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Of leases where necessary

Of mortgage of leases where necessary

RELEASE. Conveyance by lease and release
Of annuity by annuitant

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Vol. Page.

iii. 82, 83. v. 56

Covenant that the party has power to release
Of powers where necessary

RELEASES, Mutual, on a dissolution of copartner-


Separate releases thereon

See also Conveyances, and Lease and Release.

REMAINDER. Agreement for the purchase of
Description of in a lease for a year

In a release

Conveyance of a remainder or reversion in fee
Mortgage of

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ii. 602

ii. 271

vi. 338

vi. 339

i. 75

i. 149

i. 161, 166

What fine necessary to bar the wife's estate in a re-
mainder or reversion

If conveyed by grant and release only, it must be
inrolled within six lunar months

REMAINDER-MAN purchasing the life estate, should
take the conveyance to a trustee

The conveyance of a remainder in fee should be en-
rolled, and why

Observations on the mode of conveying a remain-

i. 320

iv. 273

iv. 279

iv. 290

i. 249

i. 331

i. 330, 335
The opinion that it cannot pass by grant erroneous i. 335
Remainder man not bound by leases of tenant in
tail, but only the issue in tail

iii. 381

RENEWAL OF LEASES. Observations on iii. 626, 628, 632

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RENT CHARGE. Agreement for the purchase of
Form of conveyance of to a purchaser
The most proper form to a stranger is by grant,
though it may be by bargain and sale enrolled,
lease and release, or covenant to stand seised, or
by release alone, if the party be seised of the

It is also the subject of a fine and a recovery
Mortgage of

RENT. Purchaser entitled to such from the term spe-

i. 421


iv. 326

i. 14 n. 18

cified in his contract, though not then completed,
but he must allow interes on the purchase-
Purchaser entitled to the same from the imme-
diately preceding quarter

i. 169


Vol. Page.

Reservations of in leases, observations on

iii. 61

Reasons for covenants for payment of, and power

of re-entry in leases

iii. 62

iv. 520

Rents and profits, mortgage security on, or Welsh

iv. 87

Of land in mortgage, may after notice be reco-
vered from the mortgagee from the tenant in pos-
Reservation of in leases iii. 80, 86, 101, 111, 151, 170,
185, 203, 226, 245, 264, 369, 383, 401, 433, 511

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No abatement of in cases of fire iii. 91, 118, 175, 191,

213, 231, 250, 271, 343, 357, 374, 388, 405, 419, 438,
452, 472, 517, 535, 550, 565, 583, 602, 617
The reservation of an additional rent for land broken

up must be paid

And is therefore preferable to a penalty,
which relief may be had iu equity

iii. 265, 266, 487


iii. 265, 266

Form of reservation of additional rent iii. 265,274,276, 494

Reservation of in corn

To husband and wife, and the heirs and assigns of

iii. 353

the wife, pursuant to the statute

iii. 415

To trustees under a power


To a guardian

iii. 465

To the committee of a lunatic

iii. 486

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In leases for years determinable on lives

REPAIRS. Lessee for a term bound to repair iii. 64, 65, 89
Lessor may enter and search for, though no cove-


No action lies for want of repairing until the end
of the term, unless there is an express covenant
to repair on notice

In what condition premises ought to be left
Natural decay of allowed

Where to be done by lessor, and how
REPURCHASE of annuities allowed

Clauses for repurchasing of annuities

RESERVATION of rough timber for repairs
Of additional rent as a penalty
Of corn as rent


iii. 66




iii. 75

v. 343
v. 344, et seq.

iii. 269

iii. 265, 274, 276

iii. 352

vi. 803

RESTRICTION of words of warranty of title in convey-

ances by trustees

Vol. Page.

ii. 247

i. 75

ib. n. 4

i. 330

i. 331

REVERSION. Agreement for the purchase of
Inadequacy of consideration for the purchase of, a
ground for the interference of a court of

Conveyance of a reversion in fee, form of
Should be enrolled

Observations on the mode of a conveyance of a re-

i. 330, 385

The opinion that it cannot pass by grant erroneous i. 335
Assignment of a reversionary interest in bank an-


REVOCATION of powers

ii. 782

ii. 263

vi. 492

vi. 521, 566, 709

Power of for giving seisin of trust estates to `new


Power of in marriage settlements

Powers of, in what cases good

What precautions ought to be taken in respect


Power to charge settled estates with money, does
not require a previous revocation of the uses, ac-
cording to the stat. 27 Eliz. c. 4. s. 5.

