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Ver. Our hearts and ways are vile, till he,
Who holiness commands,
Our whole fanctification be,

To wash our hearts and hands.

The pow'rs of hell our fouls enchain,
Till our redemption come,
And, lawful captives to regain,
His conqu'ring pow'r affume.
In God alone lies all our blifs;
The blifs in Chrift is flor'd,
That we may share of what he is,
By likeness to our Lord.
He is what God alone can be,
And all that can be giv'n;
Wife, righteous, holy, happy he,
Who thus is all our heav'n.
Yea, all in all, that finners fo
May be in him complete;
Wife, righteous, holy, happy too :
Blefs'd be the match fo meet.



The Excellency and Preference of Love.
I Cor. xiii. 1,-13.


The most excellent Gifts nothing without Love.
Ver. 1-4.

I COULD I with men and angels vie
In language, without love;

Nought but a founding brafs would I,
Or tinkling cymbal, prove.

2 Could I both preach and prophefie,
All myft'ries understand;

Have knowledge all ingrofs'd in me,
All gifts at my command:
Yea, had I faith that could remove;
Great mountains to the main;

Yet were I deftitute of love,

All would be void and vain.

Ver. Should I, with Pharifaic fhew,


Be lavish of my ftore,

And tender of my revenue,

To feed the starving pour :

Yea, wanting love, though to the flame
My body give fhould 1,

To win the martyr's glorious name;
I nothing gain thereby.

[If without love to God and men,
Though most devout I feem,
Yet my religion all is vain,
And but an empty dream.]


The Praife of Love, and its Preference to Faith and Hope. Ver. 4,—13.

4 Love fuffers long; love envies not;
But evermore is kind;

Ne'er opes the mouth to boast of ought,
Nor proudly puffs the mind.

5 Love carries not indecently;

Can felfifh views exclude;
And lay her own advantage by,
To feek her neighbour's good.

Love thinks no ill; nor, foon incens'd,

E'er ftudies to annoy :

6 She grieves when fin and error's fenc'd; But in the truth's her joy.

7 Love bears all hard things well for
Believes all good things ftill;

Nor, for her neighbour's prejudice,
Is credulous of ill.


Love hopes all things ev'n of the worst,
And wills their happy change;
Endures all things; nor can be forc'd
By wrongs to hug revenge.

8 Love fhall remain, and fhall prevail
In earth and heav'n above,

When tongues fhall ceafe, and prophets fail,
And ev'ry gift, but Love.

Ver. For but in part, while here from home,
We know; but wait the day


10 When perfect interviews will come, And partial fly away.

11 Here ev'ry notion, thought, and fpeech,
Our witlefs childhood fhews;

But there our fouls fhall manhood reach,
And flight our prefent views.

12 For now we fee but through a glass,
Where light is darkly fhown;
But then, by vision, face to face,
We'll know, as we are known.

13 On earth, faith, hope, and love have place,
The third fhall reign above;
Of all, the greatest, fairest grace,
For God himself is Love.

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The Song of Triumph over Death and the Grave,
I Cor. xv. 54,-58.

54 FAITH fings although the body dies,
The promife is enjoy'd;

This mortal fhall immortal rife,
And death fhall be deftroy'd.

55 Where is thy killing fting. O death!
Addicted to devour;

Through grace we now defpife thy wrath,
And we defy thy pow'r.

O grave! where is thy victory?
The bolted prifon, where?

Our King victorious conquer'd thee,
And we the conqueft share.

56 The fling of death is fin indeed,
The ftrength of fin the law:
But thence our law-fulfilling Head
Did fting and ftrength withdraw.
57 Thanks to the God of victory,
Who makes us thus, by faith,
In Christ our living Head on high,
Triumphant over death.

Ver. Then ftedfaft may our hearts remain,
And in his work abound;


Through whom our labour's not in vain,
With fuch an iffue crown'd.


The World crucified by the Crofs of CHRIST. Gal. vi. 14.
FORBID it, Lord, that I fhould boast
Of ought but Jefus' cross;

The richest gain, that tempts the inoft,
I count but fordid drofs.

When him I view, who bore, in death,

My fins, upon the tree;

Then am I dead to all the earth,

The earth all dead to me.

Were this whole globe terreflial mine,

The prefent were but small;
Love fo amazing, fo divine,

Demands my life, my all.



A Doxology, or Song of Praise, for electing, regenerating, and redeeming Grace, and all spiritual Bleffings in CHRIST. Eph. i. 3,-7

BLESS'D be the everlasting God

And Father of our Lord,

Who us in him, and through his blood,
With heav'nly bleffings ftor'd.

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4 My Son's mine elect first," he said,
Before he chofe a man;

Then chofe he us, in Chrift our Head,
Before the world began.

Our characters were then decreed,
That we fhould holy be;
Blameless in love, a royal feed,

From fin and flav'ry free :

5 Predeftinated to be fons,

A new regen'rate race;

Born by degrees, though chofe but once,
To praise his glorious grace.

Ver. Here his accepting love began
6 In Chrift, to fland unmov'd,
And firm to us, until he can
Forget his firit Belov'd:

7 In whom we have redemption great,
Peace, pardon, and folace;
Bought with the richest blood, and yet
Brought from the richest grace.


The Apoftle's Song, or Doxology: Or, a Song to the Love and Power of GoD. Eph. iii. 19, 20, 21. 19 TO him whofe love, that ev'n for ftrength Could conquer hell for men;

And doth, in height, depth, breadth and length,
Surpafs created ken:

20 To him whofe Pow'r and Will to fave,
Can do exceedingly

Above what we can afk or crave,
However great or high:

To him who fo his mighty pow'r
Has for and in us wrought,
Can fo exert it more and more
Beyond our pow'r of thought:

21 To him be praife; yea, praises fhall
The church's work remain,
By Chrift his Son, through ages all,
World without end, Amen.


CHRIST'S deep Humiliation, and high Exaltation.
Phil. ii. 5,-II.

5 ALL ye that mention Jefus name,

And are his folk defign'd,

Submifs was he, be ye the fame,
And bear his humble mind.

6 Who, in the form of God, did hold
The felf-fame Deity;

Nor in him thought it rebb'ry bold
To equal God moft High:

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