi. The second piece opens with a inove. tion,

ment in , Allegro moderaio, remarkably


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