Nor does a power to sell

vi. 521

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Neither does it prevent the vesting of portions
Power of new appointment of uses in cases of revo-
cation implied; but it should be expressly given vi. 469


SALE. Power to sell in cases of default of payment

of mortgage money

iv. 97

iv. 492

ib. n. 1

Conveyance to trustees in nature of a mortgage
with power to sell if default made

Qu. The efficacy of such deed

Assignment of leaseholds for the like purpose,
See also Powers, Settlements, and Trustees.
Trustees for sale cannot delegate their authority,
and therefore their power should run to sell not
only by themselves, but by any attorney or
attornies by them appointed
And as purchasers now generally take a conveyance
to trustees to prevent dower, the authority
should not be to a purchaser and his heirs in the
old form, but to him and his heirs, or as he or
they shall appoint, as all powers are to be strict-
ly pursued

v. 247

vi. 40


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SEPARATION, Deed of between man and wife,
form of

vi. 714

Is in the manner of a marriage settlement
Usual covenants in


vi, 717

Term created to pay an annuity to wife, in case of
separation from the husband

vi. 432

Proviso, that such an annuity shall cease, if the
husband becomes liable to pay her debts

vi. 433

SEQUELS. Who are considered such, and why added
to the word heirs in covenants respecting copy.

SETTLEMENT made previous to marriage, will be
good against purchasers and creditors
But a settlement after marriage, the party must be
at the time solvent, otherwise it will be void not
only against subsequent debts, but against those
that then subsist

And if he was not indebted at the time, it will be
good against subsequent creditors, unless exe-
cuted by fraud

Settlements after marriage are strictly construed,
and though good against creditors, will be void
as to future purchasers

And notice of the settlement makes no difference,
unless it be in pursuance of previous articles
Or in consideration of a jointure subsequently accru-
ing to the wife, or agreed to be given by the

Or upon the surrender of previous provisions
And even though there be new provisions for chil-

vi. 499

vi. 387


vi. 388



vi. 389


dren, not in the first, if the subsequent settlement
be made in consideration of giving up the first vi. 389
A settlement after marriage will be also good after
marriage, if made under the directious of the
court of Chancery, or in consideration of monies
paid over to the husband by the wife's trustees
But though settlements after marriage by persons.
not indebted at the time may be good against
the statute of frauds, yet they are void against
assignees of bankrupts

SETTLEMENTS. Marriage articles relative to free-
hold or copyhold lands of a minor, to be settled
on her coming of age


vi. 390

vi. 363

Vol. Page.


Marriage settlement of freeholds, the estate of the

vi. 387

of freeholds of small value, not in strict settle


vi. 524

Of leasehold premises

vi. 573

Of monies in the funds or other specific personal


vi. 021

Of freeholds, leaseholds, monies in the funds, and

other personalty

vi. 637


vi. 564

Made after marriage, must strictly pursue the pre-
vious articles, otherwise it is voidable by the
future purchasers or creditors

vi. 384

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iv. 72

STOCK. Loan of on mortgage, how interest in respect
thereof to be computed

Covenant for the retransfer of in a mortgage iv. 82

SURETY. No consideration is requisite to render an
undertaking to pay the debt of another valid,
but it must be in writing

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SURRENDER of copyhold estate to a purchaser, and

deed of covenant thereon

Nothing will pass by but what lies in tenure
Form of

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vi. 1

i. 257

i. 263

i. 273


iii. 637

. iii. 364

The surrenderer must have the legal estate
Surrender of a lease for years by indorsement
Power reserved to lessors to require a surrender of
part of premises demised on notice
Underleases remain good, though the original be
surrendered for the purpose of obtaining a re-
newed term
iii. 626, 627
Surrender of a lease for lives, for the purpose of
a renewal

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Guardians of infants, lunatics, and femes covert,
may surrender leases by order of the court of

Proper words should be used in the surrender of
freehold leases

iii. 634


iii. 635

Livery of seisin not necessary on such surrenders iii. 636
The party surrendering should covenant that he

has done no act to incumber

Of lease for years by indorsement, form of


iii. 637

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